Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"People who get things done..."

Ogden Nash's poetry and comments on life never fail to bring a smile and a nod. In this piece he had, all unknowingly, written a description of the person with a hefty dose of Virgo in their natal chart. Sun is now inching into zodiac sign Virgo so:

A Stitch Too Late Is My Fate

There are some people of whom I would certainly like to be one,
Who are the people who get things done.
They balance their checkbooks every month and their figures
always agree with the bank's,
And they are prompt in writing letters of condolence or thanks.
They never leave anything to chance,
But always make reservations in advance.

When they get out of bed they never neglect to don slippers
so they never pick up athlete's foot or a cold or a splinter,
And they hang their clothes up on hangers every night and
put their winter clothes away every summer
and their summer clothes away every winter.

Before spending any money they insist on getting
an estimate or a sample,
And if they lose anything from a shoelace to a diamond ring
it is covered by insurance more than ample.
They have budgets and what is more they live inside of them,
Even though it means eating things made by recipes
clipped from the Sunday paper that you'd think they would have died from them.

They serve on committees
And improve their cities
They are modern knight errants
Who remember their god-children's birthdays and the anniversaries
of their god children's parents,
And in cold weather they remember the birds and supply them with
sunflower seed and suet,
And whatever they decide to do, whether it's to save
twenty-five percent of their salary or learn Italian or write a musical comedy or touch their toes a hundred times every morning before breakfast,
why they go ahead and do it.

People who get things done lead contented lives, or at least I guess so,
And I certainly wish that either I were more like them or they were less so.


Anonymous said...

He obviously knew my Mother ...


Sonny G said...

I've never been that organized in thought or deed and at thia age, its unlikely I ever will be:)

I'll admit , on the days I get more done, I'm more content.. Need to make sure there are more of those days.

mike said...

I have to second Kidd's mother was a mid-Virgo ascendant, with Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn all conjunct in late Virgo! I think my mother preferred and enjoyed dealing with tangible, practical stuff to distract her mind and emotions (Gemini Moon). Cleaning was a metaphor for ridding life of the harsh undesirables and any possible guilt from ignoring such...LOL. "Idle hands are the..."

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do get things done....

lora said...

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Twilight said...

Thank you for these comments y'all! :-)

LB said...

My Virgo Ascendant conjunct Pluto in Virgo (in the 12th) used to be more like this. As Neptune has transited my natal 6th, forming various aspects with different points and planets in my chart, I've softened, become more relaxed, lazier, less motivated and far less regimented than I once was.

In some ways it's been necessary and healing, though I sometimes miss how dynamic and energetic I used to be. A series of Neptunian emergencies helped to shatter any illusions I once held about containment and control.

In other ways I'm still conscientious and on top of things, as much as is possible that is.:) I'm still me.

LB (again) said...

Adding how I still pay attention to details and try to be proactive in dealing with issues before they become problems. I've just had to accept some things (even people's responses to reasonable observations and requests) are beyond my control.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thanks for your contribution. :-) I'd guess that your Libra Sun would encourage balance in everything - including any overly obsessive perfectionism.

LB said...

You'd think! But it wasn't always the case. When people visit our home, they often comment how beautiful and 'perfect' everything is. When I tell them I sometimes let our small apartment gets messy or how, like most people, I don't always keep up with chores, they don't believe me.

As for the bigger issues, having to live with ongoing leaks, floods, small critters and things that never get fixed by our landlord(s), has forced me to surrender some of my Virgo (and Libra) expectations about how things *should* be.

If Rash is still reading, I left a comment on yesterday's post.

Rash said...

Oh My God..!!!
I can relate myself so well with these lines! !
Absolutely true.

Though sometimes I love to be lazy, messy & break my strict routine just for a break ;-)

Do make budget but spend till I finish my last penny ;-)
I dont have the quality to explain it as per my natal chart but some of you who knows well about the positions and aspects in my chart can understand the reasons well :)

LB~ I have read your comment on the previous post and replied too. Kindly check!

Twilight said...

Rash ~
It's good to know that Virgo likes to loosen the discipline and expectations once in a while and just "mess around" with the sloppy kids. :-D