Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lawrence Lessig is Walking the Walk

Another shout-out for Lawrence Lessig (see also video HERE) who has has just begun his two-week walk across the state of New Hampshire. His aim is to get everyone to focus in what he sees as the greatest block to democracy in America: the corruption that comes with Big Money in politics. Hat-tip to David Macadam once again for the reminder at his blog Oligarch Kings.

Anyone who writes their own blog, or contributes content anywhere on the net, would do democracy a great service by spreading word of Prof. Lessig's endeavours.....let's not forget that word of mouth works too!


mike said...

Imprint your paper money:

"Ben & Jerry’s founder brings StampMobile to Union Square
Ben Cohen’s vehicle marks dollar bills with messages such as ‘Not to Be Used for Bribing Politicians’ and ‘Stamp Money Out of Politics.’ Cohen says the purpose of the device is to get Congress to amend the constitution to get corporate money out of politics."

Twilight said...

mike ~ People are getting creative on this - that cannot ever be bad!