Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Netflixing ~ Off time travelling once more...

I enjoy a bit of "timey-wimey", so when I noticed a recently added movie, titled Flight World War II in Netflix's catalogue, with a hint that time travel is involved, I had to investigate. The movie is a low-budget 2015 release, a tale about a present day 757 on a flight from the USA to the UK. The plane travels through a mysteriously violent storm and afterwards occupants gradually discover that they've travelled through time, to find themselves over France in June 1940. Not a healthy place to be!

In spite of the drawbacks of its low budget, we found it an enjoyable movie. Husband spotted a few flaws, disbelief definitely needs to be suspended. Some anachronisms and "goofs" can be covered by the fact that the 1940 they experience wasn't exactly the same 1940 as the one we know about.

The Doctor, written by Steven Moffat

After reading around a bit, I found that the movie has some similarities to a 1980 film, The Final Countdown. That one was a bigger budget movie with starry cast including Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen. It was a tale of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific... occupants also mysteriously finding themselves transported back to...well you can probably guess the rest. I've ordered a second-hand DVD of The Final Countdown to check it out. I never could resist that old timey-wimey!


mike said...

Requires a keen eye to notice when Netflix actually adds a new movie! The "just added" section has 95% same stuff from months ago. I can become tired perusing their offerings looking for something new or that I'd missed, usually abandoning hope after fifteen or twenty minutes of searching, then switching off the Roku and returning to regular TV. I've mentioned before here that I'd gladly pay more, if Netflix offered more, particularly if they streamed the "only available on DVD for an additional $7.99 a month". I remember the good ol' days when people actually went to the video store to rent a movie and there were thousands of titles on the store's shelves. I noticed when I had a temporary membership to the new HBO-Go streaming, they only had 360 movies available to stream...paltry. Netflix appears to have about the same number.

"The Final Countdown" sounds like a version of the "Philadelphia Experiment" urban legend:

Probably a good thing we can't time travel, as no one would be here right now...LOL. Few are content with the here-and-now, preferring the past or future.

I'm sure you'll have fun on your linear travel on solid ground. My sister in KS said that the cold front arrived and it was very chilly this morning with a forecast high in the upper 60s today...cooler tomorrow. I saw on the TV weather report that the front had passed OK yesterday, so you should be feeling pretty good. Enjoy it for me. The front will stall near San Antonio, so we'll be hot and muggy, but rain is forecast tomorrow...good news, since we haven't had rain for two months here in town.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I sometimes watch on-line lists of "New to Netflix in July....August..." whatever and find the odd film of interest. This one I noticed while just flicking through the Recently Added section of Netflix itself. Decent movies are sparse though, lots of low-budget stuff, which can be fine, but also awful. No critic seemed to like "Flight WW2", but I did, and anyjazz thought it alright too, for a low-budget affair.

Time travel offers opportunities for a good yarn, whether travelling back or forward.
I'm currently reading a book titled "Replay" by Ken Grimwood - story is more of a groundhog day pattern, with time slip involved - good so far. It's a nice change from wallowing in the late 18th early 19th century with John Galsworthy - been doing that for months. I suppose reading historical or sci-fi novels could be a form of time travel in the mind. :-)

Yes, it's supposed to be cooler here today. It rained during the night or early morning with some stormy thunder. I popped out the front door just now - and it IS noticably cooler than yesterday, looks like more rain. Accuweather says we're in the mid-60 degrees, tonight going down to 51 - that's the lowest we've had at night for months. I doubt it'll last, but we've likely seen the last of triple digit degrees for this year. Maybe you'll get some rain from tropical storm "Danny" (I think that's the name I read yesterday).

Anonymous said...

There are never enough time travel books or films.

I've seen Final Countdown a few times. But I'm always waiting for Charles Durning to chase after Robert Redford.
Good to see a "Four-legger" in action as a plot device.

"Replay" I've read a number of times.
Watched "Run Lola Run" last week.

I've often fantasized about grabbing a walkman/mp3 player, and traveling downstream.
"Hey Wolfgang, this is called the 'Jupiter', what do you think?"

Being an only child has it's rewards.


Twilight said...

Anonymous/kidd ~ Agreed! I have a little stash of both, but am always looking for more. I haven't Seen "Run Lola Run" - will seek it out.

"The Jupiter-man". That'd be (as they say in the US, but I don't - not often anyway) cool!

The rewards - oh yes, there are many, and they compensate in many unexpected ways for the loss of siblings. I found a new one just recently when I received two shares of the estate of one of my late father's sisters, while almost all other of her nephews and nieces, each of whom has just one sibling, received only one share each. :-)

Anonymous said...

The "Lola rennt" that I saw, was in German ...
But it had an excellent commentary track ... (Worth following)
I ran the standard googlish lists and here are some ...

Time Displacement Films ...

The Butterfly Effect
The Time Traveler's Wife
Twelve Monkeys
Groundhog Day
Somewhere in Time
Déjà Vu
Peggy Sue Got Married

The Life Before Her Eyes (kind of)
Next (kind of)
Sliding Doors (kind of)

I liked all of these.

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Thanks for those - I've seen the first six, not certain about #7 and #8, seen #9. :-) Liked them all. We saw Sliding Doors some years back, but don't think we've seen Next, or TLBHE. Will look for them.

Off the top of my head, and after midnight, the only other one I can think of is Millenniun (Kris Kristofferson was in it)

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Forgot to add: One novel they ought to make into a movie is Steven King's 11/22/63 - that's time travel + .