Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dylan Ratigan's Aries Rant

"Mad as hell....." etc. Dylan Ratigan let it all out this week. An unusually frank outburst for MSNBC talking heads who are usually careful not to criticise the Democrats and president too strongly - or at all. Their usual ploy is to harp on and on about the idiocies of the Republicans, when, in truth both sides are working for the same masters - and it ain't We The People - those they swore an oath that they would serve.

For anyone unable to play the video there's a rundown on its contents HERE...Ratigan Rants Against Bought Congress, Naked Empire

Dylan Ratigan, born 19 April 1972, Saranac Laky, NY.

Sun in late Aries, Mercury in early Aries denotes someone unafraid to enter the fray and stir it up a little - or a lot. Mercury is sextile Saturn in Gemini - a hard edge to his Fiery communication style. Mars (ruler of his Aries Sun) is also in communicative Gemini and conjunct Venus....extra weight on communication skills.

THIS is what we need more of - much more!


Anonymous said...

GP: It's almost obvious why Ratigan would explode (I don't get his TV here, besides having given up watching TV except for National Geaographic etc.): There is a very "stimulating" T-square going on between Uranus/Mars/Pluto, the latter being transited by Moon when Ratigan went on his rant.

Maybe T. you should pray for this T.square stay where it is for a year or so. But even you, to my knowledge, have not yet "fixed" what's going on at your very enjoyable ecliptic...

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~
Yes - maybe that was indeed the trigger for this Aries-headed rant. The T-square links to Saturn, a bit more widely, too making a Grand Square.

I don't dare estimate "what's going on", GP. It's pretty darn dismal whatever it is. I'm hoping for Uranus to do what it does best before too long - bring us a surprise - but a GOOD one!

Wisewebwoman said...

Brilliant rant, T. Pissing against the wind of course, hopey-changey is only dancing to his masters' fiddle.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~~ Sadly, yes. But the wind can change.....not saying it will, but it could with enough of a solid front behind it.