Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Astrologers with Natal Sun in Gemini

Following the pattern I seem to have set for myself over the past few months of spotlighting astrologers with Sun in zodiac sign of the month........

(Names taken from Wikipedia's list, data from Astrodatabank, as linked.)

There are several well-known Sun Gemini astrologers. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, represents the stereotypical communicator, it is the mutable Air sign, versatile and mentally acute. Gemini provides fertile ground for astrology to blossom - provided that Gemini's Air is shot through with some emphasis on Water signs, for intuition and sensitivity.

Listed in order of Sun's degree in Gemini. Only one of these astrologers is still with us. I feel certain there are others around today, not included in Wikipedia's list.

22 May 1896 Cyril Fagan, Irish (died 1970)

22 May 1928 Lois Rodden, Canadian (died 2003)

8 June 1902 Grant Lewi, American - oddly absent in Wiki's list, but not in my memory bank!(Died 1951)

13 June 1835 William Butler Yeats, Irish, a poet, not a true astrologer but "into it". (Died 1939)

15 June 1920 John Addey, English (died 1982)

16 June 1880 Alice Bailey, English (died 1949)

17 June 1951 Zane Stein , American (still with us).

Anything in common other than their Sun sign and gravitation to astrology?

Four of the six named had/have interest and achievement in specific sections of astro-lore: western sidereal astrology; astro data collecting; Saturn Return; harmonics; esoteric astrology; Chiron.

Cyril Fagan best known for introducing the idea of Western Sidereal Astrology to astrologers in Europe and USA who commonly used (still do) tropical astrology. His system involved a correction of planetary positions to form a closer approximation to the astronomically-observed positions.
Excellent essay on Fagan by Ken Bowser at Radical Astrology.

Fagan had Sun and Moon in close Airy and harmonious trine aspect: 1 degree of Gemini & Libra. Saturn and Uranus in Scorpio provide the Watery intuitive sensitivity (and in his case, I guess, intensity). (Astrodatabank)

Lois Rodden, famous (and in my opinion ought to have been awarded some kind of medal) for her work collecting astrological data, and founding Astrodatabank. As Wiki states, and I can do no better: "Pioneer in raising awareness of the sourcing of data being foundational in the credibility of astrology."

She had Sun at 0.56 degree Gemini with Mercury at 20 degrees of the sign, and Moon in intuitive Watery Cancer. Her rectified ascendant, Aquarius adds even more mental acuity to Gemini Sun and Mercury. 3 planets in Aries and one in Sagittarius add sufficient elemental Fire to the mix to ascertain her work was widely noticed - and much appreciated. (Astrodatabank)

Grant Lewi, one of the USA's most popular popular astrologers and writers on astrology, mid 20th century.
From a post by astrologer Robert Wilkinson
"Before Grant Lewi, astrology was still a 19th Century art, filled with superstition and esoterica. Grant Lewi (and a few others)changed the way all of us would regard astrology forever, especially the Saturn Return.".

Lewi had Sun at 16 Gemini trining Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars at 0 Gemini and Pluto at 18 Gemini - lots of Airy, mentally oriented input there. Water (intuition ans sensitivity) came from Moon, Mercury and Neptune in Cancer. (Astrodatabank).

William Butler Yeats, poet rather than astrologer-proper, included here only as an "honorable mention" for his interest in astrology. I'll point out only that he had Sun Mercury and Uranus in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius. Uranus was a few minutes short of falling in Watery Cancer - there are no planets in Water signs in his chart, which I find surprising for a poet as well as for a potential astrologer. Astrodatabank has his ascendant in very early Aquarius with an AA rating (very reliable), so no Water there.

John Addey. Seeking to put the understanding of astrology on a more rational footing he devised the Harmonics system.
..... he found himself doubtful of his art and its scientific underpinnings. He turned to scientific research, his most important focus centering on longevity and people suffering from polio. His observations led him to the development of a "wave" theory of astrology. He subsequently moved to integrate completed and ongoing statistical studies of astrological effects and the insights of Hindu astrology into what he termed harmonics, a system of astrology that emphasizes the integral divisions of the horoscope chart. He saw in harmonics a method of bringing a united theoretical base to the many different systems of astrology that were emerging in the postwar world.

In 1958 Addey led in the founding of the Astrological Association, a professional association of astrologers primarily in Great Britain.

Harmonics was initially received with some enthusiasm by Addey's astrological colleagues; however, as astrologers worked with Addey's thought, they found it was too abstract and offered little insight to assist in the essential task of interpreting an astrological chart. As such, Addey's theoretical work was soon forgotten, though his empirical studies remain a major building block of contemporary astrology's attempt to provide astrology with an acceptable scientific base.
See here)
Addey had Sun, Moon and Venus in Gemini with Mars in Libra trine his Sun - lots of Airy input there. Pluto and Mercury in Cancer with Uranus in Pisces provide Watery intuition and sensitivity. (Astrodatabank).

Alice Bailey - I shrink from saying too much about this lady's contribution to astrology because, to my mind, she did the doctrine far more harm than good - but I'll not make many friends in saying so.

Her main contribution to astrology was her book on Esoteric Astrology. She generally wrote on spiritual, occult, esoteric and religious themes, including reference to "the seven rays"; she popularized the terms New Age and Age of Aquarius. She wrote twenty-five books, most of the content of which she claimed had been telepathically dictated to her by a "Master of the Wisdom" whom she referred to as "The Tibetan". Bailey's writings have much in common with those of theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky, in that her followers believed her to be a mediator or channel for sages or wise men from the East.

Alice Bailey had Sun and Venus in Gemini, Moon in Libra, Mercury in Cancer, so the basic ingredients for an astrologer were there - Air and Water, but somehow, the Airy urge for rationality seen in some other astrologers here, got lost in the mix.

Zane Stein - modern-day astrologer who is credited with being the world's leading astrological authority on Chiron. For his work in this field, he received the Canopus Award For Excellence in 1998.

I became aware of Zane Stein some years ago when I used to contribute to an astrology forum where he often led discussion and answered queries. He was always helpful and generous with his time, always able to give clear concise responses - so essential !
Wikipedia's page
He has Sun Mercury and Mars in Gemini, Neptune in Libra. Moon in Sagittarius. Watery input from Uranus in Cancer and Pisces rising.

Conclusion: Once again it seems that, as a basic rule of thumb, a mix of Air and Water in the natal chart has clear potential to bring forth an astrologer, it could even be thought a necessary mix of ingredients to do so.


Anonymous said...

I think the air and water combo can create fine musicians, too. (I say this as a Gemini Sun, Ascendant and Venus astrologer with Mercury in Cancer.)

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~ Indeed - and fine novelists, and......well, any occupation involving mental acuity, and a need to communicate blended with intuitive sensitivity .

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Yes I agree with Gemini sun and Scorpio moon I do both music and astrology. I'd say Uranus in Scorpio opposing natal mercury helps as well. When my progressed moon hit Aquarius the astrology frenzy started!! X joan

Twilight said...


Hi! Thanks! Your combo sounds ideal for getting into astrology!

I have never quite hit the all-out "frenzy" stage - it was more of a constant background noise for me, until computers came into the picture to kick it up a notch, and I also found I had time on my hands to play with same.

DC said...

The comment by anonymous mentioning the combination of air and water making for fine musicians had me thinking of the Beatles....as a group, the mixture of air (Paul Gemini and John Libra) and water (Ringo Cancer and George Pisces) surely resulted in an interesting result. I liken it (the concept)to the natural sound of bubbling water.....and concerning Grant Lewi, I had one of his books (Heaven Knows What) and I read somewhere that he predicted his own death to the exact day.....whereas he cancelled all of his appointments for that day and then sure enough dies of a brain hemorrhage that very same day. Interesting huh?

Twilight said...

DC ~~ Bubbling water - I like that!

Re Grant Lewi - yes I have that book too. I've written about Lewi several times through the years - the first time I did it was about prediction of his own death - amazing! Clicking on his name in the Label Cloud in the sidebar should bring up the 5 posts relating to him, including that one.