Thursday, June 23, 2016

X-ing It

Britain, today, will be in the grip of referendum fever. The people must decide whether to place their "X" in the "Remain" box or or "Leave" box. This problematic referendum has been referred to generally as "Brexit" : to stay a member of the European Union or exit it?

I have some purely selfish interest in the result, because of the vagaries of currency exchange, to which my two pensions from the UK are subject. If the vote is to leave the EU there'll be a severe fall in sterling's value, leading to a drop in the amount of money arriving in my bank account each month. That aside, which though important to me means nothing to those living in the UK, I've come to the conclusion that it was a very, very risky business leaving it up to the population to decide on such a complex issue, upon which might ride the future fortunes of the nation for decades to come. Ordinary people simply do not understand the big print, let alone the small print in something so complex .

As I understand it, the referendum will not be not totally binding, especially if the vote were to be very close. A close vote could leave the final outcome up to parliament. Last I read, parliament favours "remain". Or there could be a further referendum later.

From reports, not even experts can predict confidently how things would proceed in the case of a "leave" vote. In the case of a "remain" vote, things would continue much as they have been, though perhaps with some stronger pushes from Britain's EU representatives for better terms from the EU.

I'm not equipped to blog about the pros and cons of a vote either way, not having lived in the UK since 2004 . I could have voted in the referendum, possibly should have voted, but decided not to do so. It's for those who have to live under, or outside, the EU, day to day, to make the important decision; they having been given this opportunity, which I do sincerely believe is way beyond their (and my) "pay grade".


Vanilla Rose said...

I voted to remain. Not all those voting "leave" are irrational or xenophobes. Not by any means. But "leave" is the popular option with those of an irrational and or xenophobic tendencies. And I don't want them getting their own way.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~ I'd have felt much the same if I'd voted, V.Rose. :-) From the first time I read about the referendum my gut-feeling was that leaving would be a backward step in many ways. I realise there are draw-backs to membership, but there are many plus-factors also in remaining.

I'm old enough to remember the problems and serious dangers arising when Europe wasn't united, and the thought of the UK leaving and possibly causing, in time, the whole union to disintegrate, is scary!

mike said...

With Saturn square Neptune, nothing is as it seems, specially adding to the astro-mix a fading grand square Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune. Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde...Mars is essentially stationary, turning direct in about a week. Sun and Venus are in early Cancer (home, homeland) and Cancer is ruled by Moon, with Moon in early Aquarius (the voting constituency) inconjunct. I suspect there will be more voters wanting to exit EU to strengthen the UK (homeland). However, I think the issue will not be resolved with this vote and will linger. This is not a good astrological day for an election...LOL.

Everything I've read indicates the UK staying in the EU is the better choice. Pundits galore have spoken, but I doubt anyone truly knows the ramifications, should the UK leave the EU. I do believe that there is tremendous financial risk for the EU from the economies and debts of Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Cypress, and Greece, which the UK could avoid by leaving the EU...Cypress and Greece are the two most critical debtors.

I view the immigration situation arising from Saturn-Neptune square and it will fade come September, so hopefully some resolve for the mass immigrants, but we'll begin the Jupiter in Libra phase, with square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus...more trouble ahead next year. And double shame on the USA for limiting our intake! I don't see an expansion of intake happening here, particularly if Trump takes POTUS, but the Republican congress won't allow it, even under Hillary.

Twilight said...

mike ~ It's very likely that the result will be close - which will mean ongoing argument and bad feeling, whichever side has the razor-thin margin in its favour.

I notice the GBP/USD rate is up a couple of points today. I'd expected it to dip down again today, until the result is known.

Immigration issues are being felt on both sides of the Atlantic currently. It'll take some wise heads, strong wills and caring hearts to even attempt a good solution - no sign of any of that happening as yet on either side of the Pond.

R J Adams said...

You already know my opinion from my writings, but I do commend to you the last two Guardian articles on the subject by the excellent independent journalist, George Monbiot. They're available on his blog:

It all comes down, sadly, to a lesser of two evils.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thank you for the 2 links - they were pretty depressing reading - but I agree that Mr Monbiot is a reliably good journalist.

We'll soon know what's what - maybe even before I go to bed tonight.

We're continually presented with lesser, greater and/or more effective evils these days. :-(

Twilight said...

SHUCKS!!! Oh well, it'll take a while but the markets will settle eventually.
I hope the people will be happy with what they've done. I'm kinda glad I'm here!

Twilight said...

From mike (copied from beneath next post where it landed in error)

mike (again) said...

Well, David Cameron is stepping-down...can't be all bad...LOL. Armageddon has been set loose according to the headlines this morning. It will be interesting to see to what extent the financial sector over-reacts. I highly doubt this will be the end of the saga...nothing is as it seems...the real assessment will come once Mars stations direct.

June 24, 2016 8:15 AM

Twilight said...

mike - I've moved this from Friday's comments.

GROAN! Uncertainty reigns! Pound has tanked, and likely to tank further shrinking my pensions. :-(

Your astrology was right - you said it indicated "leave" even though "remain" was thought the better choice.

It's not over yet though. It'll take years to sort out - but the mar will remain antsy throughout it all.

I'll hold on to "everything not as it seems" for now. :-)

Twilight said...

mar = markets