Thursday, April 17, 2008

David Cook - 2008's American Idol ?

American Idol has whittled down its contestants to the last 6 now. My own favourite, Michael John was very unexpectedly voted off last week. We watched the results show from our hotel in Oklahoma City, the evening before my supposed interview at USCIS. I commented, as the audience expressed their shock and disapproval of Michael's elimination, that I hoped this wasn't a bad omen for my interview. As it turned out it was! My interview was postponed.

It seems now that David Cook is quite likely to be the annointed one. The judges favour him consistently, and sure enough, he's good.

Singer song-writer David was born in Houston, Texas on 20 December 1982. Here's a 12noon chart for his birth date. Without an accurate time we can't be sure of the Moon's position or know which sign was rising.

David has a tightly bundled chart, with all planets sitting within less than half the chart's 360* span. This type of configuration is often found in the charts of successful people. I think the reason may be that these folk have more ability to focus directly on a particular aim and ambition than people with more scattered planetary placements, who may be more versatile, but less driven.

David's natal Sun in a late degree of Sagittarius is conjunct Neptune - a very good combination for creativity. I've noticed lots of artists, in all spheres, with Sun conjunct Neptune. Venus and Mercury in Capricorn indicate a down to earth side of his personality, with some business acumen, qualities which would be invaluable if he is to be thrust into the spotlight in the wild world of popular music.

Sun and Jupiter at 28* of neighbouring signs, Sagittarius and Scorpio, are in semi-sextile which is thought to be a mildly helpful aspect, Jupiter is David's Sagittarius Sun's ruler, too, so a tinge of Scorpio depth and passion is added to his happy-go-lucky Sagittarian side.

The Moon's position is in doubt. If David were born before 8pm it would have been in Aquarius, a later birthtime would take natal Moon into Pisces. I can't hazard a guess which is more likely. Mars is in Aquarius too, though, so there's going to be a little of the rebel in his makeup anyway, as well as an inbuilt need to be original, right up to date, and even well ahead of the crowd in his style.

Here he is on the show a couple of weeks ago, singing "Billie Jean"


Wisewebwoman said...

What a great voice!
Is he the guy who sang to his brother (who has cancer)
I think I caught a clip of him on a newshow....

Twilight said...

Yes, I think that's right, WWW.
I remember it being mentioned in connection with a song he sang a few weeks ago. :-)

vrajavala said...

Hi I rectified Cook's chart and did a little reading. (Vedic)
the rectification is also based on the Moon pada's, as well as the position of transiting Jupiter at the time of the competition.
David Cook Astrology of an Aquarian
Remember I have said Aquarian Moon, but in western chart, it would be Pisces.

Twilight said...

Vrajavala~~ Hello!

Thank you for the link to your very interesting article.

Yes - I can see him being Aquarian/Pisces Moon. I see those two signs as having quite a lot in common anyway ! :-)