Sunday, April 06, 2008

Astro-Political Predicting

Clinton, Obama. Obama, Clinton. Polls are up, polls are down, popular vote, electoral college, superdelegates, pledged delegates.... la-di-da-di-da! This way is madness found.

If the upcoming presidential election in the USA were not so very important, to the world at large, as well as the USA, I wouldn't be feeling so unsetled and uncomfortable. This election is important - much more important than I think we are able to fully appreciate at this point (that's gut-feeling from yours truly!)

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Astrology, one of the loves of my life, should at least be able to point a shadowy finger in the right direction to settle my mind. It doesn't. A crystal ball might well be a better bet in this instance!

Vedic astrologer Christopher Kevill here with further assessments here and tropical astrologer Jonathan Cainer (at Previous Thoughts for the Day, March 10 2008), amongst others are sticking to early predictions, despite some doubts, that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and/or next President of the USA. Other astrologers favour Barack Obama, others John McCain.

Yesterday I set out seeking further astrological guidance, Googled "Barack Obama astrology". I chose one link I respect and trust - Astrodatabank. There's a discussion there, between astrologers, on Senator Obama's natal chart and his chances in the primaries and the general election.

I pondered over the wide variety of comments and approaches in the Astrodatabank discussion for a long time. Is it ever possible for an astrologer, however expert he/she may be, to be purely objective? Doesn't each astrologer's view rely upon their own astrological makeup? There could hardly ever be agreement, especially on predictions, because each astrologer is coming at the situation from a different place, their own astrological place, each guided by unique personal placements and aspects.

Some astrologers predict a Clinton victory, an Obama withdrawal in May/June, others say Obama will be victorious, and others are confident that McCain will beat the Democratic candidate, whoever it turns out to be. Different astrological reasons, (reasonable ones!) are found for each potential eventuality. So, astrology leaves me little nearer to a settled mind.

My American husband is pretty level headed and completely non-astrological about politics. His view:
"There's a long long way to go - every day a different page of the story is turned, new information emerges. You can't measure what will happen in November by what goes on in the present.....bottom line, most important of all, hold this thought.... we CANNOT have another Republican president - CAN NOT!!"

My response, because due to very strong gut-feeling I am unswervingly in favour of Senator Clinton's candidacy:
"Erm, but.. but......huh....okay."

Only time will solve this unsettled feeling of mine - a long time, many months. Until then I'll no doubt continue to search for astrological hints.

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Starry Night Astrology said...

I think that one of the reasons it is so hard to define a clear victory for any candidate it that in many ways their charts are very similar to each other. All the candidates have a driving need to achieve power, all the candidates have things that trip them up badly. For Obama, its the Void of Course Moon that was in play on the day he made his announcement for the candidacy. For Hillary its all that Scorpionic energy that scares the bejeezus out of people. For McCain, its his T-Square involving Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter.

Our astrology isn't wrong, its just that it is really is too close to call.

Twilight said...

Hi Starry Night Astrology

Oh, I wasn't implying that anybody's astrology was wrong - I can understand the reasoning behind most predictions. :-)

In a situation like this there are so many variables, so many imponderables, so many other people's charts inter-connected too. I guess the whole 300 million population of the USA's charts must be inter-connected somewhere with all of this. It's an impossible situation, but I can't help looking to astrology for hints.

I think it's very brave of those astrologers who have stuck their necks out to predict a winner, and I'd be the last to point a finger at 'em should they be wrong.

Wisewebwoman said...

Woo - I can't get over the fact of someone stealing from your blog, T., without acknowledgement too.
Shame on people.
We're still in the dark astrologically. I am praying my sickening gut-level McCain win prediction ain't going to happen or we'll all be trying for a rocket ship to the outer cosmos.
Keep coming at us Hilly!

Twilight said...

Book me a seat on that rocket ship, WWW!

Yes, the "borrowing" is annoying, more so because there's no indication about who the owner of the other site is, so I can't formally complain. It doesn't matter much in the great scheme of things, but it IS naughty of them, and I can't see what they gain by doing it.