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Relationship astrology, though fascinating isn't easy to discuss in a brief blog post. There's such a tangled web involved, and lots of ways to try to untangle it. For many years I lived with the idea that there is reliable compatibility between certain Sun signs and a positive no-no between certain others.

"Aquarius and Libra are a wonderful match", we were often told. In my youth I, an Aquarian, married a Libran - it was a disaster on every level. My parents were an Aquarius/Libra combination and they lasted 55 years - until one of them died. Is there a logical 50/50 chance of success or failure, whatever the astrology? That's the $64,000 question. As I've probably mentioned before, after the first disastrous marriage I took up with an astrological no-no, a Taurean, and the relationship lasted 33 years, until he died.

The Sun sign is but the shadow of the tip of an iceberg. Harmony between certain zodiac signs, and disharmony between others is undeniable, it's the key to much of astrology. The harmony or otherwise relates to the astrological principle that each zodiac sign is connected to one of the 4 elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Air and Fire are harmonious, as are Water and Earth, whereas for example Fire with Earth or Water is not an easy combination. This is simply the first strand in a tangled web. Harmonious Sun signs and/or Moon signs are a good start and almost cetainly there will be initial feeling of understanding between two people whose Suns and Moons are in tune element-wise. This connection of fundamental understanding might not provide enough zing for a serious relationship to blossom though.

An on-line friend of long ago recently sent me a box of books he no longer requires, mainly about Theosophy (which I haven't been able to get my head around as yet) but including one or two astrology-related items. There's a booklet called "How to Handle Your Human Relations" by Lois Haines Sargent (Published 1958 & 1970 American Federation of Astrologers.)

The author states "It is a law of attraction as true in metaphysics as in psychology and astrology that our attracting or being attracted to certain persons or environments is rarely, if ever, pure chance." A fascinating thought to chew on!

In the section on "Love and Marriage" I found a few interesting points, for example:

"Individuals born in signs ruled by the same planet, such as Libra-Taurus, ruled by Venus; Scorpio-Aries ruled by Mars; Gemini-Virgo ruled by Mercury; Sagittarius-Pisces ruled by Jupiter; Capricorn-Aquarius ruled by Saturn; (using old rulerships for Scorpio, Pisces, and Aquarius) will be easily adaptable to each other provided the mental-emotional-spiritual requirements are satisfied. Many individuals are attracted to others born in signs in which the respective decans are sub-ruled by the same planets"
. I was going to copy the lists of these, but then realised I didn't understand why certain decans were sub-ruled by the planets stated. Never mind.....I'll do some research come back to that on another occasion - it could be interesting!

Here's a more straightforward proposition: The ruler of the ascendant of one partner is in the sign ascending in the other's chart. Example:Aquarius rises in one chart. Ruler is Uranus. Uranus is in Sagittarius in the other chart and Sagittarius is the sign ascending in this chart.

Trying this one for size on Himself and me: I have Cancer rising, ruled by the Moon. He has Moon in Leo and Leo is rising - Bingo!

The author lists several other variations on the theme of ascendants, descendants and ruling planets. The descendant (7th house) is the house connected with relationship, and the ascendant represents the self we show the outside world, so the two factors are bound to be important when considering these issues.

Another theory:

"An excellent sign of understanding and compatibility occurs when rulers of respective Sun signs are in partner's Sun sign. Example: Sun in Gemini and Sun in Cancer -- Mercury, which rules Gemini, is in Cancer in the Gemini's chart. Moon, which rules Cancer is in Gemini in the Cancer's chart. "

The message to be gleaned is that simple Sun sign compatibility, based on elements, is - oddly enough - just elementary in assessing relationship potential. Countless other factors can account for times when, seemingly against astrological odds, two hearts manage to blend as one.

It's never wise to discount a potential partner on astrological grounds, at least not before delving deeply into the matter, or obtaining professional opinion from an astrologer. Even then, against all astrological odds, there could be other factors, outside of astrology, exerting a powerful pull which outweighs natal charts. As the booklet's author said - "attraction is rarely, if ever, pure chance".

(Small picture at top: The Lovers by Rene Magritte)


Wisewebwoman said...

I love the pic, T, and love is so blind, n'est pas?
Not too sure about the hearts blending as one, tho, losing myself was never my goal, maybe that's why I'm having my romantic challenges ;^)

Twilight said...

I suppose if lover were not blind, WWW, the human race would have become extinct aeons ago. ;-)

Losing/finding oneself - it's a bit like the cup half full/half empty, perhaps?

Twilight said...

I suppose if lover were not blind, WWW, the human race would have become extinct aeons ago. ;-)

Losing/finding oneself - it's a bit like the cup half full/half empty, perhaps?