Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Idol Suns

American Idol has winnowed its contestants to 9 already, the three I mentioned back in February (here) have all survived thus far. Last week the singers had to choose a song from the year of their birth so I now have a list of birthdays. I still haven't found all their places of birth, but a list of their Sun signs will tell a small amount. There are three with Sun in Capricorn, two in Virgo, an Aries Sun, a Sagittarius Sun, a Gemini Sun and a Libra Sun, as listed below.

Pluto has moved into Capricorn recently, it will retrograde back into late Sagittarius this summer - probably after the winner of American Idol has been decided. With three Sun Capricorns and a late Sagittarian here I wonder whether Pluto's transformational influence might help or hinder those singers. So far Pluto seems to be doing good, three of those four are doing very well indeed in the judges' estimation. Saturn is currently transiting Virgo, which may be significant for the 2 Virgoans, inclining them to make efforts above and beyond normal.

My own pick of the bunch is Michael Johns (the Libran), but the two Davids are close contenders too.

Jason Castro 25 March 1987 ~~~ ARIES

Brooke White 2 June 1983 ~~~GEMINI

Ramielle Mulabay 6 September 1987 ~ VIRGO

Carly Smithson `12 September 1983 ~~ VIRGO

Michael Johns 20 October 1978 ~~~LIBRA

David Cook 20 December 1982 ~~~ SAGITTARIUS

David Archuleta 28 December 1990 ~~ CAPRICORN

Syesha Mercado 2 January 1987 ~~~ CAPRICORN

Kristy Lee Cook 18 January 1984 ~~~ CAPRICORN

Left to right back: Ramielle, Jason, Brooke, Michael, Carly, Kristy
Left to right front: David A., David C., & Syesha. (The guy at front-center, Chikesie, was eliminated last week, another will be voted out tonight.


Wisewebwoman said...

I can proudly say I never saw the show, T. Of course then, again, I watch very little TV. I usually buy the DVDs of the really great shows and watch at leisure (West Wing, BBC series, The Wire, etc.).
It will be interesting to see if your predictions are accurate!

R J Adams said...

No, no, it'll be Brooke White, the Gemini. We Geminis are as warm and lovely as the spring days on which we were born. She can't fail.
(Can you tell I'm astrologically challenged? Oh, and just like WWW, I've never seen the show either). My money's still on Brooke.

Twilight said...

WWW - I'm no fan of reality shows in general, but Idol has always been a favourite since its birth as Pop Idol, back in the UK - I've watched every series since. I've always liked musical talent shows.
They give the Great Unwashed a chance to shine. :-)

RJ - Brooke White is a sweetie, and very nice looking. She's kind of Carol King-ish in style. She reminds me of a female from TV in the UK - a veterinarian from somewhere in Scandinavia,she was on one of those animal rescue shows in the 90s. Can't remember the name - facially very similar.

She's survived after last night's voting, but I doubt she'll survive to the final - strong competition from the guys.
(Ramielle was voted out, but Brooke was in the bottom 3, unfortunately.)