Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Week That Was

The Week That Was was a very wet week here in Oklahoma. On Thursday evening while watching a Democratic Debate on TV the programme was interrupted twice by local emergency services warning inhabitants of our town over and over again to "stay home, stay safe" due to many flash floods in the area. Kathryn Cassidy's blog entry on 27 June "Cosmic Clocks and more" was an interesting view of possible astrological reasons for current unusual weather, both here and in the UK.

I'm told by HeWhoKnows that the continual rainy weather we're experiencing is very unusual for this area of the USA. Heavy rain has fallen on Oklhoma City on 15 consecutive days, breaking a 70 year record. It's certainly much different, so far, from the other two summers I've spent in Oklahoma. Last year we experienced the other extreme - weeks of drought, grassfires, extra-high temperatures. Whether astrological effects, climate change, or in Oklahoma's case, the delayed effects of Native Americans' rain dances last year are to blame, I doubt we'll ever be certain.

In the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair at last made his exit, stage left. Gordon Brown stepped into the limelight, and was immediately presented with an emergency in the shape of a potential terrorist atrocity, the London car bombs. Thankfully the threat was discoverered in time (or the bombs had failed to explode, I'm not clear about this.)

Threats of one kind or another are always with us these days - from the climate or from those who wish us harm. Vigilance has to be our watchword, and gratefulness for those whose job it is to keep us informed, and to deal with these threats as they arise. Saturn's move into service oriented and caring Virgo, in a couple more months, could be helpful to these folk, who must be forever on guard.

(Photograph: Flood rescue in Oklahoma City. Associated Press, Sue Ogrocki)

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