Sunday, June 10, 2007

A poem

Every Angle and Curl (A Mystery)By astrologer Dena L. Moore

Peel back the parchment,
See the scratches there?
Indecipherable markings, symbols yet to be read,
Sigils solidly coded, overlooked,
Powerful in their secrecy…

So you’re a scholar,
Heavenly gifted to teach and learn -
Tell me then, what do you see?
Can you interpret the glyphs, will you
Tell me what they say?

Trace the heavy ink,
Feel the intricacy of the design
Wrapping and twisting, slanting left then right,
Calling to me, teasing me with
Every angle and curl…a pattern

Encoded so no one, no one
(not even you)
Will be able to offer a solution…
Angels may fall, Astrologers may rise,
But the symbols will remain a mystery,

Buried treasure clinging to sheepskin,
Urging me on, offering a glimpse I cannot understand,
Tempting me to my studies, pushing me forward
Helplessly -
Time - that cruel master,
Fate - that insidious friend.

Dena L Moore
June 4, 2006

(Illustration: "Reverie" by John Bolton)


anyjazz said...

That's a good one.

Twilight said...

Thanks anyjazz - I thought so too!