Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cards

Christmas card styles for the 12 zodiac signs:-

Lighthearted fun, usually sent early:

Traditional style, landscapes:

Making sure the message gets through:

Homely scenes:

Classy, large, somewhat pretentious, expensive looking:

Restrained, minimal:

In the best of taste, maybe handmade, may show pairs:

Cards to grab the eye by colour or design:

Santa Claus, fun, or religious cards:

No nonsense, structured, traditional symbols:

Unusual, zany:

Whimsical, pretty, religious:


Elsa said...

man, this is impressive. You amaze me with your creativity, Twilight.

Twilight said...

It's sweet of you to say so, Elsa.
Thank you!

Michelle said...

Cute!! :-)I love this one, Twilight. You did a great job.

As a Leo with Sag rising I tend to sway between gold sparkly big cards and something fun. :-\

Oh my... how us Leos love the gold sparkly stuff! I have been to three Leo weddings... all themed on regal gold. LOL

Michelle said...

Oh... my sister in laws are Virgo and Aquarius. You are spot on with both. I always enjoy seeing what i'll get as gifts from my Aquarius Sis in law. She picks the most funky wild things. :-)

But my Hubby tends to have his Aries simplicity overrun by his determined Cancer AScendant. He lkies the formal thoughtful and sensitive cards... but his gifts are pure Aries. ;-D

Twilight said...

Hi Michelle

It's good that we all (or most of us) have different "sides" to our personalities - makes for a few surprises and stops life being boring.

My tastes tend to veer wildly between sentiment and 'out of the ordinary' style (sentiment from natal Cancer rising, and out of the ordinary from Aquarius Sun.)

My own cards this year aren't even really Christmas cards, but they
say what I wanted them to say, so they fill the bill on both counts. :-)