Friday, May 08, 2009

Arty Farty Friday ~ Celebrity Art

As a subset within my usual Arty-Farty series, I'm going to include glances at art and/or photography by those we know best from their work in other spheres. First two subjects, one representing celebrity art, the other celebrity photography: Richard Chamberlain and Leonard Nimoy. I knew these two both had an arty sideline, I didn't know that they were both born in late March, with Sun in Aries.

It's not surprising that someone with a talent for art of one kind in their blood is able to sidestep with ease into another art-related genre. Many actors and musicians have longish periods when they're not working, so find themselves wallowing in free time - time for hobbies which satisfy their naturally arty hearts.

Just three sample pieces from each artist are shown below. More can be viewed here and here.

Perhaps there's a hint or two in their natal charts as to the draw towards their secondary talents.

As it happens, these two charts have a few things in common - both have Airy rising signs, and Moons in same sign as ascendant, in first house (Libra for Chamberlain, Gemini for Nimoy).

Both have Sun and Uranus, along with another personal planet in Aries. Both have Venus in Aquarius. Both have a close quincunx (150*) aspect from Sun to Neptune(Aries to Virgo).

I'm not going to interpret that little lot individually, enough to note that the two men have similarities in their nativities and both have been drawn to finding a secondary direction in which their creativity can flow.


Born 31 March 1934 in Beverley Hills, CA, 6.20pm.



Born 26 March 1931, in Boston MA at 8.30am.



Wisewebwoman said...

Richard Chamberlain 75?? OMG!!
Hard to believe, I still see him in Thornbirds.
Lovely art pieces.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I recall Leonard doing an art show several years back celebrating rubenesque women, it was most refreshing.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ It's hard to believe isn't it! Dr. Kildare,
Thornbirds, Centennial are my best memories of him - always a treat to see any of them again.

Nimoy's "Full Body Project" I think is the one featuring big ladies. Yes, refreshing!

Shawn Carson said...

Both very interesting charts...I am struck by all of the strong aspects to both Sun and Moon in Chamberlain's chart. I would expect both of his parents to have very strong personalities.
Nimoy was apparently born to play Spock and other quirky roles with the conjunction of Uranus/Mercury/Node.
Thanks, Twilight

Twilight said...

Shawn C. ~~~ I like both these charts too. Yes, Nimoy's Uranus certainly tells a tale! Love it!