Friday, April 04, 2008

A Sample of Aries The Initiator

On this Aries date of 4th April, in several past years the zodiac sign lived up to its reputation as a cardinal initiator, bringing lots of "firsts" and new beginnings:


1814 - Napoleon abdicates for the first time.

1818 - The United States Congress adopts the flag of the United States with 13 red and white stripes and one star for each state (then 20).

1841 - William Henry Harrison dies of pneumonia becoming the first President of the United States to die in office and the one with the shortest term served.

1850 - Los Angeles, California is incorporated as a city.

1887 - Argonia, Kansas elects Susanna M. Salter, the first female mayor in the USA.

1949 - Twelve nations sign the North Atlantic Treaty creating NATO.

1958 - The CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) Peace Symbol displayed in public for the first time in London, England.

1964 - The Beatles occupy the first five positions on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart.

1965 - The first model of the new Saab Viggen fighter aircraft plane is unveiled.

1969 - Dr. Denton Cooley implants the first temporary artificial heart.

1973 - The World Trade Center in New York is officially dedicated.


R J Adams said...

Well, the flag still flies; Los Angeles remains a city, and NATO and CND are still going strong. Napoleon abdicated permanently seven years later; Susanna Salter went on to the grand old age of 101, though one hundred of those years was spent out of political office; the Beatles have shrunk to half their size; the Saab Viggen, never a great success, finally died in 2007; Denton Cooley is still going strong at 88, which is more than can be said for the World Trade Centers, which of all the deceased above, were easily the youngest to expire.

I have no idea what all that means astrologically, but it sure illuminates the transience of life!

Twilight said...

Both transience and unpredictability, yes indeed, RJ!

Thanks for that extra info - it adds nicely to the post. :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm currently reading, amongst other books, "The World Without Us" which expands on RJA's points above and also on the fleeting nature of our (wo)man made "stuff".
How quickly everything reverts.
Your posts had me thinking!

Twilight said...

That sounds to be an interesting read, WWW.

A quote from the Bard springs to mind:
"'Tis all a chequerboard of nights and days, where destiny, with men for pieces, plays, matches them one by one, then back in the closet lays". (I typed from school-day memory, so please excuse any inaccuracies!)

Twilight said...

No - not the Bard- it was Omar Khayyam ! Still a bard, but not THE Bard!