Sunday, May 04, 2008

Astrologer Sighted

We're back.

We enjoyed our trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas and all the stops along the way.

In a bookshop in Hot Springs I caught sight of a real, live, flesh and blood astrologer . Bill Medford was doing readings there that afternoon. I didn't partake, however. Oddly, for all my very long interest in the subject I've never seen a real live astrologer - in the flesh, as it were. It was a similar feeling to the one I get when a rare bird lands in our backyard! Tarot readers, fortune tellers and psychics I've seen at close quarters, but no astrologer until last week. He was an impressive looking guy with a mane of white hair and a white beard.

"Go on....go and have a reading" suggested my husband.

I, obtuse as ever, responded - "No, not today, I'll do my own if I feel the need. I cut my own hair, I can do my own reading. Independent to a fault, that's Aquarius for yer!"

The same book shop, "Golden Leaves" I think it was called, carried the widest selection of astrology books I've seen seen since I came to the USA. I didn't buy any though. I already own as many as I'll ever need. I do, though, watch for second-hand books by astrologers of the generation just before this one: C.E.O Carter, Grant Lewi, Carl Payne Tobey and the like - for some reason they attract me more than modern authors.

I reckon there's a limit to what can be written about astrology, at my level anyway. Writers can approach it from this way and that way, turn it upside down and inside out, but the basics remain the same. I like basic text books best, not skewed by somebody else's ideas. I like my own ideas - independent to a fault, like I said.


Adele Aldridge said...

Welcome Back! You were missed.

And Long Live Aquarians! My favorite sign - being a Leo, I love all that stuff I don't have!


Wisewebwoman said...

Hi T:
I was in transit myself and now landed safely on the earthly plane of Newfoundland at my ocean home....
Loved your story of the astrologer, good for you in you confidence in your own abilities and also in not acquiring any more books, how tough that is, I still can't resist a knitting book even though I design my own patterns. Go figure....

Twilight said...

Hi again Adele! Thanks for calling in. Yes, the Leo/Aquarius bond is a strange and wonderful thing - I'm usually attracted towards Leos - but then, most people are, that's what Leos are for ;-)

Hi WWW - another Leo buddy.
I'm glad to know you've arrived safe and well. I'll look forward to reading more about Newfoundland soon.