Friday, June 01, 2007


I bought it at an art and music festival (below) in Kansas 2 years ago.

It's a collage by Anne M. Morris of Moline, Illinois. A larger view should be available by clicking on the image.

Composed of small pieces of natural stone, mirror, beads, and wood on a painted background, it appeals to me because the shapes can be seen as almost astrological. There are circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles. The mirrored fragments around the outer rim catch the light and appear shaded in a variety of ways at different times, as do astrological effects.

HeWhoKnows particularly likes this one. Square shapes attract him. He looks on the number 4 as lucky for him, too. There's a link somewhere! He was born on 22nd (2+2=4), he has 4 offspring, one of whom was also born on 22nd, as was the offspring's son. He lived for much of his adult life at house number 1313, which adds up to 2x4. He's not in the least superstitious or interested in anything even vaguely "weird" (except, perhaps the author of this drivel), so his attachment to squares and number 4 is rather uncharacteristic.

Here's another of our square acquisitions, entitled "Harmony", by Lynn Woodmansee. It's a small collage of ceramic fragments. We bought it from a funny little gallery called "Tin Moon" (last photo)in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. There was no way we (I) could pass a place called "Tin Moon" without stopping to investigate. Oh! I've just noticed, they have a website TIN MOON Studio/Gallery , or TWO.

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