Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and Peace on Earth

A 1939 original animation film and an updated, 1955 version. These short films could be familiar to people in the USA, I'd never seen them before but accidentally stumbled upon a link to one of them; the Wiki page led me to the later version.

From 1939

From 1955

I wonder if someone will do a second re-make for the 21st century?

Warm good wishes to all passers-by for a peaceful and happy Christmas-time, or whatever festival you are celebrating, even if your celebration is simply being alive.


Sonny G said...

Merry Christmas , Annie.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Many thanks, Sonny - and to you and yours too! :-)

mike said...

Peace on earth seems an oxymoron, at least as far as we humans can consider. That's why I tend to believe that we are all just one...we get what we give.

“Man is the Reasoning Animal. Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute. Indeed, my experiments have proven to me that he is the Unreasoning Animal... In truth, man is incurably foolish. Simple things which other animals easily learn, he is incapable of learning. Among my experiments was this. In an hour I taught a cat and a dog to be friends. I put them in a cage. In another hour I taught them to be friends with a rabbit. In the course of two days I was able to add a fox, a goose, a squirrel and some doves. Finally a monkey. They lived together in peace; even affectionately.

Next, in another cage I confined an Irish Catholic from Tipperary, and as soon as he seemed tame I added a Scotch Presbyterian from Aberdeen. Next a Turk from Constantinople; a Greek Christian from Crete; an Armenian; a Methodist from the wilds of Arkansas; a Buddhist from China; a Brahman from Benares. Finally, a Salvation Army Colonel from Wapping. Then I stayed away for two whole days. When I came back to note results, the cage of Higher Animals was all right, but in the other there was but a chaos of gory odds and ends of turbans and fezzes and plaids and bones and flesh--not a specimen left alive. These Reasoning Animals had disagreed on a theological detail and carried the matter to a Higher Court.” Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth: Uncensored Writings

I hope you and aj are having a restful, pleasant day.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Good ol' Mark Twain - he always knew what was what didn't he!?

Thanks, yes, a peaceful day, just ordinary things and DVDs this evening. Starting with "The Life of Brian" - seen if before, and more than once, but it never gets old.

BP of Himself has been better today, the extra dose is kicking in now it seems. Sigh of relief!

Hope your day was good too.