Thursday, October 27, 2011

End Of.....Something?

In case a passing reader hasn't yet stumbled on the fact, not every researcher of the ancient Mayan culture agrees on the date 21 December 2012 as an end-of-calendar date of significance. A light Googling of the name Carl Calleman will bring up something of interest - or fascination.

I try to feature other Blogger blogspot-type bloggers when I can, and found Roadside Mystic has a couple or more posts covering Calleman's calculation: that tomorrow,
28 October 2011 is a far more significant date than 21 December 2012.

These posts at the above blog offer further information:
Mayan Time Ends in 7 Days

More from Carl Calleman on Mayan End Date 28 Oct.2011
I remain undecided about the whole enchilada. Important stumbling block for me is the question of a start-date from which any point on the Mayan, or any other ancient calendar, was calculated. In one of the linked posts Roadside Mystic does a good job of taking us back through time, stage by stage to the Mayan calendar starting point. I still need to know why or how they knew to use THAT date, because it is the key to everything - all the cycles, waves etc. etc.

It's all a source of fascination though, something to keep at the back of one's mind. Maybe the dates are not exact or anywhere near, but most of us would have to admit that round about now "something is happening - but we don't know what it is......"
It's best to stay as open-minded as our individual natal charts will allow.

(Image, above, is titled "Conjuring the Serpent". According to an ancient Maya seer, it is not prohibited to know the future it is just reserved to be revealed in small pieces to those that ask.
“The future was ordained to be by the gods. The people can know this future, it is not prohibited; it is just reserved to be revealed in small pieces to those that ask. For to reveal the future in its entirety all at once would surely put the fate of even the gods themselves in jeopardy”, so goes the sayings of Tizimin a Maya seer who looked into the future as described in the Katun 5 Ahau of the ancient Maya.
To understand the words of the gods, it is necessary to request the aid of someone with a direct link between the spirit kingdom of the gods and the physical world of men. For the ancient Maya such a link was the Vision Serpent.


JD said...

but on the other hand.......


Wisewebwoman said...

I tend to bunch them all (forecasters, doomsayers) with Nostradamus and the predictions of Fatima that I was brought up with which was all bollox.
Although grandgirl does think this Mayan was inmportant. H'm

Twilight said...

JD ~~~ LOL! Yes!

Twilight said...

JD ~~~ LOL! Yes!

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ I often wonder why no seer or prophet ever made happy predictions and prophecies.
:-) Bollox is about right, I reckon WWW.