Monday, December 08, 2014

Thinking Back and Forth

In December 2007 on this blog I asked a question of myself: "What will America be like in 2017?" The question didn't inspire me sufficiently to hazard a guess. It felt, to me, as though things were coming up to a state of flux. Almost anything could happen during the next ten years, I thought.

The state of flux, or a muffled whisper of it, arrived with 2008's election of Barack Obama as president of the US. After a short "honeymoon" period, though, things trundled on much as before. The feeling that "almost anything could happen" dissipated, became "it could, it should, but it won't - at least not in the USA".

There are still two years left before that original ten year span, to 2017, will be complete. Within that span another general election will take place in the USA. This time I don't get the feeling that "anything can happen"; I get the feeling that what will happen is already planned, and that the time is almost here for a gradual feeding, into the collective consciousness of the US, tons of political brainwash. This time I get the feeling that my time span for a true state of flux to arrive needs to be extended by around 5 more some point after 2020. Changes brought about then will likely be the overture to later and much bigger changes.

A little astrology, helps me to look further ahead, to a time when even my husband's great-grandchildren will have either passed on or be in their final years, and their children will have reached maturity. So, what will the outer planets will be doing in, say, 90 years' time?

In 2104 there will be a Uranus/Pluto conjunction. This one in Taurus. The last Uranus/Pluto conjunction was in 1965/6 in Virgo. To find the previous one in Taurus we must look back into the centuries Before Christ - 322BC and 576 BC (see Richard Nolle's list HERE).

Will great-great-grandchildren of today's population live through an updated re-run of the turbulent years of the mid-1960s: Vietnam war, civil rights activism, hippies, etc? There's no doubt that if the human race manages to survive that long, there will be turbulence. Turbulence which could make the mid 1960s look serene by comparison. The conjunction in Taurus has a distinctly robust flavour, far more so than that earlier conjunction in Virgo. Taurus, like Virgo, is an Earth sign, but Taurus is Fixed Earth, and more determined, single-minded and focused.

Could it take 90 more years for the revolution many of us feel a need for now to manifest? Perhaps the great-great-grandchildren of today and coming years will live it for us. I hope that most will survive; eventually the worst will be over, a new world will truly begin taking shape.


mike said...

Well, things never turn-out like they are envisioned. As a child in grade school, I read the "Weekly Reader" and I remember many stories depicting the future at the turn of the century (2000)...a fifty year projection. We were supposed to be flying in our personal "cars" here on Earth, served by robots, living in colonies on the Moon and Mars, etc. Living the life of "The Jetsons" cartoon, with a touch of "Lost in Space".

I think we have gone beyond a tipping-point of no return for our planet. Radical changes are upon us that will no doubt increase as the years tick-on. I suspect that planetary remediation will be very important, if the humans survive. It wouldn't surprise me if a nuclear holocaust or two is thrown-in for good measure. The magnetic poles of this planet are shifting and north will become south...scientists are saying it is about a 100 year process, so that lies ahead, too.

Assuming that technology is allowed to progress, physicists are discovering amazing aspects of our universe. Quantum physics is describing a multiverse where our universe is only one, and it appears to be holographic in nature. The expanding knowledge of our sub-atomic structure may provide a means to circumvent our demise. It will yield to a much fresher understanding of our "maker", perhaps allowing us to leave religion (the great divider) behind. Time and space will not have the same meaning then as now. The notion that we make our future is taking hold...our observation influences the outcome. Maybe we are simply two-dimensional, captured on film, playing-out some movie or software, to which we are professional role players...LOL.

It is difficult to predict or foresee daily, monthly, yearly changes. Where we will be in fifty years may be the great trash pile of the universe or some marvelous, conception of creativity.

Hope it has a happy ending, but "happy" is in the eye of the beholder.

Twilight said...

mike ~
Visions of the future, at least those written about around the 1950s and 60s were way out, datewise - maybe everywise too. Will we ever see the likes of flying cars, a colonial Mars etc - or even the depths of dystopia envisioned in countless more recent books and movies?

The main error was/is in expecting too much and too dramatic change too soon. But that helps to keeps books and films fascinating, and gets fingers turning pages and puts bums on seats, I guess.

From where we are now the future (near future anyway) doesn't look as enticing as it once did, but there's always the unexpected to be reckoned with, and it's not always bad unexpected. That's the only positive thing I can think of to add.

I am confident that one day, and it could actually be in around 90 years' time, as that wonderful song declares :
Change is gonna come!