Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Soothing

The video below offers a calming influence to soothe the current Jupiter/Mars opposition and the scratchy atmosphere it brings with it. The atmosphere, Chez Twilight, just got a lot scratchier too. Transiting Jupiter is currently sitting on my natal Mercury so I guess it's not surprising the Mars opposition is taking its toll on my blood pressure! As I was preparing this blog a letter arrived from USCIS with a new interview appointment - 19 June @ 5.30pm, this date is 10 weeks from the original appointment, 11 April, when I attended and was sent away because of staff absences. They appear to have ignored my polite letter sent last Monday. Of course, I'm just a number to them, not a flesh and blood person. Those illegal aliens know a thing or two - when you try to do things correctly this is what you get! I'm trying to remain reasonably aloof from it all, but the real fireworks will begin if this unreasonable delay causes me to miss an opportunity to vote in November. I will NOT let that pass.

Maybe this will help soothe my savage breast. It's little piece of history, dating back to 1993 and the inauguration ceremony of President Bill Clinton. Maya Angelou reads her poem "The Pulse of Morning". Whatever a reader's politics might be, the poem offers wisdom and beautiful thoughts. Glimpses of familiar faces, then younger and brighter, reminds us that time is passing rapidly.

Thanks to (19 April) for a pointer towards the video.

For those who prefer to read poetry, the full text of the poem is HERE
A tiny sample:

"Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need
For this bright morning dawning for you.
History, despite its wrenching pain,
Cannot be unlived, and if faced with courage,
Need not be lived again.
Lift up your eyes upon
The day breaking for you.
Give birth again
To the dream.
Women, children, men,
Take it into the palms of your hands.
Mold it into the shape of your most
Private need. Sculpt it into
The image of your most public self.
Lift up your hearts."

(Small image at top:"Poetry" by Alphonse Mucha - from a set of 4 (Music, Dance, Poetry & Art)

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