Friday, December 06, 2013

Arty Farty Friday ~ Signs of The Tree

Winter with a capital W has arrived already - freezing temperatures with ice and snow, in this usually fairly balmy (and barmy) corner of south-west Oklahoma. To brighten and warm things up a bit, here's something I first posted three years ago. It has gathered thousands of views since then, possibly been copied elsewhere - don't know - if so, you were welcome! I like it myself, so an encore here is in order, cleaned up (I hope) spacing-wise, Blogger's new interface had f'd up the original:

There's little that's more arty-farty than decorating the home for Christmas. Central to the seasonal decor, in most cases, will be "The Tree". Just for fun I've trawled Google Image to find a style of tree to match each zodiac sign's characteristics.


ARIES ~ Always on the run, impatient, no time to do arty-farty!

TAURUS - traditional to the core.

GEMINI ~ symbolised by "the twins" - so...

CANCER ~ Soft and sentimental.

LEO ~ Expensive!
Jeweler Steve Quick has created the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. On display at Steve Quick Jewelers in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, the tree is made out of five solid pounds of 18k yellow gold and decorated with 250 carats of round brilliant and briolette diamonds. The platinum star on top, set with a 4.52 carat diamond, is detachable so the owner can wear it as a pendant.

VIRGO~ Practical, non-fussy.

LIBRA ~ Beautifully balanced.


SCORPIO ~ Gothic

SAGITTARIUS ~ Wonderfully overdone!

CAPRICORN ~ Structured.

AQUARIUS ~ Unusual.

PISCES~ Whimsical.

After all of that.....we don't have a proper Christmas tree. I left mine back in the UK, have never replaced it.   Husband ?   He has Sun in Aries (see above). Say no more! We have this small, shiny, "pretend" tree - it looks pretty when the spotlight catches it though.


mike said...

Good ones, Twilight! That Leo tree is something else...I wonder which of the 0.001% purchased that. The Scorpio tree would suit me just fine...wish I had a tree base like that one.

I have lots of decorations accumulated over the years, but I've not decorated for Xmas since 2005! The 2005 "tree" was made from several large, dead, discarded oak branches...lots of tinsel, lights, and ornaments later, it looked splendid and was one of the best trees I ever had for Xmas. The main reason I don't decorate for Xmas is I detest taking-down the stuff in January, but I do really enjoy having the display.

For the past several years, I've put one fluorescent bulb shaped and colored like a Xmas tree in my front's quite bright and readily seen. I'll do at least that much this year.

mike (again) said...

I should add that Xmas has no contemporary connection with me...I don't have a strong compulsion to decorate...I abhor the vacuous commercialization of Xmas-gone-capitalistic. The extended season of TV commercials for buy-me-now have the same impact on my psyche that the overdone political commercials have for the six months prior to elections.

I'm not religious, so I don't have that heritage to share. I do have Latino friends that describe their Mexican counterpart as sharing food with family and friends, minimal gifts, with spiritual-religious rituals. That's nice.

I have more the concept of Pagan Xmas. I enjoyed your Pagan posts from last season!

If you get the chance, view the movie "A Christmas Story".

Another good one is "Christmas in Connecticut".

I enjoy lighthearted fare at Xmas.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I like the Pisces tree best, must be feeling my Jupiter in Pisces just now. ;-)

I enjoy making the room look a little different for Christmas, I've collected a few bits and pieces from charity/junk stores over the years and haul 'em out around now. We've only got as far as bringing them down from the attic so far, and hanging a wreath and standing a wibbly wobbly Santa in the garden strip out front.

We don't go as far as lighting the house outside as so many do around here. Seems like too much squandering of electricity - but I do enjoy seeing others' work - so mustn't be hypocritical.

mike (again)~ Christmas is a bit of a love hate season for me. I lost my religion a while ago, but the general feeling of goodwill is worthwhile. Exchanging greetings cards and bits of news with those we don't see anymore is nice. The warmth of feelings contrasts to the cold, or if not cold pretty dark and miserable, weather at this time of year. That's more in line with the Festival of Lights and pagan thing I suppose.

Thanks I shall look out for those films - maybe TCM will run one or both. I'll look for a cheapo versions for sale online too.

Gift-giving can get out of hand, especially in the case of those with big families. A couple of years ago it was decided that for our family/extended family we should, each Christmas-time, draw lots for who should by a gift for whom (couples counting as one) with a modest price limit. Then at our annual Christmas Eve get together we'll also have a game of Dirty Santa where we all contribute mystery low-cost gifts, wrapped and placed in a pile, then....hmmmm I've forgotten how to play it already, but it turns out well. Husband's son in Ohio takes part in it via Skype, which is nice.

That's the "love" part for me, the hate part is that it causes teary nostalgia for those gone before.
Dang my rising sign! (Cancer).

Kaleymorris said...

I always like these examples you post. I liked the one you did about Christmas cards a year or two back.
I like the capricorn tree.

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris ~ Thanks - I like putting them together. I almost used the Christmas card post again... maybe next year. :-)