Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Indigo? Going....gone?

I haven't read much about so-called Indigo children lately. What happened? Did that cash-cow dry up for authors and film-makers? It was an engaging concept, though, one I'd really like to have believed in.

I've had the article, from which the following excerpt is taken, in my Favourites file for years. I like the connection to the outer planetary positions, as mentioned below. And yet, child prodigies of various kinds have popped up here and there throughout history without the aid of peculiar outer planetary line-ups, and without causing much of a stir. There have always been hyper-active kids, driven by a combination of diet too high in sugar, and the natal chart they were born with. Where Indigo children were supposed to differ from the not-so-common-and-garden child prodigy was in their aptitude for some kind of psychic ability.

Perhaps it's still far too early to be reading news of fantastic feats performed by the Indigo youngsters. I'd have thought that something special would have emerged by now though, if these kids are as unusual as has been put forward.

Indigo Children: The Birth Charts of Indigo Children
By Mary English DSH
In September 1977 the major planets had moved into the following signs:
First indigo date
Nep-13 degrees Sag,
Uranus-9 degrees Scorpio
Pluto-14 degrees Libra
Sun-21 degrees Virgo
Saturn-24 degrees Leo
Jupiter-3 degrees Cancer

As you will notice, all the signs follow each other. This was when the first Indigos began to be born. These are the early Indigos and the heavy planets are close, but in separate signs. By 1981 the first conjunction occurs, with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Libra. By 1983 Jupiter has caught up with Uranus in Sagittarius. In 1989 Uranus, Saturn and Neptune are all in the signs of Capricorn.

Now - what if you were born at this time and all your personal planets were in these same signs? What would make you different (or the same) as others?

First of all, you would be very focused in certain areas. You'd know how to operate the Playstation, but you might have problems tying your shoelaces or remembering to wipe your feet... Your chart shape would be called a 'Bundle', or a 'Bowl', and you would have interests that would definitely need to be expressed otherwise problems would occur.

In my practice I have noticed that Indigo Children have birth charts that are rather unique. All their planets are located on one side of the chart, i.e. six houses or less (out of twelve) are occupied and six (or more) are empty, meaning that their energies are strong in certain areas, and non-existent in others.

In 'The Bowl' shape, all the planets are concentrated within one half of the chart. Reflecting the shape of this pattern, 'Bowl' types are said to be immensely self-contained and resourceful, but they also tend to be 'one-sided', so their life's challenge is to integrate the empty half of the chart.

The 'Bundle' shape is rare, and reflects a narrowness of vision and experience. 'Bundle' types tend to channel their energies into issues related to the occupied section at the expense of the rest of their chart. This shape describes the specialist in his or her field, or, negatively, the obsessive personality. And because a 'Bundle' chart has no oppositions, the person whose chart it is, will have more difficulty seeing things from others' perspectives, unless those 'other's' are fellow Indigos.

A 'Bundle', or 'Cluster',' is not an especially rare shape; 30% of my clients have this configuration. What is rare, however, is having Neptune and Uranus conjunct (in the same sign). This only ever happens in the sign of Capricorn and last happened in 1827 (before that in 1657) and will next occur in 2157.
From 1978-1989 the bundle of planets stayed together, various outer planets moved a little and at certain times of each year, personal planets clustered with the biggies.

So, what does a cluster feel like? What does it look like from the outside? And what do cluster charts have that Splays or Grand Trines do not?
From my observations, clusters have an intensity as well as a complete and natural understanding of their peer group and their generation. We all know what it feels like to be out on a limb and not recognised by others. The child born at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and the wrong era really. Well, Indigos don't suffer that. They were born in exactly the right year/month/day location. We all choose our parents in the planning stage before we were born, and maybe Indigos are a little more astute at doing this.

Indigos understand fashion, latest gadgets, popular music, popular TV soaps/programmes. They know what is 'cool' and what is not. Why? Because their outer planets are all together with their personal planets. They're not usually interested in history or old out-dated ideas. (God forbid that they should like folk music!)


Willow said...
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Willow said...

Yeah, it's a tough one. A lot of what the New Age movement says about people who work with this vibration/these themes is incorrect. But it's the New Age movement that coined the term in the first place (from indigo-coloured auras). The terminology is problematic. Other people use "neurodiverse," but I'm not really into that, either.

"Indigos" have existed in all generations, so the focus on the "new kids" is a bit of a ploy, I think. But I do think there are a lot of kids with these sensibilities born recently.

What it really refers to are "system busting" people who find that they cannot fit into the societal structures as they exist and are meant to help change them. They ARE emotionally/intuitively/psychically aware - because they have to be to see what is going on under the surface.

But turning it into a "special culture" beyond the mainstream defeats the purpose...

Wisewebwoman said...

I too find this whole concept intriguing, T but for a different reason. Evolution. I read a book years ago called, I think, head scratch, "The Aquarian Conspiracy" which moved this into a different realm completely. Apparently these now adults have evolved into extraordinary human beings but fear to identify themselves. For one, they can 'smell' numbers, "see' symphonies, 'taste' geometric shapes, etc.
I'd forgotten about all that, thanks for the refresher, though unintentional!!!

Twilight said...

Willow ~~~ Hi - thanks for visitng!

If there's anything at all in the concept, then I like your version of it. :-) I guess then that people like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus Christ even, could fit into the category - with hindsight.

Perhaps we are just too close to our own time to see such individuals, but some might be identified by generations yet to be born.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ that'd be an interesting book! It does sound a tad sci-fi though - which is fine if it was a novel. Oh...I've just Googled it and apparently it's not a novel.

Interesting theory though. I'm just so cynical about the movives of people who write books like this one - I must slap myself on the wrist and be more open-minded. ;-)

Twilight said...

should say "motives"

anthonynorth said...

From my experience the strangest, most bizarre things go on all the time. But it depends on the impulses in media and culture whether they're picked up. In times of alluence we're generally more self-obsessed and material, so ignore strangeness. When we have to pull the belt in, people question, and strangeness enters culture.
If I'm right, we're entering a questioning period now.

Shawn Carson said...

a very thought provoking article with lots of good points. I am not really up to speed on the Indigo phenomena, but I have a son who was born early in 1991 under the Uranus/Neptune conjunction. I call him my little renaissance man as he seems to have a natural aptitude in a wide variety of pursuits. Lately he has taken up the ukulele and prefers to play music from the 30's and 40's.... songs like Paper Moon and Ain't She Sweet? He graduates hi school this month and is college bound, thankfully.
My wife was born with the bundle chart as all the planets are contained within the 120 degrees of a trine from Saturn to Uranus. Indeed, no oppositions means little objectivity, as you noted.
she does have a knack for producing unusual objects of fashion that her peers just love.
her energies fluctuate greatly between total one sided focus,on the one hand, and complete disengagement, on the other.
I also agree with anthony who said that we are in a questioning period right now.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Hmmmm - yes, I think you're right. The more we question, the better! So a lot of good may come from current economic woes. It's an ill wind that blows no good at all. :-)

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ That's interesting! You have a couple of fascinating, well-loved, subjects there to observe! ;-)

I'm intrigued by bundle charts, having a splashy one myself with planets in all signs but two, my husband's is similar, so no chance of observation here. :-) Sometimes I envy "bundlers", sometimes I'm glad of what I've got!