Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Rot at the Heart of US Politics & Elections

I wish I felt as engaged in US election politics as I did 4 years ago. What happened? The scales have fallen from my eyes. Now, I see it all for what it is: pantomime. Attitudes of TV pundits, on the few occasions I catch sight of them briefly, are completely predictable, whether on Fox or MSNBC or equivalent channels. Political bloggers are no different. Just as in those Christmas-time pantos back in Britain, I know exactly what every character is going to be saying - but in the case of the US election panto the element of fun and comedy is missing. And, adding to the bogus feel of it all, nobody ever dares to criticise or question actions or words of politicians supposedly on their own "side".

We never get to experience a genuine, unscripted TV debate involving politicians and real members of the public (not paid shills or stooges), talking about real issues. The words "genuine" and "US elections" are incompatible.

Astrology has little but confusion to offer in this situation. I've just read a very detailed article at The Political Astrology Blog where astrologers Patrick Watson, Chris Brennan and Nick Dagan Best have expertly delved into a highly complex method to predict the outcome of November's presidential election. It has to be added that other astrologers have come to a different conclusion, by different means, however. Variables, variables, decisions, decisions!

I don't give a hoot who wins, because, apart from one or two peripheral issues, resulting actions will be along similar lines - politicians and president doing the will of the fat cats who have bought them.

If the Republican candidate were to win, opposition by the Democrats in congress to any ultra-right wing propositions would outweigh any detriment, in my opinion. What we have now are mute Democrats in name only, never raising a squeakof oppopsition at stuff they'd scream blue murder about if a Republican had suggested the same thing.

Can astrology pinpoint the rot that must lie at the heart of the US political and electoral system? The US natal chart would be the source.....which itself is a matter of debate - once again variables abound. Most astrologers favour the chart for 4 July 1776. My favourite US chart has always been what's known as The Armistead Chart, set for noon on 2 July 1776, the actual date when "the die was cast". See a larger version at Astrodatabank

Julian Armistead quotes Allan Nevins and Henry Steel Commager, "A Pocket History of the United States." It reads, "Richard Henry Lee moved a resolution of independence ... which Congress adopted on July 2nd and proclaimed on July 4, 1776."
Mercury @ 25 Cancer is opposed by Moon and Pluto conjoined @ 25 & 27 Capricorn. Mercury represents communication of all kinds. Moon = The People, Pluto = secrecy, covert goings on. Neptune (delusion, illusion) at 22 Virgo trines Pluto/Moon adding delusion to secrecy. Somehow this all adds up - to me anyway!

As Peggy Lee sings, "Is that all there is?" The answer has to be - in relation to US politics - yes, that's all we have to look forward to, unless and until a new version of the USA is born, bearing a radically different natal chart.


DC said...

I completely agree.
And when you mentioned deceit and deception, (or in this person's case, the UNCOVERING of such)...
I couldn't resist trying to compare Julian Assange's chart here to that of the USA chart since they were only a day away as far as birthdays were concerned. Although it seemed to me the similarities stopped there. What a difference a day makes huh? lol

Twilight said...

DC ~~ The year makes a world of difference too, of course - and the fact that Assange was born in the southern hemisphere might too.
I still haven't decided whether that makes much of a difference astrologically.

It's interesting that Assange was born on the date between 2nd and 4th July though, 2 possible dates of birth for USA - and now his aim is to allow us to see what exists between the lies and the truth.

Wisewebwoman said...

I've never felt so apathetic about politics, here we have the irony of 30% of the population determining the course of Canada's future with a fundie rightwinger with a corporate agenda who has dismantled our environmental ministry and is starting on womens' rights.
I think most of us T are watching France very keenly.

Paul said...

American politics is simply the Entertainment wing of the military industrial complex.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ What happens now in France could well act as a yardstick. I'm not too optimistic on that score though, but I'd love to be surprised.

Twilight said...

Paul ~ Hi there! A truer word was never written! They're teaching the People to enjoy, as entertainment, a form of sado-masochism ;-(

Anonymous said...

I favour the sibley, just look at some people with a prominent 13 degree in a cardinal sign, to name a few: Alec Baldwin: sun in aries,
Jenna Elfman: very prominent uranus in libra, Victoria Justice: very prominent jupiter in libra.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~ Most astrologers would agree with you, for varying reasons. I see more that "speaks to me" in the Armistead chart.

David said...

As someone more than a little interested in US politics I had noted before that the real birthday for the US was the 2nd but it just sort of "became" the 4th July. Astrologically speaking does this change of birthday make any significant difference?

Twilight said...

David ~~ Hi!
It makes a difference in position of Moon and how Moon relates to other planets; Mercury's position, degree-wise is slightly different also.

Just to make matters more muddy, there are at least 7 different possible charts for the birth of the USA!

There's a list at

It's what gamblers call "a crap-shoot"! The 4th July charts, and astrologers don't even agree on the rising sign for this date, have become popular for some reason.

I've always noticed the striking and very antagonistic division of the people on every topic you can name (far more distinct than in the UK) in this country and it's represented clearly for me in the 2 July chart by opposition of Moon and Pluto opposte Mercury.

I think that all 7 charts might have something to tell astrologers, if used in context and taking account of the reason for their dates.