Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mr Irrepressible ? + OPEN THREAD

What was I thinking, back in 2008 when I wrote this in part of a post titled Irrepressible Leo?
It would be a shame if Mr. [Mike] Huckabee limited himself to a political talk show, or "religion-on-the-box" though. He'd also limit his audience, and I think he has a lot to offer that is neither political nor religious - just warm, wise, humorous and human. Still, it would be a start, once into the loop his irrepressible Leo could lead him elsewhere in TV-land.

From Learning Curve on the Ecliptic 25 February 2008
"The man's a natural. I wish he'd give up his current career and get himself a chat show or something similar. Something far removed from religion or politics. He's entertaining, warm and charismatic, you can't learn those qualities, they come part of your astrological package. Five Leo planets form a big part of Governor Huckabee's astro-package. He has already tried two professions suitable for a quintuple-Leo personality, one more remains: show-biz! I'd bet good money that he'd be a bigger success there
than he could ever be in the other two. "
From Learning Curve on the Ecliptic on 30 November 2007 [Chart at link]
All those Leo planets must incline him towards the public stage, be it pulpit or political platform. What would he like to hear - in his wildest dream? "Lights, camera, action!"
I wonder if anybody has noticed the likeness between Mike Huckabee and Kevin Spacey? They do share some Leo natal degrees. Spacey was born 26 July 1959, South Orange, New Jersey. His Uranus is at 15 Leo, Mike Huckabee's Jupiter is in the same Leo degree. Huckabee's Uranus is at 00 Leo, Spacey's Sun at 2 Leo. Their natal Mars are just a few degrees apart 28 Leo for Huckabee, 3 Virgo for Spacey. The likeness may be pure coincidence, but when Kevin Spacey's face flashed across the TV screen last night in a trail for a movie, I was surprised at the similarity.


mike said...

Hey, I thought you were out of here. Have you made it to the Canadian border yet?

I agree...what were you thinking (or drinking)? Huckabee has been around too long and said too much. I would never ever desire a presidential candidate that had a degree in theology...conflict of interest for the average joe not able to separate interests of the people vs god, and Huckabee has certainly supported his god-interests throughout his campaigns and elsewhere. Of course, that makes him a very desirable candidate for the GOP, religious, far right. He has made his way to the entertainment industry via FOX TV, "Huckabee" program, currently on hiatus pending his 2016 bid.

I can't say that I visualize the Kevin-ness in Huckabee, but he does have a semblance of some actor that I can't place. That, or he simply has a generic look. The pic you provide is from some years ago when we all looked a bit fresher...LOL.

I'm pleased to know that your Huckabee-fog has lifted.

Bob said...

Watch. Listen. Sing. Dance. Enjoy.

André Rieu - Full Concert in Brazil - 1:34:39

Andre Rieu - Live In Maastricht III(koncert DVD) - 2:08:13

Twilight said...

mike ~ Out of here? No, I'm here for the duration. - Or did you mean just out of here road-tripping? I do have this "yen" to do a road trip that goes straight up the middle: OK/KS/NE/SD/ND and Winnipeg, Canada. Most people might think this boring. Not me! (Well...maybe I'm boring & I and mid-America are a good Anyway, we haven't ever got as far as setting out on that particular trip - it's still not right out of the question though. We've changed our car this week, with help from the first slice of "my inheritance". Our lovely Monte-Carlo was almost 10 years old - hard to see it traded in, but wise to do it before its mileage got any higher and problems began arising. If the "inheritances" hadn't happened we'd have kept the Monte until it fell to pieces, spending $$$$ on repairs. I'm waiting, now, for a response from the lawyers dealing with 2nd slice inheritance - I asked them some questions, they are dragging their feet in replying! Maybe the dates you sorted out for me will bring a response.

Oh...better get back to Huckabee! I was naive back then wasn't I? But I also think Huckabee has hardened in intervening years. I really did like him in 2007/8 - not as Prez but as a person. Maybe his time on TV has hardened him. wouldn't be surprised - mixing with Fox News types could do that to a person.

I agree that Kevin and Mike don't look as alike now as they did when both were younger. Also, maybe what I saw, or sensed, was an echo of their astrology.

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Thanks for these - I've been listening to the first link as I've been typing to mike. Just arrived at the section with the tenors singing "Vincero....vincero!!" Love it! :-)

mike (again) said...

Well, I mistook yesterday's post title, "Netflix - Off time travelling once more..." to contain entendre, ie Netflix, time travel, AND on the road traveling again. My own bit of (un)reality here...LOL. Maybe we connected via psyops (now MISO) and your new car came through the ethers as "road trip".

mike (again) said...

BTW - "MISO" won't make sense until you find my comment #29 for your "If you don't control your mind...someone else will" post.

mike (again) said...

Also - I'm happy for you and anyjazz having new hot wheels! You know how I feel about cars and second-hand car exhaust...try to show some enthusiasm should I ever invest in drones. I assume that the new one has better gas mileage than the Monte, which pleases me.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Ah - I see! Re MISO - just found your comment in "awaiting moderation" file - thanks. Hmmm - nasty eh! I guess the ethers have no truck with
antonyms, or exact detail. ;-)

Our "new" car isn't brand new, only new to us. I know you don't approve, but, as I've mentioned before, my carbon footprint for 60+ years in the UK was teeny-tiny as compared with the carbon footprints of inhabitants of the USA. I used public transport or walked there for around 90% of all travel. Back then all we had was a beat-up old Mini used only when no other means of travel were available. It could be said that's no excuse - so be it. I feel no shame in enjoying what's left of my and anyjazz's life here on Earth, and a car, due to our location here, is an essential part of that. So...while anyjazz remains fit and keen to drive - we shall (I've never driven by the way).

If you buy a drone, I shall chide you only if you send it somewhere with bombs attached. ;-)

mike (again) said...

Just thought I'd give you a slight droning with your car purchase. Vehicles are so ingrained into our American culture that someone without a car is thought to be weird. My neighbors can't fathom my anti-car-ness. They completely understand second-hand cigarette smoke, but when I mention second-hand car exhaust, their eyes roll. Various strangers, when finding I only ride a bicycle and am anti-car, suspect that I must have an alcohol problem replete with previous DWIs revoking my driver's license. What other explanation could there be?! I realize that I'm the odd one out on this topic.

I'm truly pleased that you have a nicer car for excursions. The Canadian border awaits your arrival.

Twilight said...

mike (again) LOL! Well, I do drone myself, regularly on this very point, but always come up defiant! You see, I've morphed into a real American - it took just 11 years. Pity my accent didn't morph with me. Car salesman's face yesterday kept going blank whenever I said more than two words together during haggling/negotiating/explaining. I had to turn to anyjazz pleading (in a whisper), "Please will you tell him what I said?" (This was in Wichita Falls btw.) :-D

Anonymous said...

Beyond the Score ...

Somewhere ...
Beyond the play
Somewhere plucking away
His sits upon a stool on stage
... and watches the singer go on wailing ...

Somewhere ...
Behind the door
A caucus in an uproar
He stands behind the lectern poised
... and talks of his plan now unveiling

- He's right behind the guitars
- His drummer's not Keith Moon
- He knows beyond a doubt
- That "Hey Joe" is a spiffy-played tune

His feet, tap on the floor
He plays it the same as before
Happy he'll stay behind the fray
And never again go wailing

- He knows beyond a doubt
- That "Cat Scratch Fever" he shouldn't play

He'll beat (oh yes he'll beat) the time in four/four
He'll play it just like before
Happy he'll be in camera-land
From now on he'll just do mailing ...


- paraphrasing Kevin Spacey
- paraphrasing Bobby Darren

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Oh nicely done! You could send it to him for a campaign song. :-)

Anonymous said...

Open Thread-ish ... but links to N E Green ... I suppose

I read "Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn" by Amanda Gefter ... (a wonderful book :)
Then did some youtube research on Light Cones etc.

Ran into this ... I like his approach and it's nice to hear someone quote Leibniz.


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ I'll copy this comment to the N.E. Green post, but leave it here too. It does relate to the same sort of stuff Mr Green was "into" - I bet he'd have loved to here that talk! :-)

Twilight said...

Dang - 'here' should be 'hear' (obviously)