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Arty Farty Friday ~ Nathaniel Everett Green, Artist & Astronomer.

Born this day in 1823, Nathaniel Everett Green, artist, teacher and astronomer. To save my typing fingers a little biographical detail borrowed:
Born: 21 August 1823 in Bristol, England.
Died: 10 November 1899 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
Source: See HERE


I don't immediately see a clear art/astronomy signature....

His generational Nepune (creativity) conjunct Uranus (pertaining to the future and the unexpected) has to be a part of it, and because the conjunction widely trined natal Sun and Mercury, this draws the conjunction more closely into his personality.

Without a time of birth it's not possible to place Moon exactly and ascendant not at all. If his natal Moon were in late Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), that too would tend to indicate an interest in the science of astronomy.

The Grand Square/Grand Cross stands out quite clearly in this chart. It can signify a challenging side to the chart owner's nature, about which, in Mr Green's case, we know little. Venus, planet of the arts is a part of the Grand Cross - I find that surprising.

Any ideas, anyone?


Many of the images of his paintings available at Google Image are very small, so choice was limited to those of useful size.

 The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

 A Street in France

 Beverley from Westwood
I chose the painting of Beverley from Westwood because I worked and lived in Beverley, East Yorkshire, as general assistant to the County Archivist for 6 years in total. Lovely old town; the Westwood area contains a now well-known course for horse-racing.

Click on this one for a clearer view:
1877 "marked a turning point in the cartography of Mars. On 5 September of that year, Earth and Mars stood in “perihelic opposition,” as Earth came into line between Mars and the sun when the two planets were also nearest to the sun and to each other along their respective elliptical orbits. With the disk of Mars fully illuminated by the sun during this close approach, terrestrial astronomers enjoyed incomparable views, not only on the day of the opposition itself but also in the days and weeks leading up to and following the event. Taking advantage of this rare occurrence, the English amateur astronomer Nathaniel Green departed from his usual observing station—in the back garden of his home in St. John’s Wood, a suburb of London—and traveled with his 13‐inch reflecting telescope all the way to the Portuguese island of Madeira in search of good atmospheric conditions for extended observations. Over two months, Green’s effort was rewarded with forty‐seven nights suitable for Mars observation, sixteen of which he termed “good,” “excellent,” or “superb”; this was fewer than expected but “considerably in excess of the average of an English climate.” During his expedition he produced a series of exquisite sketches that he later compiled into the most detailed map of Mars to date (see Figure 1). The expedition to Madeira was a major event in Green’s avocational career, cementing his status as a serious amateur." *K Maria D Lane,Isis,Vol. 96, No. 4, December 2005
Mercator and planar projection maps by Nathaniel Green, 1877. Originally published (using reddish‐orange color tones) in Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1877–1879, p. 44.
Hat-tip: Pat's Blog


Anonymous said...

On 5 September 1877, tr Uranus and tr Moon exact cj his MC, and tr Mercury cj natal Venus. (Also, tr Pluto was cj natal Saturn, tr Neptune was in the Taurus degrees of his 6th and tr Jupiter in Sagg trine tr Uranus.)

Interesting that it's his Ruler (Mars) he travels (resident in 9th) to work on (Aries 6th) in Madeira.

Dare I say it was a trip made in heaven ;P

mike said...

Venus has moved 7* past squaring Jupiter and Chiron is 9* past, which weakens the grand square. I'd prefer to see the grand square as two separate aspects: Jupiter opposed Uranus and Venus opposed Chiron.

This from
Venus/Chiron Aspects
"Deep insights into the creative process. Using art as a way to release pain and trauma. Creativity can be a sore subject. Money can be a sore subject. Artists who feel that their work is never properly valued. Issues with feeling that you are never paid what you are worth. Feeling that you should be financially compensated for your love. Pain centers on feeling appreciated for your creative contribution."

His Venus is in Venus-ruled Libra, providing a desire for art and the finer things in life. His Venus, Mercury, and Sun are in their signs of rulership, giving him balance and strength to offset the Sun square Saturn aspect. A positive outcome of Sun sq Saturn is helping others (teaching) and focus (long nights at the telescope)...the positive efforts would bolster his ego and prestige (Sun) through discipline (Saturn). Green's Mercury is trine Uranus and sextile Jupiter, which offers a unique mental outlet for the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and perhaps his interests in teaching and science.

Anonymous said...

In August 1877 the discoveries of Phobos and Deimos by Asaph Hall with the 26 inch USNO telescope were all the rage. It is not surprising that Green's 13 inch reflector would be trained on Mars for the September close approach.

... transit Ura cjn Sun
... transit Nep tri Ura ... moving rx to trine his mercury

Natally, his birthtime is unknown ... but it can be seen that ...

ve =ma/np ... art?
ch =ma/ur ... science?

He died when prog mars caught his natal merc ...Perhaps he was a ge/vi asc?

... I concur that venus/chiron aspects are a pain in the uknow.


Twilight said...

Anon; mike; Anon/kidd (Anon#1 = kidd too ?) ~
Many thanks y'all for these good and helpful additions and insights.

Yep - Gemini or Virgo rising could be a good fit - Virgo especially.

Anonymous said...

Anon#1= ?


Twilight said...

COPYING comment from Anon/kidd. It was published under yesterday's post's "Open Thread" but it kind of blends with today's post.

Open Thread-ish ... but links to N E Green ... I suppose
I read "Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn" by Amanda Gefter ... (a wonderful book :)
Then did some youtube research on Light Cones etc.
Ran into this ... I like his approach and it's nice to hear someone quote Leibniz.


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ I enjoyed listening to Julian Barbour's talk, thank you for the link. Even, I, with little if any knowledge of physics etc. could follow most of what he said. I especially liked his observations about humans being "open" but computers being "closed", so that human minds are open to "stuff" from - as mike has called it "the ethers". Computers can only put out what we put in (for now, anyway.) The last part of the talk - about movement of planets etc was nice too - I bet if someone had whispered "astrology" to him, he'd have been very dismissive. Never mind. ;-/

Anonymous said...

Publicly, Mr Barbour is a scientist ...
Science can tell you where the planets will be in a hundred years ...
But not where the Cat will be in ten minutes ...
Because the Cat has Agency ...

But our subliminal "push" ... to act in accordance with our particular metaphysics,
Must be some kind of real or semi-real construct,

A lot of people would think it is a "field"
... and that objects, people and planets interact within it.
But using "field" or "either" implies a homogeneity that is constant and always pervasive.

But ... "it" ... is not constant or evenly applied ...

... sometimes the theory works properly
... I personally "feel" water moon ingresses when they happen ( at least 25+ times per year)

... sometimes they don't
... "Huh, a moon/mars cjn and sun/mars sqr ... while I was laughing at joe's joke?"

It is a quandary ...
But it is only the 21st century ... and us humanz are so full of intellectual hubris.
The first person who did my chart wore a Salvation Army Uniform
... so you never know ... just who really thinks what ... unless you ask them
... and even then ... maybe :)


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Our "subliminal push" is, I reckon, the biggest of all personal mysteries for any of us who ever have felt it. Maybe by 25th century it'll all be explained - and then how boring will life be? ;-)

I agree, some people don't admit to a secret positive feeling about astrology, thinking it'd make them lose face - especially anyone in the science field. Really, though the same applies to most folks too - other than we few who seem to be "out there where the buses don't run" to others.

Anonymous said...

"out there where the buses don't run" :)


mike (again) said...

Bob Dylan understood the subliminal push:

"'There must be some way out of here" said the joker to the thief
'There's too much confusion', I can't get no relief
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.

'No reason to get excited', the thief he kindly spoke
'There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late'.

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl."

Anonymous said...

::sings:: (Isis/dylan)

Nate was out walkin in eighteen forty-six
When a sudden discovery made itself known.
It was where Le Verrier said it would be
Opposin his Sun, which is how it was shown.

Now the Web, you can say ... is pretty good for a lark.
Especially when chasin' some fact ordinary
But I wish they would annotate paintings and works
The dates of completion would make me feel merry ...


Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Love that song ! - There's a post about it at


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Oh - nice voice, and an apt ditty too! :-)

So dates make you glad?
I'll add them sometimes,
They're often omitted,
Titles, too, not remitted,
That's bad!
And leaves us all feeling somewhat...

Anonymous said...

An Improvement ...

Now the Web, you can say ... is pretty good for a lark.
Especially when chasin' some fact ordinary
But I wish they would annotate paintings and MARK ... <---
The dates of completion would make me feel merry ...


- No, not 'World-Wide-Annie'*, she is schooled in the ways of Webbery.
- I was trying to find if a work was painted during Neptune's unveiling.
- For Uranus, Mozart was re-working the Haffner piece
- His notebooks tell the tale

But I suppose Nate is not so illustrious on the Web.
All I could find were the prices fetched at auction ...
Composition dates would be far more interesting.


*(beaming broad ... not ... broad of beam) :)

mike (again) said...

Twilight, you state in your Dylan post, "I have the last lines of these lyrics permanently placed at the foot of my blog page - because I find a grain of hope within them. Thanks Bob!" Times have changed and I don't see those last lines at the bottom of your posts. Did you give-up hope? LOL. This is one of my Dylan favorites, too. Dichotomy of lyrics, with straight-forward meaning, yet the interpretation can be transient and fluid, if desired.

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Ah - I see! Shame he's not famous enough to have warranted more coverage. Poor Nate has been eclipsed by more famous names, few if any of whom could draw as well as he. :-)

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I had given up hope - yes, I certainly had. I changed what appears at the foot of the blog page many times until settling on a photo anyjazz took of the welcome sign to a Texas town we passed through once upon a time. :-)

Now there's Bernie though! Maybe I should consider reinstating those lines - or perhaps in the sidebar instead. But then in today's post (Saturday) maybe the "other" rider approaching is Trump. :-/