Sunday, August 07, 2011

Rick Perry, Bilderberg, New Apostolic Reformation

In one way I'm hoping that Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has said that he is considering a presidential run in part out of a religious calling, decides not to enter the 2012 presidential campaign, but in another way I'm curious to watch the outcome if he joins the fray.

Let me first direct any astro-interested passing readers to two excellent views of his natal chart - then add just a couple of thoughts of my own. (1) Fellow astro-blogger Jude Cowell again comes up trumps with her piece: Rick Perry Prez Bid Awash with Controversy. (2) Michael Wolfstar: with Rick Perry's Mercury
Here's Perry's natal chart. He was born on 4 March 1950 in Paint Creek, Texas. No time of birth is available online, so 12 noon chart used here.

Salient points have been pointed out in the linked articles above, but two things stand out for me: the fact that his Mars and south node of Moon conjoin Fixed Star Vindemiatrix. From Skyscript:
Vindemiatrix, which Ptolemy defined as like Saturn and Mercury, and referred to as 'the bright star in the northern wing', is the third brightest star of the constellation, being less brilliant now than it was in Ptolemy's day. The name is a feminised Latin deviation of the original Greek name, Provindemiator, meaning 'the Grape Gatherer', since the heliacal rising of this star announced the time to pick the grapes.... Although symbolically associated with a time of harvest and thus, one would assume, associated with the rewards of previous efforts, it is generally accorded an unfortunate influence in keeping with its predominantly Saturnine nature. Robson claims that it gives falsity, disgrace, stealing, wanton folly.......

I'm generally wary of Fixed star interpretations, but do feel it's important to note them in cases such as this, where we might glean additional information as to their significance from watching how things unfold.

Secondly, a Yod (Finger of Fate) linking Neptune and Pluto in close sextile (a generational aspect between two slow moving planets) to his Sun via two quincunx (150*) aspects. His Baby-Boomer Leo Pluto links harmoniously to a crowd-pleasing but potentially delusional Neptune in Libra then both funnel into his natal Sun in religiously-oriented, but dreamer-like Pisces Sun.

His three Aquarius planets are quite surprising - though I should be used to finding Aquarius strong in some conservative charts by now - there's a lot of it about! It stems from Saturn, as Aquarius's traditional ruler. Perry was originally a Democrat though, but "changed horses" mid-stream. This is often the sign of an opportunist - and I suspect that is what we may have here.

Perry is no doubt a practiced crowd-pleaser when among "his own", in Texas, but if let loose upon a wildly diverse nation he might not find it as easy to peddle his dreams, as dictated by Bilderberg backroomers.

Bilderberg ??

Here's is what really cranks up my curiosity: Gov. Perry has links to both the New Apostolic Reformation movement of Dominionist Christians (NAR), and the Bilderberg Group. Many of the NAR's leading lights took part in Perry's prayer rally on 6 August in Houston ; and he has attended, and addressed, meetings of the Bilderberg Group.

NAR+ Bilderberg? That is not a combination I'd be happy to see embodied in the POTUS. One of those ingredients, the Bilderberg connection, probably what the US has been experiencing in its presidents for many years past, is much more than enough!

From Corbett Report
The annual meeting of royalty, politicians, business moguls and academics known as the Bilderberg Conference - a yearly get-together of 130 of the who’s who of Europe and North America, from David Rockefeller to Josef Ackermann to Queen Beatrix. The group, which takes its name from the name of the hotel where the first meeting was held, has traditionally convened under a media blackout, with those members of the press and media moguls in attendance agreeing to forego reporting on the proceedings.
Since the group’s founding in 1954, a handful of researchers and independent journalists have worked to expose the group and its activities, but it is only with the rise of the online alternative media that Bilderberg has come to mainstream attention.

The organization has had to become more open in recent years, and now operates an official website,, which lists the group’s steering committee membership, agenda of past meetings, and press releases repeating the official justification for the group’s secrecy:
.............. As the annual meeting brings together heads of state, finance and defence ministers, state governors and other elected representatives with private business moguls, attendees are generally breaking the laws of their respective countries in engaging in the conference. Under the Logan Act, for instance, it is a crime for any US citizen to negotiate with a foreign nation on the USA’s behalf.
As a gathering of some of the richest and most influential people on the planet, the conference is a lightning rod for criticism and speculation about the group’s true purpose. This speculation is not unfounded, as investigative journalists like Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin have been able to predict numerous world events from discussions that their sources were able to smuggle out of past conferences. Such instances include:
Jim Tucker’s successful 2002 prediction based on Bilderberg intel that the Iraq War would be launched in March of 2003.

Daniel Estulin’s on-camera revelation from the 2006 conference that the Bilderberg members were planning to pop the housing bubble later that year to precipitate a general banking crisis.

And Jim Tucker’s 2009 prediction that Bilderberg were going to use the financial crisis to work behind the scenes on the construction of a closer North American governmental integration, something that was once again confirmed by newly-revealed Canadian diplomatic cables detailing how lawmakers have been quietly working on just such an integration for years.

In 1991, a then-unknown governor of Arkansas (Bill Clinton) was invited to attend Bilderberg, the year before becoming President of the United States.

In 1993, Tony Blair attended the Bilderberg meeting in Athens, Greece. The next year, he was appointed leader of the Labour party.

On the campaign trail in 2008, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama disappeared for a secret meeting near Washington. Their private limos were seen entering the Chantilly, Virginia hotel where the Bilderberg meeting was taking place that same day.

Gov. Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul in 2007, so he is not unknown to the Bilderbergs. However, that fact alone isn't proof that he could be their new "chosen one", as some surmise. We shall see.


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"On the campaign trail in 2008, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama disappeared for a secret meeting near Washington. Their private limos were seen entering the Chantilly, Virginia hotel where the Bilderberg meeting was taking place that same day."

This video was recorded June 6, 2008 on Obama's chartered campaign plane. Apparently, the press-corps following the "presumptive nominee" was boarded and awaiting Mr. Obama's arrival. It's assumed, and I believe the assumption is correct, that Mr. Obama went from his campaign kick-off at Nissan Pavilion in Manassas, VA, directly to Dulles International Airport, and then after the press was securely locked away on the plane, diverted to where the Bilderberg Group was having their annual conference in Chantilly -- just a few miles south of the airport.

Undoubtedly, Bilderbergers dominate our political landscape, our current president being no exception. It explains why his administration's policy hasn't differed significantly from the previous.

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~ Hi!
Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen that before - in fact I'd been skimming over mentions of Bilderberg in general until now. The importance of it hadn't quite sunk in!

It does seem very likely that Gibb was covering for his boss - and not very well. One would have expected him to have been better "primed" for questions reporters were bound to be asking. Maybe he was taken by surprise by events too.

I fully agree with your last para - and now feel it's certainly no conspiracy theory - it's becoming clearer with every week that passes.

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I'd heard of this before, T, it all gets quite spooky doesn't it, I hadn't been aware of the Chosen One's participation but now it all makes sense.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ The pieces fit, don't they?
It's troubling.

Anon and Ever said...

Obama has proved too weak but this blind far-right wing is a total disaster and is leading American economy, and the whole world, to plain failure and default...

They are incapable of reaching an intellignet agreement...

Twilight said...

Anon and Ever ~~ Seeing Obama as weak is one way of looking at it.
It's how I saw it for a while.
Another way to see the situation is that he's doing exactly what those in power above and beyond him want him to do.

There are lots of things he could have tried, had he not been under instructions to do otherwise.

Nothing makes sense - except that there is another layer of governance - just beyond the obvious.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Twilight, I agree. Obama hasn't been weak -- not at all. As a matter of fact, he's been one of the stronger corporatist presidents to date. It's my view that he was groomed, and propped-up, for the job. It isn't hard to figure out by whom. His appearance at the Bildeberg conference, in June of 2008, was undoubtedly when he received his final marching orders.

He's been the proverbial Manchurian president.

James Higham said...

We were discussing all this yesterday and though I like people like Bachmann, some of her pronouncements are not going to endear her, which leaves people like Romney.

Obama might defy logic and get back.

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~ Yes. Agreed. I see no other way for all the pieces to fit.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~ He could too! It depends what The Powers That Be think will be in their own best interests. We The People will have very little to do with what comes next.