Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marc Bolan

I feel a blast from the past coming on, courtesy of retrograde Mercury.

Marc Bolan, lead singer of T.Rex, British glam-rock band from the 1970s. Born 30 September 1947 in Hackney, London, died tragically in a car wreck on 16 September 1977, just before his 30th birthday. It's difficult to visualise that, had he lived, he'd be over 60 now.

Below is a dual 12noon chart for (inner ring) the date of Marc's birth, and (outer ring)transit chart for the date of his death.

Natal Sun, Neptune and Venus lie within a few degrees of each other in Libra, along with Mercury in a later degree. Libra is ruled by Venus planet of art, music and beauty. That Marc should have gravitated to the glam-rock style seems highly appropriate. Before his musical career took off he'd worked as a model in a men's clothing catalogue - very Venus/Libra!

Without an accurate time of birth it's not possible to pinpoint the position of his natal Moon, but it would have been in Aries, whatever time he came into the world, and more than likely it opposed one or more of those Libra planets, bringing some dynamic energy to compensate for a surfeit of laid-back Libra. I notice that Astrotheme gives his time of birth as 12.30pm - Sagittarius rising. I don't know how reliable that is, we Brits aren't usually too sure of our birth time, it's not required to be officially recorded. I'll stick with the 12 noon version for the purpose of this broad brush sketch. Sagittarius rising wouldn't be a bad fit for his exaggerated style, though.

The maverick planet Uranus in Gemini trines Mercury in Libra - a reflection of his somewhat outlandishly glam(ourous) psychedelic syle, and quirky stories such as this (Wikipedia):

"Bolan claimed to have spent time with a wizard in Paris who allegedly gave him secret knowledge and could levitate. The time spent with him was often alluded to but remained "mythical"; in reality the wizard was probably U.S. actor Riggs O'Hara with whom Bolan made a trip to Paris in 1965."

At the time of the car wreck which took his life , 16 September 1977, transiting Pluto (planet of transformation, and occasionally death) lay exactly conjunct natal Venus in Libra, the planet which seemed to define him so well. Transiting Saturn was just 5degrees beyond natal Saturn, Marc's first Saturn return had occurred, exact, in August 1977. In case any young passing reader might feel anxious, I must add that Saturn returns do not commonly manifest in ways as tragic and dramatic as this - of that I'm absolutely sure. Were it so, there'd be no population over the age of 30! Marc's companion was driving at the time of the crash - and was probably under the influence of alcohol. Ironically, due to a fear of premature death, Marc had never learned to drive.

A swan-shaped floral tribute was displayed outside his funeral service in recognition of his breakthrough hit single:

"Ride a White Swan", Marc Bolan & T.Rex


anthonynorth said...

Ah, memories! Bolan was far better in his folk days with Peregrine Took, doing the circuit of the festivals. I suppose in a way he sold his musical soul for fame and fortune, but I must admit he was fundamental to the 'fun' of glam rock, if not its greatest component.

Twilight said...

Don't they all, AN, don't they all?
(Sell their souls, that is.)

I've always liked a couple of his hits - the one featured here and "Get It On", but I wasn't aware of his folk period - interesting!

kaleymorris said...

You are full surprises.

Twilight said...

You ain't seen nuttin' yet.

kaleymorris said...

Hee hee.
You remind me of a story:
When a certain skinny gentleman came to work with us, I worked in a different department but transferred a few months later. He didn't know I was returning to that area. He came in one day and asked who was going to do his production. It was my first day back and my assignment.
"You?!?!" he asked skeptically.
I'll never forget. "You ain't seen nuthin' yet" sang through my head and I think of that You?!?! every time I hear that song.

Twilight said...

chuckles.... When "Typical" Virgo met "Typical" Gemini !!!