Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sundry Rant

Couldn't agree more!

Put another way:


mike said...

His dramatic, for-the-camera, Hillary-centric tirade goes a short distance in explaining how Hillary lost, as there were other factors, too, not to mention she did win the popular vote. His rant is appropriate had she lost to Ted Cruz or Chris Christie, but he does little to explain how the reality-star, bankruptcy king, shit-cyclone devoid of morals and ethics won the election. POTUS-elect #45 provided a radical agenda prior to the election that is anti-progressive on all fronts. But, yes, let's see how he performs. Will he REALLY do all that weird stuff he said he'd do? Change comes at a cost, so I hope his supporters are content with their new jobs that he promised.

“If you could hold your nose to avoid a stink, or close your eyes to cut out a sight, why not shut off your brain to avoid a thought?” Katherine Paterson

Twilight said...

mike ~ She won the popular vote due to California, New York and other urban areas, which are not feeling the hurt that people in other, rural and rust-belt areas are feeling.

JD has sent me a link to a piece which I found very good as an explanation of "Why?", and cannot argue with much of it - do take a look :

mike (again) said...

JD's link takes me from bad to worse! Many fallacies and misleading statements in that link, not to mention some that are offensive. Are urban areas dependent on rural to the point of complete dependence? It works two ways. Ask the rural population where the basics they depend on come from. Do you see oil refineries out in the hick backwoods? Oil may be extracted there, but not refined. How about the medicines they take daily, made by those pharmaceutical companies? Telecommunications companies out there in the heartland? Rural areas were and still are some of the last to be interconnected by modern utilities. Most of rural America receives electricity off the grid, but it isn't generated there.

Most industry centers in larger urban and suburban areas are there, due to the availability of employees, transportation outlets, and modern utilities able to handle their needs. The link mentions closed factories. There are still many, many industries thriving here in the USA, but most require a diverse and skilled labor force found in larger cities. And don't confuse farmers with out of work factory employees that never farmed...the two are not the same and are two distinctly different populations.

The link does not discuss the aberrations of GOP redistricting, aka gerrymandering. The urban (blue) vs rural (red) of this election is valid, but do consider how these areas become that color:

"... Republican strategists spent years developing a plan to take advantage of the 2010 census, first by winning state legislatures and then redrawing House districts to tilt the playing field in their favor. Their success was unprecedented. In states like Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina, Republicans were able to shape congressional maps to pack as many Democratic voters as possible into the fewest House districts. The practice is called gerrymandering, and it left fertile ground elsewhere in each state to spread Republican voters among more districts, increasing the GOP’s chances of winning more seats. Geography helped in some states. Democratic voters are more likely to live in densely populated urban areas, making it easier to pack them into fewer districts."

Read the Wiki page about the 17th Ammendment for a non-biased interpretation:

Read the Wiki page about the USA being a constitutional has been since 1789:

mike (again) said...

A breakdown of party affiliation by profession:

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ that piece was written from "the other side's" point of view. Your response underlines that each sector needs the other, and it's counter-productive for one to denigrate the other, something we see happening all the time. Why can't the people of each "sector" respect the other for what it contributes, but also empathise? we should be looking to work towards righting some of the wrongs that capitalism, the fast rise of technology, corporatism, Wall Street and political corruption etc have brought about.

One side shouting at t'other will get us nowhere fast.

Twilight said...

Bernie Sanders: Trump Won Because Democratic Party Failed Working People.

Simple as that.

LB said...

This is so weird, Twilight. Are you in my head again? I just happened upon the Russell Brand video and thought of you, came here to share the link ~ and there it was.

mike (again) said...

Hello, LB! Do tell what your thoughts are about our new King.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Maybe! LOL! My head's all over the place at present. I'm arguing with mike, but only in a devil's advocate kind of way. I really am unsure what to think - apart from that we should wait awhile before casting too many stones - to see what DT does, not rely a lot on what he says. His likely helpers are not giving me confidence, but then I'm thinking he's going to ride roughshod over them at times - maybe he's picking those he feels are weaker than he is. Just guessing.

LB said...

mike ~ Like a lot of folks I'm concerned and grieving. Been watching and listening, taking it all in. Though I hope I'm proven wrong, I'm afraid I don't share Twilight's optimism.

As I've said before, the only moral and inclusive choice *for me* was to not vote for anyone.

I understood a vote for *any* candidate would mean the basic humanity of someone somewhere would be disregarded. More like lots of someones. Many have become normalized to accept this as the way the game is played ~ it's what we expect and accept from our leaders and all those who answer to the lesser gods of money and power.

Millions suffered, were exploited, forgotten or sacrificed under Democratic leadership, and the same will be true with Trump as president. Our system of endless war, oppression, greed, corporatism and imperialism is not one I place my faith in.

I hope you're okay, mike.


Twilight ~ Must be our Sun-Moon conjunction in play again. It happens a lot, I just don't always comment on the synchronicities. A while back I dreamed about some of the images you'd included in one of your posts! It's a bit freaky.

Friendly arguing isn't always such a bad thing. Sometimes we learn a thing or two.

It's hard to know what to expect with our new president. Doubt if it'll be what some who voted for him were hoping for.

mike (again) said...

Thanks, LB...I can appreciate that you and the many that didn't want to vote for the lesser of the evils, but I have no problem with that, as one of the two will (and did) win. I come from the Nixon days, which seem tame in retrospect to the Bush-Cheney presidency that I found so untenable on so many levels. No this abomination!

I see my GP this coming Thursday, so I'll have advanced that far. I can't expect much in terms of diagnosis, I don't think, as she'll probably want more diagnostics done. Who knows?...maybe she'll be able to look at the prior, aberrant lab results and provide some preliminary guesses.

LB said...

mike ~ I'm trying to remember . . . was it that your last round of tests didn't confirm what you thought was going on?

Hope your next visit is more helpful. It can be frustrating, even scary not knowing. For whatever it's worth, I'll keep you in my thoughts on Thursday.:)

mike (again) said...

I've made the comment that Trump won the electoral college, but he hasn't yet. He won the electorate votes that determine each states' electors that will cast votes in the electoral college. The states' electors meet December 19th to vote, then those votes are presented to the Senate. There is a slight chance that the electoral college determination could still elect Hillary. The defecting electors for the electoral college are called "faithless electors" and it has occurred numerous times...gads!

Here's a primer:

Here are the transits for December 19th:
Note that Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus form one-half of a mystic rectangle, called the wedge...19*-20* Gemini completes the wedge to form a mystic rectangle. This area of Gemini is on Trump's Uranus and Sun!

LB, you're up on mystic rectangles. How would you interpret this aspect on that day? I understand the aspect to be difficult, requiring tremendous balance.

LB said...

I dunno, mike. I have one and struggle with balance. My own, very limited understanding of Mystic Rectangles is that they require a growing/changing conscious awareness in order to make the most of the energies involved ~ and without indulging in one extreme or the other.

Maybe it's about *all of us* learning to hold and see things differently, less dualistically, more inclusively, allowing for inclusivity, paradox and mystery. It must be called a 'mystic' rectangle for a reason.:)

How this (and the Wedge) will affect DT and the electoral college vote is hard to guess . . . maybe the outcome will somehow reflect a growing awareness on the part of those who vote. How could they not be aware of the conflicting interests and ideologies involved and of the greater significance of whatever choice they make? What a burden for anyone.

In masculine signs, they may feel the need to take charge, more empowered (either consciously or unconsciously) to act on collective forces and/or the force of their personal convictions.

We'll see.

LB (adding) said...

Had another thought. Maybe it means the outcome will have folks rethinking the original reasoning behind the electoral college and more adamant about doing away with it.

mike (again) said...

Thanks, LB! His Moon is included, too, as his Moon is opposed Sun-Uranus. Thinking about it more, I suspect that it ensures his electoral college success. December 19th is the "true" election day. November 8th is the electorate's (people) voting for electors. Hillary won the popular vote November 8th. Makes me wonder...should we look at December 19th's transits to determine the November 8th victor?

Assuming the electors provide a win for Trump on December 19th, that election chart is so fitting! The wedge with Trump's Sun-Uranus opposed Moon slides right into it to complete a mystic rectangle. I agree that the mystic rectangle is a very difficult aspect configuration requiring tremendous balance to hold the sextiles, trines, and oppositions together. Trump poked sticks and stirred the pot way too much and now it's his to fix and hold together. Can't polish a turd, but Trump will be trying [ ].

Mystic triangles remind me of Talking Heads' "Life During Wartime": "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, This ain't no fooling around".

mike (again) said...

Another interesting feature of the December 19th transits is Moon (the people) in Virgo square Saturn and opposes Neptune, reactivating the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square of this past year.

LB said...

"Trump poked sticks and stirred the pot way too much and now it's his to fix and hold together."

Or not, but maybe. Trump's Sun and Moon form several very close aspects with placements in my chart. There's something familiar about him; maybe it's his 4H Moon-SN conjunct my 4H Saturn. Coincidentally, his nodal axis and my nodal axis combine to form a Mystic Rectangle.

I think it's why, before he became a candidate, I wasn't as enamored with or impressed by him in the way many others seemed to be. I wasn't repulsed either, just wasn't interested in watching him on TV.