Saturday, October 09, 2010

Change of Pace for Mañana

During the past week my husband had a pacemaker fitted to regulate his heart rate. He hadn't experienced any of the problems normally associated with a low heart rate which, to some extent, has been his personal "style" for most of his life. However, his family doctor at annual check-up, and a second opinion from a heart specialist, dictated the current need of a pacemaker.

Astrologically there's an interesting correlation between Uranus/Jupiter's current transit over husband's natal cluster (Sun, Mercury, Saturn) in first degree Aries and last degrees Pisces. Astrologers would translate such a transit over personal planets as an indication of a change of some kind. And so it was!

The fitting of a pacemaker is a fairly common and routine procedure. Actual surgery lasted almost exactly an hour, with additional time for preparation and recovery, then 24 hours of monitoring hooked up to all manner of electronic devices. Classic Uranian stuff!

Husband's eldest daughter drove us the 90-ish miles to the specialist hospital on Monday evening, to be ready for a 7:00 AM start to the proceedings on Tuesday. We both stayed 2 nights at a nearby hotel; husband's eldest son drove over to be with us for most of the day of the operation. The waiting time, which could have seemed tedious for both patient and a single visitor alike, passed pleasantly in mutually supportive company. All four of us had probably been harbouring secret worries and doubts. Knowing first-hand from the surgeon that the procedure had gone well, with no serious hitches quickly relieved any lingering fears.

His carefully chosen tee-shirt for the trip bore the words Carpe Mañana (Seize Tomorrow). He has done just that - and many, many tomorrows, I trust.

Back home by late afternoon Wednesday, equipped with pacemaker manual, lists of instructions, and prescription for some whack-a-doodle painkillers (he refuses to take them), Himself declared, "I really didn't want to do this!"

"Why?" asked yours truly, dutifully. Her own hatred of medical matters, doctors and hospitals is legendary, her answer ought to have been a different single syllable: "DUH!!!"

"It makes me feel old", he replied.

"You'll never appear, or feel truly old though, with a whacky nature like yours. This pacemaker will just embellish your humour with better timing."

"You reckon? ......That's alright then."


Rossa said...

Glad to hear your OH is up and around and long may he do so.

My Dad said the same last December when he had his pacemaker fitted, T. Don't know what you've been told but Dad's only has a battery life of 7 years and then he has to go through the whole enchilada again. Mind you 18 months ago he only had a year to live and they didn't think he would recover as well has he has.

He can now walk up to a mile without stopping and can drive again. A whole new lease of life at 78. His was a fibrillation problem and he couldn't cope with the side effects of the drugs.

Ironically (though certainly not funny) his younger sister in Canada had a pacemaker fitted 3-4 years ago. Despite that she now has atrial fibrillation.

Hope OH recovers well and looks forward to a long and happy life together.

From a wet and windy Yorkshire moorside. R

anyjazz said...

Thank you Dear One. I think of the occasion often now as a three day seminar on what's really important.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Thank you!

Ah hes - the husband was told battery life 9 to 10 years "so you may never have to go through this again". Charming eh? Husband says he will though - if only to spite that surgeon. :-)

I'm happy to hear your Dad is doing so well on his pacemaker, and that he continues to do so.

Husband had no obvious symptoms as did your Dad - none at all. Still problems might have come along, all unannounced - that was the biggest fear planted in our minds.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ That's very philosophical of you anyjazz!
Maybe the pacemaker cranks up your philosophy button as well as your heart rate. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh well done to both your sweet selves!
Was the teeshirt a mirror printing or is Himself reversed?
(Me, I notice this trivia, and why does it matter you may ask? I dunno)
From the looks of him I'd say he's going to bury us all. But he shouldn't be so happy about it...

Twilight said...

Thank you WWW!

He took the photograph through a mirror in the hotel, night before the procedure. :-)

Yes he's a generally healthy lad - good for a lot longer now than he maybe would've been. Hope I can keep up with him! ;-)