Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Well, well, well....who'da thunk it?

It's 1.30 am as I type this - still no definite result, but looking Trumpish. I am beyond surprised. Unless things swing the other way in the last knockings it'll have been a US version of the Brexit effect. Nobody expected a Trump repetition!

I intend to stay up until the end, even if I don't go to bed until later today. This has to be historic in some way, the people have made themselves heard - at last! They should've done it for Bernie, and would've done it but DNC stopped all that, for this I shall never, ever forgive them. So Trump has become the people's weapon now, for good or ill. that Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede the race.

It's over. Mike Pence speaking now.....then Donald Trump, President Elect. Decent speech, I thought. CNN and MSNBC wingin' it and hiding exploded heads as best they can. I wonder what President Obama will say.....

Sleep. 2.20 am. (That didn't work - still awake 6 am!)


mike said...

Who'd a thunk it? I mentioned this possibility a couple of times in previous comments. It was a very real, potential outcome when the polling was constantly in flux and close, specially considering the margin of error. That was a strong indicator that about 5% of voters could swing either way depending on their mood on election day. Add Jill and Gary to the mix and voila. I am SO appalled!

I went to bed just hours ago, but couldn't sleep, then up at 5 AM. There will be way too much to read and absorb today and the next couple of weeks regarding our new fascism (and just about any other negative -ism) that begins January 20, 2017.

Now we contend with the falling dollar and collapsing stock market. The USA stock market has been in its own bubble, because of low interest rates with no other place to invest money. With the election over and no need to make the economy appear strong, which favored Clinton's election, Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Bank, will now increase interest rates. Several major, USA corporations have announced major employee layoffs recently. The global economy is already weak, with leading economic indicators down for some time now. China has been considered the savior of our global financial markets, but many financial experts have stated China's banking system is soon to fail from too many loan failures within China. I suspect the USA will suffer the Brexit-effect and will sustain a falling dollar and the stock market will undergo a correction. Recognition of a returning global recession is probable.

Your comment in yesterday's post stating that your gut-feeling is that Trump's reign will be better than expected is not shared by me. He won this election with absolutely no real proposals to fix anything, other than "Make 'Merica Great Again". Can't camouflage his fascist (and other -ist) rhetoric, either, as his own words have already divided this country. He is a deplorable along with the approximately 50% of the country that supports our new regime.

Let me reiterate that I am appalled!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Most astrologers wouldn't have thunk it though! I know you're appalled, as is my husband. I don't know why I am not. I'm very surprised, but willing to wait and see, at least for a while. Repeating myself, but I really don't understand why I'm not appalled along with you and anyjazz. I've learned to take notice of these "feelings" or lack of them. Let a little time pass before feeling too bad about what has happened.
There could be a reason lurking somewhere, just out of sight.

The country has always been divided, mike - it's no creation of Trump's! He has simply carried on the pattern, as did Hillary Clinton.

The Brexit pattern/effect is something that's going on generally, and will likely continue to go on in other countries yet to experience it. What defines it in astrology - is it Uranus or Neptune, or Pluto in Capricorn? I'd say it's at last a very clear result of Pluto's trip through Capricorn.

mike (again) said...

I forgot to mention that one of Trump's SCOTUS 20-top-picks to replace Scalia is Peter Thiel. His other 19 are sure to be as unsavory.

mike (again) said...

We cross-posted! One astrological reason that seems to be purely me own, as I haven't read it elsewhere, is the Uranus-Neptune synode that occurred in the early 1990s at 17* to 20* Capricorn. Uranus has been squaring that synode (first quarter square) for the last two years and will continue through mid-2017. Transiting Pluto has been conjunct that synode for the past year and will continue for another two years. And, yes, the transiting Uranus-Pluto square, which coincidentally hits the Uranus-Neptune synode. Add our recent Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune aspects throughout most of 2016.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra will oppose Uranus and square Pluto most of 2017. Uranus will be within 3* of squaring Pluto come Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, adding to the tension of Trump's swearing-in ceremony. This will be the last approximation of the Uranus-Pluto square, then Uranus quickly moves out of square in the early spring months.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Thanks for these astro pointers. Yes, there's obviously more "fun" still to come - of some kind.

I watched a live stream online of Hillary Clinton's speech to her staff and supporters a short time ago. She opened by saying that she had offered to work with Donald Trump when she called him last night to concede. They used to be friends, I think - so maybe, when the dust has settled, he'll manage to get her into his "gang". He'll be needing lots and lots of help from experienced operatives. It was a good-looking gesture anyway.

mike (again) said...

I highly doubt he'll be asking her for much unless it's chief butt wiper...she's a loser now. Speaking of Trump's staff:
"Donald Trump Recruits Corporate Lobbyists to Select His Future Administration"

I thought her concession speech last night was an exceptional display of good sportsmanship and very nicely done, though she appeared frayed, of course.