Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leon Panetta ~~ Is his chart a bad fit?

Leon Panetta previously director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), in charge of the mission earlier this summer to kill Osama bin Laden, now has the top civilian job at the Pentagon: Secretary of Defense.

Speaking at his first Pentagon news conference, Panetta called on Congress to raise tax revenue and cut mandatory spending programs, which include Medicare and Social Security, rather than slash defense more than the roughly $400 billion required over the next decade under the debt-reduction bill signed last week by President Obama.
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What kind of man, I wondered, would see the sick, needy and poor fall by the wayside so as to allow tons of money continue to be shovelled into the budget which enables US troops to go kill brown people in far off lands?

Leon Panetta was born on 28 June 1938 in Monterey, California. A 12 noon chart is shown in the absence of information on his time of birth.

Well, well, well.... this could be another instance of "too much of a good thing"!
Sun, Moon and cluster of planets in Cancer. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, known to astrologers as the nurturing, motherly sign; soft, sentimental, intuitive, withdrawn shy...etc.etc. Perhaps, as with salt and sugar, a little Cancer goes a long way, too much is not a good thing.

I've noticed this phenomenon before, in charts where there's a big cluster of planets in the same sign as the Sun. Somehow the essence of the sign, as usually understood, morphs into something else entirely with the sign overloaded.

Perhaps, in his private life his Cancerian attributes shine through - we cannot know this.

Jupiter in gentle Pisces trines his Cancer Sun, which only adds to my puzzlement about this guy.

Saturn in Aries trines his Leo Venus, here's a slightly harder Fiery edge, but still scarcely enough to outweigh that cluster in Cancer.

Perhaps Panetta's rising sign would clarify a lot, but without a time of birth that remains a mystery.

Any thoughts from a passing reader?


Anonymous said...

GP: Well observed, T. what merits to be denounced: ever greater military spending. The art to kill others, with drones and whatever other "gadgets" is becoming ever more expensive!

In the same vain: after the US debt has been downgraded: Exxon's market value is greater than Thailand's whole economy. And if one adds Apple's value to Exxon's, they are worth more than Switzerland! That is a quote from yesterday's Wall Street Journal.

And in Omaha, America is still tripple AAA, Buffett said. So America will continue to roll on, "all modesty apart"...

Anonymous said...

GP: had to cut short on my previous comment. Here the astro-part: Probably Panetta has his Cancer Moon sandwiched between Mars and Pluto, squared by Aries Saturn. Makes for a belligerent set of emotions if not worse.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~
What goes on under the guise of "keeping us safe" doesn't bear thinking about GP. It sickens me.

Re chart: If Moon position is near correct at 12 noon - yes, the fact that it's sandwiched between Pluto and Mars, "cramping its style" could explain a lot.
Using the tool on my software I found that Moon would be anywhere from 12 to 27 degrees of Cancer, so it'd always be close to one or other Pluto or Mars - and very likely both.

Pluto (secrecy) matches his CIA connections very well. Mars, naturally matches his link to the military and war.


Anonymous said...

I see a North Node in Scorpio. Perhaps he feels most in tune with his destiny when he is being ruthless....

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ I might agree with you but for the fact that I have North nod of Moon in Scorpio too, and I'm anything but ruthless - I promise!
I see the Nodes as less indicative of personality and destiny direction than as a kind of cyclical marker. This is how they affect me anyway. My life seems to have a 19-ish year rhythm.

But you could be right, and I could be wrong - or we could both be right. :-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

While Mr. Panetta switched hats and moved from the Central Intelligence Agency to the head of the Department of Defense, let's not forget that the Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, was unanimously confirmed as the next Director of the CIA by the US Senate in June.

This essentially reinforces, to me, that there's no difference between the two functions. It also means that nobody really knows how much of our tax revenues are squandered on "defense" and other "defense"-related areas, since CIA budgetary information is basically unknown because the overall U.S. intelligence budget has traditionally been considered classified. The official numbers are around twenty percent (for DoD), but that's improbable and clearly way low. I've heard estimates as high as fifty percent. Yes, that's right, fifty percent!

Recall, the Senate unanimously confirmed both Petraeus and Panetta to their respective new positions, so it appears the Military-Industrial-Complex rules our government. The madness continues; we're lost our way as a nation.

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~~ Yes, the madness continues unabated, as you said.

Thanks for reminding us about Petraeus's job swap - "another brick in the wall"!

The picks for that darn Super Congress, so far, are not encouraging either...but we never thought they would be, did we? ;-)