Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Francois Hollande ~ Left Turn?

Several astrologers have already interpreted the natal chart of France's new president, François Hollande - examples at:
Dark Star Astrology
Ohio Astrology

Whether President Hollande's socialist leanings will materialise in the way the people are hoping remains to be seen. Will Hollande be the French version of Tony Blair and Barack Obama, representatives of the faux "nouveau left"?

From a piece in the Washington Post, quoting the UK's Guardian:
"Hollande is described as “a jovial, wise-cracking believer in consensus politics” who is so opposed to conflict that “he was once nicknamed ‘the marshmallow’ within his own party, or ‘Flanby,’ after a wobbly caramel pudding.” In an op-ed in the New York Times, Rosecrans Baldwin describes Hollande by writing “he’s calm and placid and dislikes confrontation.
That is no recipe for the kind of mini-revolution the people probably envisage!

I don't see this chart as the chart of a red-blooded socialist - really I don't. If only Uranus had been conjunct Sun instead of Pluto - then we might have expected to see feathers flying.

Moon in Capricorn is too staid, too traditional, opposed by Jupiter in Cancer, its hardness is somewhat softened, I guess - but that's not what's needed now.

Mars in Sagittarius is in harmonious trine to Leo Sun/Pluto which ought to denote a go-getting fighter for.....something....but for The People? Uncertain.

Gemini rising - a good communicator, but one who can, and probably will, "talk from both sides of his mouth".

Saturn in Scorpio in semi-sextile to a very nicely placed Venus in Libra kind of spoils it by adding a tendency to secrecy and covert actions to the mix.

I'd love to believe that this is the beginning of a tide's turning, of the return of the left, of opposition to greed and run-away capitalism, but I'm not convinced - not yet. The "grapes of wrath" need still more time to ripen, and in their ripening to bring forth some real left-wing leaders - for France and for other struggling nations.


Anonymous said...

GP: Hollande was elected when Saturn (R) transited his Neptune. Sounds as you suggest, T. a song Obama is singing...

France is not a socialist country, at the base. They like to protest and grumble, and to retire at 60. Why drive a Mercedes when a Renault or similar vehicle also takes you for lunch to `Tante Ad'ele` on a sunny Sunday?

As for the Euro - has already failed. But hard to kill...

Wisewebwoman said...

I am watching this scene with baited breath. Is it the collapse of Euro.
Or will they take their lead from iceland and FOAD the world?
PS And I feel all politician are just playing a part. They are all the same.

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul & Wisewebwoman ~~

Thanks for your thoughts - all we can do is watch, and wait to see how the story unfolds. no doubt there'll be a few twists in the plot.

R J Adams said...

Unlike many of my countrymen I have a lot of respect for the French. We (the British) sneered at them after WW2, but then, we weren't occupied. There were many good French people put to death by the Nazis for their Resistance to Hitler.
Whether Hollande is the man to lead them, we'll have to wait and see, but the sneering hasn't gone away - I sensed it in the Guardian article, and frankly, if the WP and NYT are putting him down, he can't be half bad.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ Generalisations about any nationality (or any group of people) are always unhelpful - I agree the French are a mix of good, not so good and indifferent, as are the British and natives of any other country. Journalists' sneers are just another example of schoolyard bullying evolved to something just as nasty in adults.

Hollande is likely a very nice guy - but that's not what France needs - not what any of us need.
Obama is probably a nice guy too.
They/We need a hero! :-D (There's a song about that - will now play it to myself.