Friday, June 13, 2008

The Week That Was - and Is

Pulling together a few of the week's news items which particularly appealed to me:

# 1: Dennis Kucinich (aka The Best President America Never Had) introduced into the House of Representatives a resolution to impeach President Bush. It took him five hours to read the lengthy Articles of Impeachment.

Rep. Kucinich had already presented impeachment articles in respect of Vice President Dick Cheney some months ago, those currently reside with the House Judiciary Committee. No action has been taken, thanks mainly to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's determination to avoid impeachment action at all costs.

Dennis Kucinich has natal Sun in Libra, but with Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio and Aries rising he has the energy and determination to stick to his political guns. Clicking on his name in the Label Cloud will bring up a selection of relevant posts, as well as the one already linked above.

Action by Congress on impeachment might not follow, but Dennis Kucinich's efforts will go into the record, so that in decades to come, historians will realise that there was one politician in the early 21st century with his eyes wide open.


# 2:
Representative Dan Boren is Oklahoma's only one Democratic Representative and we have no Democratic Senator. He was in the news this week after declining to endorse Barack Obama. He said Obama was not his first choice as Democratic nominee, and he is not the candidate for whom the majority in his constituency voted. He will, however, vote for the Democratic nominee in the General Election.

Oklahoma's zodiac sign is said to be Scorpio, by the way, because of the date of its statehood. Okies are a warm-hearted, kindly bunch, but there is an air of Scorpio passion and determination blowing through the wide open spaces of this lovely state.

Rep. Boren's decision rattled the cages of a few of the more rabid Obama supporters, calling forth bitchy comments about Oklahoma and its inhabitants. Clinton supporters are well used to such attacks. One commenter had the temerity to say that many Oklahomans have probably never seen a black man, so would never vote for one. As it happens, our town in SW Oklahoma has a black mayor, who won the position running against two white male candidates and a white female candidate. Obama supporters do their candidate no service at all by antagonising many of those they should be trying to appease.


# 3
There's a large and growing on-line community who declare they will not support Barack Obama to be the USA's next president "under any circumstances". For confirmation see this entry at No Quarter PUMA ROARS (PUMA = Party Unity My Ass). A long and growing list of blogs, have formed a coalition: "Explosion of rogue grassroots organizations coalesces overnight to form Mega-Coalition:"

I see this as a reflection of the polarising opposition in the USA Armistead Chart, mentioned HERE and HERE. Some of Barack Obama's personal planets connect to that opposition.

As I don't write a purely political blog, I can't add mine to their list, but am pleased to offer what support I can with this brief mention and future updates.


# 4
A certificate of Barack Obama's birth appeared on-line yesterday, said to have been obtained from the Obama campaign by the owner of Daily Kos (an avidly pro-Obama blog). The time of birth stated is 7.24pm. Astrologers had originally been working on a birthtime of 1.06pm , then from a later source of information, 7.11pm.
So we now know that Aquarius was the zodiac sign coming over the horizon as Obama drew his first breath. It's odd that I feel zero empathy. My re-located rising sign is Aquarius, as is my Sun sign.

The rising sign or ascendant is often described as a person's astrological mask. Looking back, there was an initial impression of Aquarius about him in the early days of the primaries, but I think that, even before the emergence of this new birthtime, I'd realised it was superficial.

I note also that Neptune, planet of illusion, now lies at the top of his natal chart, not actually on the midheaven angle, but still with some prominence, in 9th house (connections with philosophy and religion). I've mentioned before that I suspected Neptune would be close to one of the angles - not a bad guess for a beginner!


Wisewebwoman said...

How brave Denis, is, T. The lone howl in the wilderness of obfuscation, deceit and fear. What came to mind with me is that BO could have done this and why not? the astrological mask makes a lot of sense. That is something I sensed in him from the very beginning (being psychic 'n all!). A few masks. A wizard of OZ. I think the feasting on his and Michelle's bodies is just beginning...

Twilight said...

I'm still very disappointed that Kucinich got so little support from the public in the early primaries, and from his colleagues in Congress regarding the impeachment articles against Cheney. BO would never do anything so noble, WWW - he's "in the kidney" with Pelosi, Dean and the rest of the DNC big wheels, he's their blue-eyed boy - for the moment.

I agree, BO shouldn't be feeling over-confident, the Republican knives are out!