Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 - More of the Same ?

It seemed to me, more than usual, that on reading some psychic and astrological predictions for 2015 those doing the predicting are not being very brave this year. Or perhaps the reason is that the only appropriate overall prediction is really "more of the same"...but that's boring, so writers pad it out with more, and different, words!

We can be 99.9% certain that the world will continue to heat up a wee bit more during the coming year. Winter will prove a little more extreme temperature-wise . Climate upset is very gradual, at times hardly noticeable unless one can clearly look back some 40 years or so.

More of the same.

Troubles in the Middle East will continue...they always have, and always will. Flashpoint and cast members may change, but sadly "the song remains the same".

More of the same.

US politicians will remain mostly in gridlock.

More of the same.

Some economies will teeter , some water and food shortages will arise.

More of the same.

In the USA many and varied distractions will fill online websites, TV talk shows, blogs and newspapers, often pushing what's truly important to a stray forgotten paragraph, buried.

More of the same.

Some "celeb" or other will utter non-PC commentary, or undue criticism of some other "celeb", or have a wardrobe malfunction, or write a book or make a film in inordinately bad taste, and thereby cause a momentary furor in social media, while achieving lots of free publicity for themselves.

More of the same.

Facebook and other social media sites will continue to leech readers from blogs until their lifeblood all but dries up - but some bloody-minded bloggers will continue scribbling - and more strength to 'em!

More of the same.

What I hope will definitely NOT be more of the same:

Passenger aircraft missing without trace, or being shot down, or crashing for any reason - all lives lost, as in 2014's three tragedies: MH370, MH17 & Air Asia 8501.

A sorely needed change I hope might happen:

Drone use and torture will begin to be seriously discredited, through public opposition to both, as well as to police violence against civilians.


mike said...

More of the same could be comforting, at this point of the Uranus-Pluto square, with one more to go and a very slow separation from the final aspect. However, this square tends to constantly one-up itself, so I expect increasing consternation. 2015 brings three new discordant players into the astrological mix: Jupiter sq Saturn, Saturn sq Neptune, and Jupiter op Neptune.

On the brighter side of aspects, Jupiter forms trines with Uranus and Pluto to soften the grit. These trines may yield some interesting resolutions brought about by the Uranus-Pluto square.

We do indeed live in interesting times...LOL! Wishing you and anyjazz (and all commenter friends) an uneventful new year!

Twilight said...

mike ~ I suppose whatever happens nationally or internationally will be extensions or results of 2014's "big square" vagaries.

Saturn challenging Jupiter and/or Neptune: Saturn pulling back, Jupiter pushing forward = gridlock. Saturn with feet on ground, Neptune with head in the clouds = big muddles intentional or unintentional.

I'm glad to know there'll be brighter
aspects too - Jupiter working hard with a variety of hats in 2015!

Thanks for the astro-pointers.

And thank you for the good wishes - returned - with bells on (bells of the New Year variety)! An uneventful new year would be most acceptable!

Sonny G said...

Happy 2015 to Ya'll..
may it be a healthy, joyful year for us all.~!

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ And the same to you Sonny!
Here's to it!

David said...

Well whatever happens I hope you and yours have a good New Year.

Twilight said...

David ~ Thank you - and wishes of the same ilk coming back atcha (as they say!) :-)