Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy Birthday "Morning Joe"!

Today is the birthday of Joe Scarborough, host of the TV show "Morning Joe". In a previous incarnation he served in the US House of Representatives(1995 to 2001). He's a Republican - but hey, I've featured liberal talk show hosts already. They, by the way, are doing my favourite Democratic candidate no good at all just now. Joe has acquired a taste for Senator Clinton's tough approach, he has been giving a much fairer assessment of recent situations than his left-wing counterparts.

Happy Birthday, Joe - and thank you!

Joe Scarborough was born on 9 April 1963, Atlanta, Georgia. I can't find a time of birth so a 12noon chart will have to suffice.

He has a pretty well-balanced chart, with just a slight predominance of the Fire element. I warm to his three Aries placements, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter (probably because I have Moon and Saturn in Aries myself). At 12 noon his natal Moon would have been in Libra, but if born after 8pm his Moon would have moved into Scorpio. I wonder if he was born late in the day, that could be a clue to his apparent empathy with Senator Clinton.

Joe's natal Aries Sun is sextile Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn and Aquarius is a rather peculiar combination - Saturn was traditionally ruler of Aquarius, before the discovery of Uranus. Saturn now seems to stand for everything opposite to Aquarius's stengths - the old (Saturn) versus the new (Aquarius), status quo versus avant garde, maybe even Republican versus Democrat. Joe's Republican loyalties are not in question, but he does remain open-minded enough to see the value and strengths of a particular Democratic candidate. Perhaps Saturn in Uranus harmonious with his natal Sun is a reflection of this.

For those who wonder why some in the USA feel very strongly that Hillary Clinton is being treated unfairly by much of the media, left-wing media in particular, here's a video which might help to explain it, and show that sexism is alive and well in the USA these days. The video was made by two of Hillary Clinton's supporters, and originated at

And here's birthday boy Joe Scarborough in an interview with Senator Clinton yesterday:


Wisewebwoman said...

The first video is so full of insane hate and misogeny it took my breath away, T. Taking her out behind a barn, everybody's first wife, pimping her daughter, etc. etc.
If even 10% of this vile spew was directed at Obama, there would be a revolution.

Twilight said...

I know, WWW.

I can't decide which is worse the sexism or the attempted manipulation of voters.

Another thing that has been p-ing me off lately is the fact that jokes are being made by talk-show hosts ad nauseam (Letterman, Leno, Ferguson et al) about McCain (his age) Clinton (pant suits, sexist stuff) but never a whisper of a joke about Obama! What are they afraid of?
Being called racist. They couldn't care less about being ageist or sexist. Something stinks!

R J Adams said...

First, it's important never to watch the American media circus at work (or is it, play?). These people pander to all that is bad in American society. If we're to make informed choices it must be based on what comes from the candidates themselves, accurately researched to check on the veracity, or otherwise, of their statements. If the American people fail to do that, and vote according to the media hype, then they are voting not for Obama, not for Clinton, nor McCain, but for Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN.

I base my opinions on what each candidate says, not what the media tells me they said. If others are so stupid they won't do that - well, in this country we just know that a large percentage are exactly that.

Twilight said...

Agreed, RJ - but to go further - they are voting not for MSNBC, Fox News, CNN etc. but for the corporations who pull the strings of those companies- which even more sinister.

When sexist garbage is being aired though it's important not to stand by and say nothing. I'm glad the two gals got the above video together and showed the extent of what's going on.

This 2008 election is probably more internet-sensitive than any previous election. It's good that TV commentators cannot get away with stuff the way they once could.

The candidates too are held accountable for fibs and embellishments, thanks in great part to the internet. They are all guilty ! None is as saintly as some prefer to think. ;-)

GeekLove08 said...

Thank you for taking the time to create a blog post on the video "Mad as Hell/Bitch".

The video was created by two grassroots supporters who met online, IndyRobin and GeekLove08. It took 4 weeks to create the video as we were collaborating via e-mail and we had a lot of material to work with. Both of us are fairly new to YouTube-- I started to create videos in February and this was IndyRobin's first video.

We believe that the message of misogyny, as well as the character assassination of Hillary Clinton, by the media is an important one. We are "mad as hell" that television has become what Edward R. Murrow had warned about in 1958 when he said "This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box."

Thanks to people like you, the video has gone "viral" spreading through the internet, and perhaps inspiring people to speak out against the media.

If you and/or your readers have the opportunity, we would appreciate it very much if you could go to the original video post on YouTube and RATE the video, post a COMMENT on the video, and FAVORITE the video. These actions will help the video earn YouTube "honors" which may help further promote the video online. (You can get to the YouTube site for the video by double clicking the video on your blog.)

Thanks again for your post.


P.S. The video is not an anti-Obama video, but rather a video against the media bias. No matter who one supports, this type of character assassination and sexism by the media should not be tolerated. However, for those who do support Hillary Clinton, a donation to her campaign, for those who can afford it, would be great. There is a donation link on YouTube. The donation link appears when you click "More info" that appears next to the video information "Added: April 06, 2008". I will also try to post a link here too -- Click to Donate. Thanks.

Twilight said...

Hi GeekLove08

Thanks for visiting - and I will go to YouTube and do as you suggest.

Your video was impressive and very much to the point - it brought it home to many viewers, I'm sure, just how bad things have been.Congrats on a job very well done!

I started by supporting Kucinich, then Edwards and now Hillary Clinton. I'm hoping she won't drop out as my other two choices did!

A campaign contribution is under consideration - will do it soon.

Twilight said...

GeekLove08 - I don't have a YouTube account, and I've tried 4 times to create one - it will not accept my input. Sorry. Perhaps they have a bug in the system today.

I'll try again tomorrow.