Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Rhythm Of Life is a Powerful Beat,"

Whether or not we realise it, our lives unfold to a particular "rhythm", depending on how the planets and points were aligned when we were born. One's "signature" rhythm can be clearly identified only with hindsight. What an astrology textbook states may or may not be true for each individual, only experience confirms or denies accepted astrological lore. We each have opportunity to discover our own unique "rhythm" - and to notice any "beat" changes, if astrologically inclined.

Several astro rhythms or cycles are going on simultaneously for us all, some too subtle to notice. One's individual signature rhythm will be constant though - but the beat can change. Beat = emphasis. When a planet importantly placed at a person's time of birth reaches a significant point, alignment or conjunction, the beat to which that person has grown accustomed might be emphasised or change temporarily - or permanently.

At the times of most pivotal events in my own life I had no means of investigating their astrological connection. Back then I was quite unaware which transits were occurring, although I did have a rough idea of some planetary positions in my natal chart. In a way this ignorance was a good thing, it meant that I had no part in chosing dates, manipulating events, so as to coincide with astrological positions.

I've found, looking back on my life history, that there has been a distinct rhythm. Important turning points have taken place in time with the cycle of the lunar nodes. The Moon's nodes, points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, take around 19 years to complete a full cycle. Significant events have coincided with the Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis returning to its position at my birth, or to its inverse position, and/or with a transiting planet conjoining one of the nodes. Perhaps, in my case, this rhythm is intensified because of my Cancer ascendant, ruled by the Moon; or because Uranus (natal Sun's ruler) is conjunct natal South lunar node. Both my marriages, important career changes, a major operation, and significant love-related first meetings have these connections.

Nodal rhythm exists for all of us to some extent, but other rhythms could override it, depending on natal chart configuration. Another commonly noted planetary rhythm - perhaps the most common of all - is Saturn's cycle, culminating as Saturn returns to its natal position every 27/28 years. The lunar cycles, mentioned in yesterday's post, present another commonly noted "beat" in the rhythm of our lives.


Anonymous said...

GP: Personal experience being the best gauge of understanding what the planets can do to us (or even the Lunar Nodes, T), I live a peculiar relation with investing (where I spent most of my professional life) and my own cycles:

Some 40 years ago I discovered that the map of when the N.Y. Stock Exchange was created (May 17, 1792) "sandwiches" my natal Sun with Saturn/Moon and opposes it - also in "sandwich form" with Jupiter (R) and Neptune. If the hour of that day is correct, the NYSE map puts its AS into square to my Sun.

So no surprise that my 7-year cycles were (and still are) closely linked to this plutocratic institution which I have learned to hate, respect and sometimes adore...

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~


Your feelings about the NYSE are similar to mine about the USA: "hate, respect and sometimes adore... probably in that order too.

Contact Improvisation said...

The whole building trembled from the reverberations as the Japanese drummers of Kodo reached new crescendos. The traditional opera goers at New York's Lincoln Center were engaged but not a toe was tapping. The rhythmic beats of the drums had lulled the crowd into a hypnotic trance. Drums have been altering states since ancient shamanic tribes began dancing on the earth, but the binaural beats behind this phenomenon have solely been observed consciously lately by modern man.

Twilight said...

Contact Information ~~ Thanks for your comment. Yes - I suppose that kind of drumming rhythm is linked to man's heartbeat and pulse beat - the literal rhythm of life. :-)