Thursday, August 06, 2015

2 Bits & Open Thread

This week there's a good piece about the uncomfortably scratchy quincunx aspect from Matthew Currie at Oh My Stars!:
Annoying But Useful Astrology Aspects, Part 1:
The Quincunx.

Talking of uncomfortable aspects - or prospects - I'm trying to forget that Republican presidential candidates will be debating tonight...but reading a few poems yesterday morning I came across a line (highlighted below) that could be apt for the occasion.

W.H. Auden's "Villanelle":

Time can say nothing but I told you so,
Time only knows the price we have to pay;
If I could tell you, I would let you know.

If we should weep when clowns put on their show,
If we should stumble when musicians play,
Time can say nothing but I told you so.

There are no fortunes to be told, although
Because I love you more than I can say,
If I could tell you, I would let you know.

The winds must come from somewhere when they blow,
There must be reasons why the leaves decay;
Time can say nothing but I told you so.

Perhaps the roses really want to grow,
The vision seriously intends to stay;
If I could tell you, I would let you know.

Suppose the lions all get up and go,
And all the brooks and soldiers run away?
Time can say nothing but I told you so.
If I could tell you, I would let you know.

So, dear passing readers, do please be my guests today, to bring up anything else that comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Matthew Currie's humour always makes a refreshing change from the general doom and gloom of so many astrology bloggers. He quincunxed himself! lol

Me too, Moon inconjunct Mercury (8th to 1st) which apparently means I can overstep the bounds (of decency?) in conversation; and, indeed, I've been so advised in no uncertain terms on a (thankfully) few occasions. It seems Moon quincunx Mercury may also possess psychic ability, though with my sign placements, most likely in service to others and/or as a Cassandra, both of which are applicable to my experience. Oddly, no one seems to address what it means when both signs have the same ruler (Venus in my case) but now I wonder about those bounds of decency as Venus is in Shock! Horror! Scorpio.

Gee, it's enough to have to contemplate our candidates' upcoming debates (Canadian election this October 19), much less yours. It seems our governments spend more time (and money) running election campaigns than governing these days. Here's a funny but useful 'bit' I ran across today about yours (and I do have a weak spot for felines btw):

mike said...

I, too, enjoyed Currie's explanation of the quincunx and the yod (part 2). I view the quincunx as a blind spot in the natal chart: objects may appear smaller than they really are. Tie two of 'em together in a yod and the focal point planet becomes the necessary ingredient NOT added to the recipe...still edible, but not right. Currie, like many astrologers, interpret the quincunx and yod as a lesser aspect, which overall may be appropriate, but more likely, one or more of the planets will make aspects to other planets, adding a reverberation. Your Arty-Farty post last Friday, John Sloan's natal chart was highly influenced by Venus aspecting Mars, Uranus, and a quincunx to Neptune, with Neptune T-squaring Mars and Uranus. That quincunx tied-together all of the aspects and is significant.

The poem, W.H. Auden's "Villanelle", is a sad one! I suppose when put in the perspective of Republican candidates, it's apropos, as you indicate. I've enjoyed the passage of my time here on Earth, and yes, a bit strange to be in the home stretch of life. I think a person is very fortunate if-and-when the years mellow and season their soul. For many, the passage of years brings bitterness and regret. I like a line from a poem that I've never known the origin: "Life is like coral, always growing upon the dead".

It's a very hot and humid morning here. I am about to wash dishes, then head-out to the chore of grass (weed) mowing...a big ugh. No rain for the past six weeks here in town, so large cracks in the earth and plants are withering. No rain forecast anytime near or far. I'm very disheartened to have discovered the "citrus greening disease" has arrived and my trees are infected...suppose I'll cut them down soon. On the plus, I am harvesting strawberry guava fruit and Butia palm fruit...yum!

Sonny G said...

Storms here during the night that moved the patio furniture around a bit and took out a couple trees down the road from us:( always makes me sad when a tree is lost..

I watched the repubs Monday night out of curiosity and low n behold the only one who made any rational sense among them is being left out of the Fox debates.. no doubt because she would make all the guys look stupider than we already know they are. Fionni , I think is her name- she was head of Hewlitt Packard and brought them back from the brink of bankrupsy. smart lady- not that I'd ever vote for her but being left off of the debate list is a serious case of sexism..
will I watch them debate tonight-- sure I will.. why? cause I believe in "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" :)

as I get older I find myself to be gentler- with myself and mankind in general. Many of my hard edges are smoother and my life is far more smiles and frowns and filled with lots more laughter than tears. Can't ask for more than that..

Happy Thursday Folks~!

ps- Mike. hoping GiGi is on the mend and you are both doing well..

JD said...

Shakespeare, as always, was much more perceptive than any other writer :)

But man, proud man,
Dress'd in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he's most assur'd—
His glassy essence—like an angry ape
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As makes the angels weep;
― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

... and that quote is applicable to all politicians

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Thanks for the link - I shall read it again before and/or after the debate. :-)
I have a 2 quincunx in my chart, they form a Yod. Mars (Scorpio) sextile Neptune (Virgo) both quincunx Moon in Aries - apex of a Yod. No idea! :-)


mike ~ I hadn't seen Matthew's Yod piece when I prepared this post, but have now read it. Liked it, too. I like Yods - I see them simply as smoothing the path between otherwise scratchy aspects, occasionally bringing forth something special. Your point about reverberations from other aspects to the planets involved is a good one!

Auden's poems are often depressing, yet oddly addictive, I find. "Funeral Blues" is one of my faves of his - it was recited in the movie "4 Weddings & a Funeral".

We're in the triple digits, temperature-wise, this week, did have some rain a couple of days ago though, so grass remains green for now. I do not envy you your climate down there. your fruit sounds good though!


Sonny ~ I shall watch tonight - just for fun really. I'm sorry ricky perry won't be present. In some perverse way I kinda like him. ;-)

Happy day to you too!



Old Willy Shakes always had a classy way of putting things didn't he? That's a very good one!

Sonny G said...

I watch Rick Perry , mostly on news clips, mainly for the funny factor:)

mike (again) said...

Sonny - Thanks for the well-wishes! Yes, we are fine NOW, but this last Sunday she developed a UTI. Just shoot me, was my thought at that moment...LOL! VERY tiring, as she had to go out to the grass to pee every 10 seconds, and of course, this occurred when the veterinarian wasn't available. Fortunately, a friend here had some extra Septra DS tablets and gave me enough for a 14 day treatment. Septra DS is the same as Bactrim for dogs; one tablet cut into eighths is eight doses for her weight, two doses per day. We had a difficult evening into the early hours Monday morning, but the frequency of peeing greatly decreased after the first Septra dose. My sister thought it was a consequence of her having diarrhea the week previous.

LB said...

I have a several quincunxes (involving Gemini, Scorpio, Aries) and one Yod with my 3H Jupiter in Scorpio (conjunct Neptune-Mercury) at the apex.

I like what Matthew Currie said about their paradoxical nature (good poem, too). I've read elsewhere how quincunxes demand internal and/or external adjustments, these adjustments can sometimes manifest as real-world, physical or health challenges, something I've experienced.

My 6H Chiron in Aquarius (opposite 12H Uranus) is at the midpoint of one of my quincunxes. Abandoned, isolated and wounded parts of myself find healing whenever I'm able to intimately connect with and bring a greater sense of belonging and connectedness to someone else.:)

Related to this idea, my husband and I watched a great documentary the other day, "Alive Inside". We rented the DVD from the library. Maybe it's available on Netflix, I don't know. Don't know how long the following link will stay up, but for now you can watch it online:

Much of the movie was filmed in nursing homes. It's about the healing power of music and its ability to stimulate a particular part of the brain, helping people to "wake up"!

The movie has a powerful message. It's amazing to watch the transformation when headphones are placed on someone who's been shut away in some lost and abandoned place, how by bringing an individualized form of music to people suffering from dementia and/or other isolating or traumatic conditions, miracles happen. People rediscover themselves, their words, their joys and sorrows, their sense of love and connection, their humanity.

It's also about problems within our medical paradigm and nursing home model, how we're overly reliant upon drugs and how we overmedicate our elderly using antipsychotic drugs. I've seen it happen in smaller facilities and private homes too. It's terrible to watch. This movie offers an alternative.

LB said...

Hmmmm. I don't think the link I copied works. If anyone is interested, you can always try googling it.

Sonny G said...

it worked for me LB and a millions time-- Thank you..

LB said...

Sonny G ~ Thanks! I'm happy it worked. It's a beautiful movie with a hopeful message. Music heals me all the time.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ GiGi is a game gal isn't she! Glad to know that you and she are on even keel once again. :-)


LB ~ Thank you for adding your personal experience with quincunx and Yod. Thanks too for the link. I'll save it, maybe watch it sometime when I'm feeling more in tune with that kind of thing. It seems those times are drawing a little too near for comfort and I don't really want to see into that kind of future for us...yet. :-/

LB said...

Twilight ~ I understand how you feel. It's scary.:( We're vulnerable too, which is why I'm happy we learned about this now. My husband and I talked about making our own music lists, just in case one of us ends up somewhere ~ if nothing else, we can use one of our old walkmans. I'm pretty low-tech.

And we can continue to enjoy the healing power of music now. The movie's basic message is pretty simple, even if you don't feel up to watching the documentary itself.

I'd like to do more (still have a few connections, I *think*) but want to sit with it a while first, maybe do a little more investigating too. For now, I'm just spreading the word casually.

My husband is sending a copy to his sisters. They care for his elderly mom at home. Wish I'd known while my mom was still alive.

LB said...

I forgot to mention the **Music & Memory** website:

There's lots to explore ~ articles, research, videos, links and free guides.

Sonny G said...

LB.. I watched and when it was over I wrote down 5 songs in my diary.. My daughter knows its fine to read it if anything happens to my mind or even an accident that causes a coma..
I don't want to experience such a situation but just in case wouldn't it be terrific if I had an awakening from the music.
be prepared I say:) old girl scout stuff still applies.

LB said...

My thinking too, Sonny.:) With so much music to choose from, the list I give my husband is gonna be a long one.

I loved the scene in the movie where the older woman performs hip-hop moves from her chair!

Sonny G said...

LB. when the first guy starting singing- I'll be home for Christmas- I sobbed..
I plan to contact the nursing homes in my area to see if I can bring some music into those folks lives. cant hurt to ask.

LB said...

It's nice you want to help, Sonny. If you're interested, the website I mentioned has some practical suggestions. Or at least the info provides a good jumping off point.


Music holds the potential to help folks of all ages and with a variety of issues, not only elderly people with dementia. Elderly folks with physical challenges can benefit too.

I also think any kind of music delivery is better than none, though headphones seem to be the most effective way to touch the place deep inside where spirit dwells (and where our memories are more resilient).

This seems like a good conversation to have now, while retrograde Saturn is still in Scorpio and in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces lend themselves to healing and connection through music.

mike (again) said...

I worked as an aide in two nursing homes while in college. It was a dismal job primarily due to the treatment of the elderly and certainly not the elderly, themselves. Both places were always short-staffed, because employees always called-in "sick" or they quit for a better paying job. I realized that most patients were bored and I knew our local library had reel-to-reel movies that could be checked-out free. I inquired of my management and they gave the green light. I started showing movies once or twice a week and what excitement it presented. One time, I checked-out a popular movie, but instead, in the case was a 45 minute, super-big-equipment, heavy construction film with giant trucks & cranes excavating at some mine. I was so embarrassed at the beginning of the movie, so I stopped it and apologized. WOW...the audience WAS NOT going to have that nonsense. They loved it, particularly the old guys, but the gals, too. I was astounded! It was something familiar from daily, real life. That film generated the most enthusiasm and alertness from the folks, and they discussed it amongst themselves for many minutes after.

BTW, LB, my mother suffered from long-term hearing loss and was completely deaf in one ear and had about 5% in the other, if that. I'm completely deaf in one ear and I have severe tinnitus in both. Many elderly have some form of hearing deficiencies. If you and-or Sonny pursue this, be aware that virtually all digital music players are in STEREO, which is meaningless to a person deaf in one ear listening with earphones. Stereo recordings have two completely separate tracks, so one half (and it's not the same, other half) of the music will not be heard. There are limited manufacturers of MONAURAL music players that combine both tracks for earphones. Tinnitus causes music to void-out when the tones of the music equal the same tones of tinnitus. I can't distinguish high- and some mid-pitch tones of music, and my tinnitus twangs from mid- to high-pitch, back and forth.

LB said...

What a great story, mike.:) I'm sure the extra attention and entertainment you brought to the residents made a big difference. Your mom was lucky to have you too.

Good point about hearing loss and music in stereo. In terms of *me* personally getting more involved, other than letting friends & family know about the movie, I was thinking more along the lines of forwarding information to some of the organizations and people I know who work with the elderly and/or disabled.

Looking at the Music & Memory website, it seems likely it's an organized process, especially as it's being instituted by those who've received training and 'certification' . . . which would be a representative of the facility seeking certification, not me. Which doesn't rule out the possibility of people like myself being inspired by the film in other ways.

Hopefully these certified providers make an effort to provide monaural players for those who might benefit, but I don't know. You know how it is, even with the best intentions, details and people don't always receive the attention they deserve.

I don't think my grandmother wouldn't have been able to listen to music, though my mother would've and so would a lot of her 'housemates'.

If music isn't the ticket, there are other ways to connect with people. Gentle touch can be very healing too. It's not uncommon for clients, old and young, to cry when receiving Reiki.

Your comment did remind me of something though, which is that the documentary didn't have a subtitle option, which was disappointing.