Saturday, June 04, 2016

Booker VP?

I've noticed Cory Booker's name, among others, mentioned in respect of a possible VP pick for Hillary Clinton, should she be the Democrats' presidential nominee. Once Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, now United States Senator for New Jersey, he has climbed the political ladder since my first posts about him, one in 2008, with a follow-up in 2013.

From all I'd heard or read of Cory Booker in intervening years, I'd have expected him to have been a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders from the get-go. I was wrong. He seriously disappointed me in getting on board the Clinton bandwagon. I guess I was fooled - again. Pity! Maybe former commenter "LB" was right in doubting him in comments under the 2013 post.

Anyway, disappointment aside, let's take another look at Sen. Booker's natal chart. Maybe there'll be indication of a further rise up the political ladder - he certainly seems to be a determined political climber. It has to be a 12 noon version as I don't know his time of birth. He was born on 27 April 1969 in Washington DC.

I first look at Saturn for indication of career movement - and note that he had transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mars in March to May of this year, Saturn will be back there again, after retrograde motion in November. From that, I'd estimate some kind of emphasis on career - possibly as Clinton's VP, or some important cabinet post in her administration.

How about transiting Jupiter - the luck bringer (sometimes)? There'll be a "Jupiter return" for Sen. Booker in late August (i.e. transiting Jupiter conjoins natal Jupiter in Virgo).
Natal Jupiter is conjunct Uranus - likely to draw in something unexpected.

I still don't like that natal Mercury is conjunct Fixed Star Algol - but will not speculate further on that.

I'm sure there's more to say on this, in relation to transits and planetary formations current and future - so shall leave further investigation for commenter mike's more experienced eye to unravel.


mike said...

I wouldn't say that I'm more experienced, Twilight, just more willing to take a stab...LOL. The astrological "concern" I see for him is his yod composed of Jupiter conjunct S Node and Uranus, sextile Neptune, with Saturn inconjunct at the apex. That yod is and will be very active over the next two years. Transiting Saturn was forward, retrograde, forward over his Neptune, as Mars is now. The Jupiter return will likewise activate the yod. Transiting Uranus will come within a degree of conjunction next year about this time, then retrograde, forward conjunct in 2018, only to retrograde, forward conjunct again in 2018-2019. Next year, September-October 2017, transiting Jupiter in Libra will form a boomerang yod, with Jupiter opposed his natal Saturn. Difficult to determine what that would foretell for him, without knowing his natal houses. Transiting Jupiter making a Jupiter return and conjunct natal Jupiter-S Node-Uranus may bring a sudden, beneficial change into his life this August and September, but not without inherent difficulties-adjustments, due to the yod activation.

And everything I mentioned above holds for his rather rare mystic rectangle formed with natal Jupiter-S Node-Uranus opposed N Node, Mercury opposed Neptune (Mercury sextile N Node...Jupiter-S Node-Uranus sextile Neptune). This rectangle is doubly rare in that it is also part of his yod formation, with Saturn at the mid-point of his Mercury sextile N Node. It may be considered questionable whether to include the N Node as part of the rectangle, but should the N Node be omitted, the configuration becomes a wedge, one half of the mystic rectange. Myself, I would include the N Node, because of the S Node's conjunction with Jupiter-Uranus.

An individual with the rectangle formation has a requirement to learn self-discipline, balance, and selfless behavior, or it's a no-go. This is doubly reinforced with the yod attachment to the rectangle, though the yod provides blind spots for the individual to overcome.

I've always been impressed with Booker, like you, though he runs the risk of becoming a politician's politician, as you imply regarding his support of Hillary. I currently view him as an Obama surrogate...nothing too horrible about that considering the gamut, but not above-and-beyond either. He will be more successful, based on his rectangle-yod, if he quits trying to fit himself into the game, and finds his own path much as The Bern has done. There's a lot of potential in Booker and he's done pretty good up to this point, but he needs to become a leader and not a follower, regardless how decent the follower may be.

mike (again) said...

I'm prejudiced against Hillary, so I'd prefer he not become mired in her shadow. His Sun opposes hers. His Mercury is on her N Node and squares her Saturn, his mental acuity would push her in a direction not natural to her and would create frisson for both. If her time of birth is correct (8 AM), her Moon conjuncts his N Node, opposes his Pluto, S Node, Jupiter, and Uranus and sets-off his rectangle-yod...not good! Her Uranus (which squares her Moon) squares those same planets. Her Neptune opposes his Venus and inconjuncts his Sun...he could be sucked-in to her world by virtue of illusion and foggy promises, stoking his ego while she used him. Just sayin'!

I don't see him as a good fit as her VP...he would expect more than she is willing to provide...she would definitely be his boss and not want to concede to him. They do have a couple of positive aspects, but not enough to balance the frictional aspects. The best being his Venus trine her Mars-Pluto, but that might imply her subjugation of him, too.

Twilight said...

mike +(again) ~ Many thanks for your additional interpretations. I feel very much the same as you do about his great potential for the future - as long as he doesn't allow himself, at this stage, to be drawn into The Establishment. It's not looking good on that score.

He'd be a bit of a waste as VP and, like Elizabeth Warren, of far more use in the Senate. His name had been mentioned, though, as under consideration for Clinton's VP (if she's the nominee). His "pull" in New Jersey is going to help Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. :-(

I do think the transits indicate "something" for him in the near future, even if it's just a more prominent place in committees etc.

mike (again) said...

I did a quick read around the internet about his support of Hillary and he's definitely on her team and has been for a while. He's a cheerleader for the black, younger, and progressive voter. There's something in it for both Cory and Hillary. His rectangle-yod will work against him, if he's doing this for self-gain and self-promotion, specially considering the transits to that configuration. However, he may truly believe that Hillary is the savior and he wants to be part of it.

The astrological, positive synergy between Booker and Sanders is quite strong, as they have some very good aspects between the two natal charts. A number of planets in each others' charts overlay to create beneficial energy. It apparently isn't to Booker's liking to be connected to The Bern.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Sen. Booker, as well as being very, very good at what he does, has no doubt been inundated from day one with news that Clinton is inevitable 2016, and decided this would be an opportunity to progress. Maybe all of that happened before Bernie's campaign had properly taken off, or even begun. (That's my attempt to be kind.) Goodness me, though - what a pair he and Bernie could have made! Dang!!

It'll be interesting to watch Sen. Booker's progress from here on.