Friday, August 12, 2011

Arty Farty Family Friday ~ The Vernets

Artistic talent often runs in families, passed down via the DNA and, of course, in the astrology. One such family, the Vernets, were painters in 18/19th century France.

(Claude)Joseph Vernet (born Avignon, 14 Aug. 1714; died Paris, 3 Dec. 1789) was one of the leading French landscape painters of his period. He became a leading exponent of a type of idealized and somewhat sentimental landscape that had a great vogue at this time. Vernet was particularly celebrated for his paintings of the seashore and ports.

Marine Landscape with tower and fishermen hauling in their nets

His son Antoine-Charles-Horace, known as Carle Vernet (born Bordeaux, 14 Aug. 1758; died Paris, 27 Nov. 1836), painted large battle pictures for Napoleon, notably the Battle of Marengo, and after the restoration of the monarchy he became official painter to Louis XVIII, for whom he did racing and hunting scenes.

Napoleon on a Hunt in the Forest of Compiegne

Carle's son Horace Vernet (born Paris, 30 June 1789; died Paris, 17 Jan. 1863) was one of the most prolific of French military painters, specializing in scenes of the Napoleonic era. A portrait of Napoleon and four battle pieces by him are in the National Gallery, London. He also produced animal and oriental subjects.

The Battle at the Bridge of Arcole


Joseph and Carle, father and son were both born 14 August, so their natal Suns are at the same degree of Leo. Carle and Horace, father and son have Venus (planet of the arts)close in Cancer at 15 and 17 degrees respectively. There's a broad Leo/Cancer link between all three charts. The strongly featured Virgo in the eldest Vernet's chart peters out though, with just Mercury there in his son's chart, and no Virgo in the grandsons's. Exact times of birth might throw up more similarities, via ascendant and Moon. It does looks as though grandson might have inherited grandfather's Libra Moon (ruled by Venus).


Wisewebwoman said...

I live and learn on Fridays with you, T!
Fascinating family, I wonder why the artistic gene died out?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ good - I do too. ;-)

I haven't been able to discover much more about Horace - whether he had offspring, or was even married. Maybe he didn't, so the gene could have died with him. But can't say for sure.