Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007, My Year of the Blog

2007, my third full year in the United States of America is coming to an end. I'm out of the "another-fine-mess-I-got-me-into" stage, and into the "this- could-be-so-good-if-only-more-people-woke-up-and-voted-differently" stage. And, it was my first full year of blogging (I still find that word ugly).

Transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Jupiter, at 6* Pisces and close to natal midheaven could be credited with irritating my blogging-itch, in late-2005. Whether that itch will ease and disappear as Uranus(ruler of my Aquarius Sun)moves ever further away from natal Jupiter, the publishing planet, I don't yet know.

At the start of each week I've felt doubtful that inspiration would stretch to fill a week's blogs, but most times, as if by magic, it has done so. Perhaps I should credit this to the fact that transiting Neptune (imagination) has been hovering very close to my re-located ascendant at 22 Aquarius.

I'm doing something now that I couldn't have visualised, or even considered that I could do, 5 years ago. Blogging is the result, for me, of a slow development. My first home computer, in 2001, was the springboard. Neptune was then conjunct my natal Aquarius Sun. How about that! Uranus and Neptune have been taking it in turns to tease me.

Yesterday, a late commentor to one of my posts from a few weeks ago said that I should "move on", spend time on something with "solid results", why spend my time on "this"? My reply was "because I enjoy doing it, and to me each posting is a solid result that pleases me." If passing readers find anything of interest or amusement, it's a surprise bonus.

It was brought home to me, as I read Christmas letters from old friends in the UK, that not everyone of my generation has embraced the computer. Two friends expressed extreme distaste and unwillingness to even try using one. "I don't even know what a blog is", said another." I'd taken for granted that everyone would be as besotted with the opportunities offered by the internet as I am. HeWhoKnows and I are a matched pair though, he's been "at it" (in various ways), for much longer than I have. I guess it takes one to know one.


Anonymous said...

I, too, find the words 'blog' and 'blogger' distasteful. Perhaps it's time someone came up with new terms. As a writer, I consider Sparrow Chat takes the place of a journal, somewhere I jot down thoughts and ideas. At least, that's how it began. It evolved into pseudo-political commentary - and I have to admit I'm not sure how that happened. It certainly wasn't intended. Perhaps you would suggest it was something in my astrological make-up?

Happy New Year to you and yours, Twilight.

Twilight said...

Maybe so, RJ, maybe not. It's hard to ignore political matters in the USA just now, they seem to soak into our consciousness, unbidden, and especially when so much is foreign to folks like you and me.

Someone asked me a while ago whether I'd been as concerned about politics back in the UK, and after some thought I decided that although I've always been interested in the subject, in the UK somehow I didn't feel the need to be as concerned.

I suppose it's a question of having confidence in the judgement of those in power, whatever their political leanings. That much I had in the UK, even when I didn't agree with decisions. Here, at least in the time I've lived here, I haven't had that.

I can well understand how your journal morphed into political comment. And I'm very glad to have the opportunity of reading it!