Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Any Answers?

Last week commenter "Audrey" posed a question under a 2010 post titled
Jupiter's Children (Sagittarius and Pisces).
Her question:

Sun in Pisces, Sagittarius rising is a very Jupiter ruled combination, right? How do others view a person with this combination and what are people's first impression upon meeting someone with these placements?
Anyone care to kick in with an answer?


Sonny G said...

I don't have an answer to the question you asked, as you asked it..

what I do know and have had to live thru lol is what its like to have a sag daughter and a pisces son.. oui vey .. they give Oil/fire-- and Water a new meaning.. its pitiful and painful to have to be the person between them while loving them both. I have arrived at the conclusion that they really are better off to stay away from each other and to keep conversations short and polite and leave it at that.. Just my experience of over 30 years:)

on that note, please allow me to express my sincere condolences to someone with both those signs heavily in their chart .. I can't even imagine and I don't want to...
again, just my take on it from what I have experienced.

ps- Mike I am still reading your comments from yesterday and wull go back to that post and respond.. thank you again.. your insight is truly appreciated

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Thanks for your reply, even though it's not exactly in tune with the question it's still interesting and concerns the same two signs.

I've been in that "person in the middle" situation myself (later in my life story) and know how painful it can be.

I'd guess that there's more to it than just your daughter and son's Sun signs though - maybe Sag has some Scorpio and Pisces has some Aquarius and/or Aries - some combination of those "influences" would likely fight.

Twilight said...

My own answer to Audrey? By the astrology text book we'd expect Sagittarius rising to have a rather jovial good-natured initial appearance, big smile, clear eyes, approachable. Pisces Sun might not come through until one got to know the person better. There'd be a dreamy faraway look in those clear eyes at times, some mad or risky escapades might be on the agenda. The person might be deeply religious, not necessarily Christian - both signs have links to religion. In a sad example there could be some addictive tendencies - Pisces Neptunian side + Sagittarian love of excess if carried.....well!!

I think I'd quite like this person Pisces/Sagittarius person.

mike said...

This is too simplistic a question to respond with any accuracy. Where are Jupiter and Neptune in the natal chart and aspects to them? Where are ALL of the planets in the natal chart and aspects to them? Late degrees of Pisces-Sagittarius are different than early or middle degrees. Does the Sun square the ascendant? Of course, there's always the planets-are-energy-only...up to the user to read the owner's manual and exert their efforts.

-Both are mutable signs, so a flexible personality, but the individual may lack concentration and motivation to achieve accomplishments...depends on position of Mars and if any planets are in cardinal signs
-Likely to have lofty goals and ideals
-A propensity toward ideologies: philosophy, theology, politics, etc
-Sun would be in 3rd, 4th, or 5th house, most likely 4th; nurturing, home, soul, privacy, mother, etc. A good essay: http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_dgfourthhouse_e.htm
-The personality will need to incorporate objectivity
-Pisces & Sag are opposite Virgo-Gemini, so personality needs to incorporate cognitive, analytical thinking skills to balance their inherent sense of "knowing"

Twilight, you didn't respond to this question. What are your thoughts?

mike (again) said...

Twilight, I just commented and I see that you DID respond!

Sonny G said...

Annie, you are phycic:) lol

my daughter has a scorpio venus and mercury- aqua moon
son has aries venus and moon and virgo mercury.

maybe that's what makes the conflict. I feel certain they love each other but the clashes have been extreme and one time even dangerous..

sorry to hear you also had to be a BETWEEN person. its heart wrenching

mike (again) said...

Fellow Pisces Sun, Sagittarius ASC:

Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Biel, Michelangelo, Kesha, John Wayne Gacy, will.i.am, Michael Bolton, Chaz Bono, Jimmy Swaggart, Diane Arbus, Elizabeth Jagger, Tammy Faye Messner, J.Z. Knight, Tom Arnold, Ansel Adams, Mickey Spillane, et al

From astrotheme.com search: http://www.astrotheme.com/celebrities/search_by_astrological_criteria.php

Twilight said...

mike ~ The question came, I suspect, from someone who's interested in astrology but has not yet delved much deeper than Sun, Moon, rising sign (that's a lot better than some people manage!) Your reply will alert Audrey that she should delve a little deeper. My reply was, I hope, in similar vein to the question, and how I, personally would expect Sun Pisces Sag rising to come over - whether it matched the person she's asking about (maybe herself?) remains unknown. :-)

Sonny G said...

Hi Mike,
I went back to yesterdays post and responded to your comments.. Just wanted to make sure you saw it..

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I left additional comments for you on that thread.