Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barack Obama and the USA

Senator Obama has claimed the Democratic Party's nomination after the results of the last two primaries. That's as far as it can go for now. I understand that he cannot be described as 'The Nominee' until delegates cast their votes at the Democratic Convention in August. Senator Clinton did not concede last night, and according to statistics at ABC News, she finished the contests ahead in the popular vote:

Hillary Clinton 17,785,009
Barack Obama 17,479,990.

My tarot cards didn't lie (Monday's blog). Hillary Clinton need not, and will not leave, head bowed and disappointed. She has a following of over 17 million supporters, supporters who are necessary for the Democrats to win the General Election. Senator Clinton holds important cards in her hand.

It might be best to wait and watch, there are still some turns in the road, it's definitely not a straight, easy run to the presidency for Senator Obama.

Turning back to an April blog post of mine: USA's Charts and Chasms, as an experiment I've been comparing the natal chart of Senator Obama with the chart for the date of the decision which made the USA independent, the "Armistead Chart" for 2 July 1776. This comparison throws up a couple of connections.

There is, in this USA chart, an opposition which I pointed out in my earlier blog. It involves the Moon (representing The Public) with Pluto's somewhat challenging presence very close by, and Mercury (representing communication). I chose this particular chart because, to my mind, that opposition best represents the divisions which are apparent in this country. The US Moon lies at 25 Capricorn which is the exact degree of Obama's natal Capricorn Saturn.

There's another connection: in the USA chart Neptune lies at 22 Virgo, which is the exact degree of Obama's natal Virgo Mars.

I understand that Senator Obama's time of birth cannot be certified accurate at 1.06pm, or any alternative time suggested recently. Time of birth doesn't make any difference to the two connections I've described, the positions of Saturn and Mars wouldn't vary, whatever his time of birth.

The USA Armistead Chart from my earlier blog post:

Natal chart of Barack Obama using 1.06pm birth time:

How to interpret the connections though? I'd feel happier about it if the planets involved on Obama's side had not been Mars and Saturn. A lot happier, too, if US Neptune had not been been part of the linkage. Neptune represents illusion, deception at worst, fuzziness at best. Perhaps my own preferences are colouring my thoughts, and yet it's not possible to get away from astrology's clear interpretation of the two planets linking via Senator Obama's natal chart.

Mars: aggression, energy, dynamism, maybe even war.
Saturn: restriction, limitation authority, laws, work.

Those two planets from Obama's chart, link to the USA's independence chart at the point connected with the US public (Moon), and oppose US Mercury(communication). In addition, Obama's natal Mars links to USA's Neptune (illusion, lack of clarity).

Two undeniable close links, how one chooses to interpret them is up to personal preference, I guess. I doubt that there's any definitive interpretation. I don't see those links as positive or helpful, but an Obama supporter would no doubt be able to offer an optimistic interpretation.

History will relate, in years to come, whether this year's events amounted to triumph or tragedy.


MrsLilypond said...

I was an Edwards supporter, so pretty much this has been all very disappointing to me since he dropped out. I'll have to see what happens.

But to play devil's advocate & Obama supporter...
with Mar comes the aggression & energy- however, I can see how this could be postive, it's going to take aggression to tackle our problems... we won't be able to pull out of Iraq and boost our econony without it.
Saturn - restriction, limitation, laws - hopefully this means, that limitations and restrictions on government spending.

Twilight said...

Mrs L - Me too - Edwards supporter that is! I was very disappointed when he endorsed Obama.

Anyway - LOL - OK, let's do the courtroom lawyer bit then:

I see what you're saying, but with respect Obama's Mars links to USA's Neptune, which isn't a clear indication of tackling problems - except - Neptune rules oil - aha - hadn't thought of that - maybe you have a point ! Neptune also rules deception though.

And the limitations of Saturn link to US Moon (the people) - which could indicate tough new laws affecting the general public in the offing, courtesy of His Nibs.
;-) Maybe not an entirely bad thing - time will tell.

Thank you for your visits and comments - it's good to have someone to help get the brain cells moving ! :-)

anthonynorth said...

It's still interesting. The only US Election that has held my interest in my lifetime.

Twilight said...


I think this one will be written about for decades to come - and the fun is only just beginning. ;-)