Monday, November 16, 2015

Hoping for Cool Heads

As was right and proper, in view of the horrendous murders and injuries perpetrated by ISIS/ISIL/Daesh terrorists in Paris just 24 hours previously, Saturday evening's Democratic presidential candidates' debate put strong emphasis on foreign policy. All three candidates had a good night, we thought, there was no obvious winner or loser; even Martin O'Malley who is far behind the other two candidates in those ubiquitous polls, put forward lot of good points, especially highlighting that new and fresh ways of approach are needed now, in the 21st century. Senator Sanders pointed out that the huge array of insanely powerful weaponry the United States has at its bidding is of no use at all against these kinds of terrorist attacks.

The history of the Middle East is such a complex and tangled net, even relatively recent history is enough to make accomplished historians fumble. Reaching back even further into the mists of centuries past, there are, no doubt, factors which have fed into 20th and 21st century issues, but humble intellects such as my own simply cannot take it all in.

Putting a magnifying glass on just what's gone on in the 21st century until now, there has been much increased internal fighting between various religious factions within the Middle East. It does appear that the US invasion of Iraq has been instrumental in growing extra factions of militants who will try, in any way they can, to avenge destruction they have seen perpetrated by Western powers during their lifetimes, not only by USA governments and forces, but by the militaries and governments of France, UK, and other European countries. Governments of these Western nations have meddled in the Middle East for decades for their own gain. This has been in tandem with constant in-fighting among religious or political Middle Eastern factions.

All that this combined madness accomplishes is a never-ending cycle of death and destruction. Yesterday French fighter planes dropped 20 bombs on an ISIS stronghold and training camp in Syria. May that be an end to it!

I do hope cool heads will prevail in coming weeks.


mike said...

Oh, I think the real action is just beginning. Like a good, action-packed movie, the first half of the movie lays the plot and allows the build-up of animosity toward the antagonist(s), with the final half appearing hopeless until the climactic ending...sometimes not concluded and ready for part two.

Uranus is slowly retrograding and activating the square to Pluto once again, though it will not be exact and will start to fade once Uranus stations direct in December. Due to Uranus' slow, initial movement and Pluto's more rapid forward movement, the two will be within one degree of exact square in January, then fade over the next several months and out of square in late spring. Mars transiting Libra will initiate a T-square with Uranus and Pluto, occurring in December. Our current astrological transits of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square in the mutable signs are only at the starting gates. The first Saturn sq Neptune is exact nine days from now and is the harbinger of things to come, particularly as Jupiter retrogrades and comes into play.

Jupiter will be stationary retrograde while conjunct the N Node in Virgo at about 23*. March, 2016, brings a Jupiter sq Saturn, with Mars approaching a conjunction with Saturn, but Mars will retrograde 7* from Saturn conjunction, at 8* Sagittarius, and not actually conjunct Saturn until August, 2016. This will be critical, as Mars-Saturn will be in conjunction, but both square Neptune. At the same time, the N Node in Virgo will be forming a T-square (opposite Neptune, square Mars-Saturn). This will mark an interesting turning-point of some kind. There will also be the typical transiting Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo at this time of year, making T-square.

A new Moon eclipse occurs at 18* Pisces on March 8, 2016, that will oppose Jupiter-N Node, both T-square Saturn in Sagittarius. There will be an exceptionally strong new Moon eclipse at 10* Virgo, with the N Node in conjunction, on September 1, 2016. This will be T-square with Mars conj Saturn, both square Neptune.

Fasten those seat belts...take off the 3D glasses if you feel nauseous...we are just at the REALLY interesting part right now and the plot(s) will continue to thicken over the next year, with many twists. Get ready to fidget in your seats.

mike (again) said...

BTW - Bernie will be affected by the two solar (new Moon) eclipses...his Jupiter is at 19* Gemini and will be square the Pisces' eclipse. His Sun at 15* Virgo will be opposed the Pisces' eclipse, but within conjunction of the Virgo eclipse. No time of birth for Bernie, so can't say which houses contain the eclipses. Should the Pisces' eclipse be his 10th house, then pretty good. Hillary does have a Virgo 10th house, so the Pisces' eclipse will be in her 4th house and may diminish her standing or put her on new ground in public perception...the September eclipse will be in her 10th house and will increase her career and public perception. Both eclipses are stressed, due to their involvement with Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune, and at times Mars.

I only saw snippets of the debate and read a few opinion pieces. I think Hillary probably came-out on top with her global, foreign issues' experience and that falling at a time of global terrorism concern. A roll of the dice in Hillary's favor and the dice will probably keep rolling for her in that regard, particularly with American's penchant for succumbing to fear mongering. From my minimal exposure to the debate, I saw it as rather lack-luster and predictable. However, better that than the foyer into the GOP, dysfunctional, parade of encounters they are calling debates...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike + (again) ~ Thanks (I think) for the bumpy ride through coming astrological patterns. I'll be interested to see how real life events, here and elsewhere, appear to match the bumps and grinds as we travel along.

All those bumps and grinds will indirectly feature, also, in how voters will be thinking. If the Paris attacks turn out to be the first of several similar atrocities, then Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President will increase even further than MSM have her positioned presently....or...maybe, due to some emergency situation there won't be an election in 2016. I have seen mention of that here and there over recent months, but didn't take much notice of it, assuming some conspiracy nut was dreaming it.

If, however, the Paris attack is a "one off" - for the time being at least, then after a month or so things will settle election-wise and Sanders vs Hillary fight will enter its final rounds with her perhaps a tad ahead but not inevitable. I shall remain in Bernie's corner until the final bell.

The debate wasn't exciting, but it was sensible and well-moderated. Audience didn't take up lots of time with cheering and applause (possibly at moderator's request) which kind of flattened the atmosphere but was a reasonable step to make sure allocated time was fairly distributed. I didn't think Hillary was top of the heap, I'd have said it was a tie between her and Bernie. Clinton is more polished - her answers are obviously prepared, often sound synthetic to my ears. But then, I'm prejudiced in this, and shall remain so. ;-/