Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Another Candidate? + OPEN THREAD

Another potential Democratic candidate? Much as I've admired Lawrence Lessig in the past (see here and here) I wish he wouldn't do this. It cannot end well, for several reasons, and it does rather smack of pie in the sky. I'd have thought a better plan would be to put his weight behind Bernie Sanders' already very healthy campaign, and work from that position. Splitting the vote further can only end in tears!

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Sonny G said...

umm ahhh.. how can I say this nicely:)

there are already tears being shed due to the votes on the dem side being split, so we might as well add 5 or 6 more candidates to the mix and versus candidate lapel pins being handed out at the convention we can just hand out very large hankies instead.

of course when its one's own personal choice of a candidate having their vote split- we aren't gonna like it and we'll think its unfair and such a bad idea:)

mike said...

It's your fault, Twilight. You wanted to spread the word...LOL. He's exploring a candidacy, so he hasn't joined the fray yet. He does have impressive credentials and he's an activist for causes I can appreciate. I feel differently than you, as his bid would bring his favored issues into the debate, and some of those issues are complimentary with Bernie's platform and legislation...Bernie can state that he has actually legislated on some of those topics. Lessig does have enough dissimilarity to stand-out and contain originality, too. His candidacy would also force Hillary to address areas that she may prefer to keep in the dark, and likewise force the GOP into a corner over issues counter to Lessig's. I've not heard Lessig debate, but as a scholar, I bet he can hold his own and then some.

Many future politicians take-on a presidential bid simply to advertise themselves without much intent for the present race. Public familiarity is essential toward establishing a connection and a feeling of trust and identity. Many of the current GOP contenders are recycled from the prior elections of 2008 & 2012, where they started the process of establishing their brand. It's similar to interviewing for any job...the more interviews, the more experience, and that person becomes much better at it over time.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - Lessig's natal for June 3, 1961, isn't dramatically affected by any transits through the 2016 election. Those transits that hit his natal planets are beneficial, except for a transiting Saturn square natal Pluto, which concludes quickly before the end of this year. Interestingly, his natal Saturn is at 29* Capricorn, which will be an active point come 2020, when transiting Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct...they will be conjunct on and at his Saturn return...Pluto will be on his Saturn, too. All of this could be significant for a 2020 run for presidency. Many potentates are elected with prominent Saturn and Pluto transits affecting their natal planets.

mike (again) said...

P.S.S. - Lessig would make a great VP for Bernie!

Sonny G said...

well if Clinton could move a bit Lessig's way and Lessig could move a bit Clinton's way- that would make a winning ticket.

None of us who visit here are kids and by that I mean we have some idea as to how Politics really work.
anyone can get up and give rousing speeches- gather big crowds and expound wonderful ideas about what's possible for us as a nation. Getting that job done is a whole different ballgame. surely we learned that during the Yes we can administration. that's not a pessimistic statement- its just realistic fact.
so I guess I'll go ahead and say how I feel.
IF by some chance Bernie is the dem candidiate- we LOOSE, even if by a miracle he can get the votes to achieve the presidency. He wont be able to get anything DONE regardless of how sincere and heartfelt his intentions.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Well - we disagree on this, if not much else! Never mind. All points of view welcome here.

I'll just say that, yes, Bernie could have difficulty, if elected, in getting the things he longs to have done, actually done. But we have to begin somewhere. A Clinton presidency will be more of the same - and possibly even worse than the same. While I shall have to vote for her if she is the nominee, I shall do so with no pleasure at all. Until then, I shall remain a staunch Bernie supporter, hoping for the best.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, he's exploring only. I hope that's as far as he gets with his airy-fairy plan. All any Lessig campaign would do would be to take votes away from the only real hope we have. I'm soo-oo disappointed in Lessig. What he is suggesting might seem good on paper - in reality not so much. The only people who've even heard of him are people like us who'd be voting Sanders. I'd even rather Al Gore got, in with, potentially, Bernie as his VP, than see Lessig drain strength from Bernie's campaign.

I can see Sanders/Lessig ticket being something worthwhile, though I believe Sanders/Webb could be better to draw in the southern states' votes.

mike (again) said...

Conspiracy alert - It could be that Bernie has a back-room deal with Lessig to be Bernie's VP, should Bernie be the Dem delegate. Lessig lacks public familiarity, so his entry to the race would achieve that goal, while appearing to compete with Bernie. Each brings their own brand of unique to the forum, and both will appeal to the Millennials.

Sonny - I assume you say that "we LOOSE", because he won't be able to get anything done, and you are assuming congress remains a GOP club. If the GOPs dominate, Hillary will have her woes, too. 2016 is another congressional election. The GOPs are constantly making peculiar offenses and can't seem to contain their zaniness, to which the collective MAY say enough and it's time for a Dem sweep. Who knows and who knows what will happen between now and November, 2016?! As for rousing speeches, not everyone is capable...Jeb Bush is an example with his decrease funding for women and immigration reform faux pas. Few of the GOP contenders have been able to consistently make speeches and statements that don't backfire on them. The Donald is an anomalous renegade who appeals to a small portion of voters...I hope he does decide to go independent, which would divide and split votes amongst the GOPs.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I like that conspiracy - I could live with that. :-) But it's a bad plan because unless they came out and stated as much, and soon, Bernie could lose any chance he has of being the nominee due to lost votes if Lessig decided to run. The DNC and Clinton supporters would love that!
Conspiracy #2: Clinton and Lessig are in league!! ;-)

mike (again) said...

Well, as I have it visualized, Lessig would be a contender just long enough to achieve recognition, then drop-out due to low-polling results or some-such. A bit like Rick Perry closing-up shop right now, since he's low-polling, though he hasn't withdrawn yet...I suspect the announcement will arrive soon. Yes, conspiracy #2 would benefit Hillary and Lessig in tandem! The Donald Roadshow is being considered as a conspiracy benefiting Hillary, so maybe there is a web of conceit and deception.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Perhaps the way you're seeing it is what he has it planned - which'd make it little more than a vanity adventure.

Awww - Ricky P. leaving us again? At least he's nice to look at, and does exhibit signs of a nice sense of humour. Shame about his whacky politics.

I hope that Bernie Sanders' early start on his campaign has given him enough forward momentum to overcome any likely conspiracies - by BLM infiltrators, Ego-stricken Harvard Law professors, or any other underhand dealers.

I trust none of 'em as far as I could throw 'em (except Sanders, that is.)

Sonny G said...

They are all Politicians or very learned on the subject and this is an election for the most powerful position on the planet- so of course its "a web of conceit and deception". Regardless of how flowery the speeches and wonderfully they verbalize their agendas= again- its Politics.

yes I agree, poor little Ricky.. I just wanna hug him and then send his home to play:)