Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jupiter Here and There


The Sun has just moved into zodiac sign Sagittarius. Jupiter, being ruler of Sagittarius makes this a good time to investigate the giant planet's place in our natal charts.

These notes are taken from Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's book
"Here and There in Astrology" (1961).

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, generosity or over-generosity so that he also rules obesity; great respect for formality, protection when in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), and for the bestowal of honors when well aspected to the ruler of the ascendant. He rules philosophy and all forms of higher wisdom including religion, and also philanthropy. As a rule, he represents wealth.

So, the relationship between Sagittarius, the sign and Jupiter, its ruling planet becomes clear.

Mrs. Jacobson's notes relate to astrological houses. Houses are a tricky concept to explain, it would be all too easy for me to create a huge muddle for any passing reader not familiar with this part of astrology, so I'll skim over it by saying that the houses are a kind of overlay to the signs. Houses relate to areas of life where the "flavours" of the planets and signs involved are most likely to manifest. There's straightforward explanation at Astrologyzine: "What is a House in Astrology?"

Mrs Jacobson goes on to list some likely results when Jupiter is found in particular houses in a natal chart. Now, while her assertions are no doubt accurate, there's a problem. To establish the exact position of the house cusps (dividing lines) in a natal chart an exact time of birth is needed - exact to the minute, really. Few people are lucky enough have this type of exactitude, having to rely on the efficiency of hospital staff or relatives' memories. An additional snag: there are several different systems for calculating the house divisions. Astrologers cannot agree which is best, so tend to use the one which works best for them. Bearing these imponderables in mind then, and as a basis for a bit of light investigation, I'll add a few of Mrs Jacobson's notes.

Jupiter in any house increases the number there of whatever that house represents. In 7th house, more than one marriage. In 11th - many friends. In 3rd many blood relatives/neighbours. In 5th many children, and so on.

Jupiter in 10th gives the native great luck in achieving his chosen career.....

Jupiter in or ruling 4th house gives a large home and family, generous father and many gifts from him unless badly afflicted. Some affiliation with a religious organization. Many changes of address - will not continue to live at the birthplace.

Jupiter in or ruling an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) denotes the wearing of a uniform at some time of life.

Jupiter in 6th - expensive pets, indulgent habits difficult to overcome.

Jupiter in or ruling 9th house or any angle promises long journeys or voyages not necessarily at the native's own expense. Friends are easily made.

Jupiter in aspect with other planets brings out the best the other planets have to offer.

In my own natal chart Jupiter in Pisces is in 9th house.... long journeys or voyages not necessarily at the native's own expense. Half right! Lots of long journeys, including one which led eventually to emigration from my homeland. All, unfortunately, at my own expense though! Something similar regarding travel is signified by my natal Venus in Sagittarius - sign ruled by Jupiter. So if, in my case, the house placements aren't quite accurate due to some slight discrepancy in time of birth, there's a back-up!

Transiting Jupiter is currently (November 2016) to be found moving through Libra, around mid-sign right now, and in square (challenging) aspect to Pluto. Here's a link to astrologer Chani Nicholas' thoughts on this week's astrology, including Jupiter's aspects.



mike said...

You said, "All, unfortunately, at my own expense though!". Didn't you win a contest with the prize being a vacation destination? Coulda sworn you mentioned that way back when.

I essentially agree with Jacobson's assessment of Jupiter, but I wouldn't say Jupiter brings wealth, but rather opportunity. We tend to think of wealth as monetary, but money is ruled by Venus. A positive aspect between Venus and Jupiter may indeed bring wealth or the opportunity to find such. Venus is ruler of the second house and, in my experience looking at the charts of those with flush bank accounts, Venus in the second house tends to favor the rich, particularly those with Jupiter in favorable aspect to that Venus.

I can track several opportune eras in my life that correlate with transits of Jupiter. These were expansive periods. I wouldn't exactly say the opportunities came tumbling into my lap, but I was receptive and actively seeking those changes for the better.

I believe Jupiter works in tandem with Saturn. I've noticed over the years of reviewing my natal chart and others that those events in life that seem so full of positive expansion can often turn to fluff, sometimes leaving the individual in worse shape than before. Saturn helps solidify those opportunities with a sturdy foundation for growth. Saturn gets a bad rap from most astrologers, but I view the Saturn effect as being more benefic in the long run...the caveat being the changes and challenges necessary to better one's self. The opportunities and expansiveness of Jupiter have to be balanced with Saturn's discipline and attention to structure.

Turning this toward current politics, Trump is having a Jupiter return, with both his natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter in trine to his Sun-Uranus, sextile his Saturn. Expansion and opportunity galore for that dude! However, his natal Jupiter squares his natal Saturn, so he needs to enforce structure and discipline into his act. His benefic Jupiter-effect will be challenged soon, as transiting Saturn conjuncts his Moon, which is opposed his Sun-Uranus-N Node. Transiting Saturn will also be inconjunct his natal Saturn, so his inherent sense of caution will dissipate. Much of what he is currently gaining due to a seemingly positive Jupiter transit of opportunity-expansion may be thrown-out or turn into a quagmire of mud. All that, plus transiting Uranus is currently forming a mystic rectangle with his Sun-Uranus-N Node, Jupiter, and Saturn. A difficult balancing act, with many rewards if he is selfless in his endeavors, negative repercussions should he choose glorification, self-serving, and selfish actions.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Ah yes! There was, indeed, one journey in my lifetime, so far, that was paid for by others - a win in a national competition - way back in 1974, brought us the prize of a two week vacation and some spending money. Jupiter was involved then - via a Jupiter return back to natal position in Pisces. Yes, that memory was hidden away beneath so many other journeys, not at the expense of others. :-)

I agree with you on Saturn and its relation to Jupiter. I don't see astrological Saturn as representing the negative stuff some astrologers link to it. I see it relating to structure, solidity and discipline mainly, and connected to time and to laws. I do not see it connected to fear at all. Of course some folks hate, or are scared of discipline, so they'd likely fear Saturn's alleged effects. I do dislike regimentation, but see that as different from discipline - at least different from self-discipline.

Yep, Trump will need a lot of self-discipline in months to come. He's had the luck, now comes the reckoning, when we'll see what he's made of.

mike (again) said...

Error - I wrote, "Trump is having a Jupiter return, with both his natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter in trine to his Sun-Uranus, sextile his Saturn." Should have said Jupiter is sextile his MOON. Transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Jupiter is sextile transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Moon.

Was your trip to Morocco? Think you said you wrote a jingle for some product or other. I remember a number of that kind of contest in the 1950s and 60s, but rarely see the come-up-with-a-jingle contests anymore.

I think Saturn has a sour reputation, because it can be a disciplinarian, too. There's typically a lesson to be learned during a Saturn transit, the area dependent on the house. Saturn tends to be gentler as one ages and for most individuals, the ageing process brings maturity and a sense of responsibility. I certainly did things in my younger days that I would never do now, mainly due to lack of experience, and transits of Saturn perhaps taught me the wisdom to refine my act in the pursuing years of life.

I'm one of the few that views Jupiter as slightly perverse and Saturn as the long-term gift bearer.

mike (again) said...

Maybe this is our December surprise:
"Alleged irregularities in key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin prompt demands for audit amid concerns over ‘foreign hackers’"

Much was written prior to the election about the potential for vote-theft via hacking our piss-poor, antiquated voting machines and direct hacking of precincts and-or districts. This would fit the transiting Jupiter in Libra (courts and law) square to Uranus and Pluto now through next year.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, I won with an advertising blurb for a new "flavour" of perfume - not a jingle exactly. I can't recall detail except that what I came up with made me laugh - and it did the same for the judges by their account - all was quite happily Jupiterian. :-) Trip was 2 weeks in Tangier, VIP treatment, best hotel, and spending money (other option was Istanbul).

I believe Jupiter has a darker side too - the planet itself, we are told, did destroy other bodies lying in its tracks, thus forming part of the asteroid belt. Perhaps that translates astrologically as having potential to be too extreme for the general good - riding roughshod etc.

Re possible December surprise....This thing will never end! Just when we think it was finished - it isn't. If there really is concrete evidence of hacking, then there ought to be investigations - whether hacking by foreign country or US factions. It needs to be done pronto, though, and quickly, not in 6 months' time and lasting for 2 years.