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Saturn Hybrids

Saturn was traditional ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius - adjacent signs, and the only adjacent pair with the same ruler. Modern astrology has Uranus as ruler of Aquarius. In spite of all three modern rulerships (Neptune/Pisces, Pluto/Scorpio being the other two), an underlying similarity - no, commonality is a better word - between traditional pairs of planets can be seen.

Carl Payne Tobey in his book "Astrology Primer for the Millions" wrote of similarities and differences between these pairs of zodiac signs. In past months I've featured his views about the people of Mercury(Gemini/Virgo),Venus(Taurus/Libra), Mars(Aries/Scorpio) and Jupiter (Pisces/Sagittarius). Links at foot of post.

In the case of Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn's traditional rulerships, Mr. Tobey illuminates for us that the two signs have similar interests and drives, but approach them from opposite viewpoints. Capricorn is conservative by nature, Aquarius has distinctly progressive inclinations, one would wish to uphold the law, the other to change it.

I have the idea that these two, very different but adjacent signs with a common traditional ruler, can bring about a curious type of hybrid personality. Individuals with Sun in either Capricorn or Aquarius frequently have planet(s) in the other sign. (I have Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn). Whilst I would never describe myself as in any way conservative, I do appreciate tradition as well as visions of a fairer future for all. Even so, I'm not a true Saturn hybrid because several other signs carry almost equal weight in my natal chart.

Distinct hybrid Aqua/Cap and Cap/Aqua personalities could partly account for the reason Sun Aquarius has a mixed reputation. I've heard people comment that "there are two kinds of Aquarians". I'd agree, and previously had put this down to generational traits. We're all astro-hybrids of one sort or another, but due to the juxtaposition of Capricorn & Aquarius, Saturn hybrids are of particular interest in view of their common ruler.

I've found it a little odd that some Sun Aquarians who particularly appeal to me fit, to my mind, a common pattern, but not that of textbook Aquarius. Three favourites - Paul Newman, Neil Diamond, Tom Selleck - are all Sun Aquarians with more Capricorn than Aquarius in their astrological makeup. Saturn hybrids!

Astrotheme tells me:
Newman has (rounded up/down) 43% Cap, 6% Aqua, 16%Scorpio.

30%Cap, 10%Aqua, & 22% Taurus.

30% Cap. 13% Aqua & 19% Leo.

Capricorn content outweighs Aquarius in all three cases. There are lots of other, similar examples, Aqua/Cap and Cap/Aqua, but this post would become tiresomely long if I quoted them all. Dick Cheney, Aquarius Sun, is not a Saturn hybrid. He = 30% Taurus, 22%Aquarius. His dominant planet is unruly Uranus, however.

The late Maya del Mar, astrologer, and Sun Aquarian was a Saturn hybrid, 23% Capricorn, 17% Aquarius. C.E.O.Carter, astrologer and Sun Aquarian was not a Saturn hybrid - 31% Aquarius but no Capricorn at all, Saturn comes in 4th in dominance among his planets. Astrologer Evangeline Adams wasn't a Saturn hybrid either. She had Sun in Aquarius, but her dominant sign by a wide margin was Pisces @ 46%, with Aquarius 17%.

Finally...attributes of Saturn's two zodiac signs are well known, but just a mention here of one or two points from Carl Payne Tobey's assessment:

Capricorn will tolerate frustrations, is very practical in outlook, insecure about material things, will not take unnecessary chances and will put up with a great deal for the sake of material security. Doesn't like change - makes them feel insecure. A true Capricorn wouldn't be likely to go into politics except perhaps locally, usually those who do enter this arena are mixed Capricorn/Aquarian types.

Aquarius sees into the future because the future and not the past is of interest. Divorce is more common in Aquarians than Capricorns - Capricorn is more likely "stick it out", for economic or other reasons. Aquarius has great curiosity, and inventive ability. Likes change and progress, doesn't fear the future in the way Capricorn does. Assumes and hopes that the future will be a surprise and when it is, Aquarius reacts automatically and knows what to do about it, while Capricorn must first get over the shock. Aquarius is open minded and something of a hobo by nature. A true Capricorn man would find it difficult to keep up with a true Aquarian wife - she likes freedom, isn't keen on routine.

(Two Saturn hybrids might get along pretty well though!)

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(Details of sign and planet percentages obtained from lists at Astrotheme.)

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