Monday, November 22, 2010

Ooh Ahhh! A Revolutionary Call From Cantona.

Apart from the tune at the end of the post, I'm giving Music Monday a rest today and focus instead on the natal chart of someone in the news this weekend, a former soccer player for some of the most successful soccer teams in England: French-born Eric Cantona. He appears to be at the center of a revolutionary call to the people of France, and elsewhere, to remove their money from the banks. A YouTube video of him explaining his advice has "gone viral" - whatever that means.

Here it is.

Monsieur Cantona - pronounced to rhyme with "Oooh ah Cantona!!!" the chant used by soccer fans in my old stomping grounds of Manchester and Leeds where he played the "beautiful game" to perfection. His current actions are no surprise. He has always been something of a rebel. From a biography HERE

One of the most flamboyant players ever to play the game, Eric Cantona’s antics off the field often seem to outshine his brilliance on the field. Eric’s career started with the small French side Auxerre, and from there he moved on to first division team Marseille for a fee of £2.3 million.

It was during his stay at Marseille that Eric’s temper began to surface. Having been substituted in a friendly against Torpedo Moscow, Eric ripped off his jersey and threw it to the ground in disgust. Marseille imposed a short ban for his actions. Around the same time, Eric found himself banned form the French National Team for insulting the coach on French TV........ Not long after all this, Eric was loaned to Bordeaux, but he moved on to another club, this time Nimes. ......and while at Nimes Eric found himself called before the French Football Association for throwing a ball at a referee during a match. When the French FA handed him a one month ban for his actions, Eric called them all idiots and the FA raised the ban to 2 months. This didn’t sit well with the spirited Cantona, and he decided in retaliation to retire early from the game that he loved.

Eric was convinced to come out of retirement and move to England...... he joined Leeds,and in his second year with the team helped them win the league title. Ironically, Eric found it hard to remain in the first team with Leeds and soon found himself offloaded to Manchester United where his legendary status continued to grow. He helped lead Man United to championship after championship. It was with ManUnited that he made his biggest mistake – the legendary “Kung Fu” kick.

In a 1995 game against Crystal Palace, Eric ran into the stands and kicked a fan forshouting racial slurs at him. He was dealt a heavy fine and sentenced to serve 120hours of community service plus a 9-month ban from the game. Eventually Ericrejoined Man United and helped them win several more championships, but his retirement in 96-97 surprised everyone. Many people felt he could have played many more years.
Following his retirement from football, Cantona took up acting. He had a role in the 1998 film Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, and the 2009 film Looking for Eric. In 2010, he debuts as a stage actor in a French play directed by his wife, Rachida Brakni.

He was born in Marseille, France on 24 May 1966. Astrodatabank has his birthtime at 12:30 AM, with their best AA rating - thought to be reliable. I'm glad, because that birth time makes his rising sign rebellious Aquarius. What's more, Aquarius's ruler, Uranus was tightly conjunct Pluto in 1966 - that's a generational phenomenon, not specific to Cantona, but still significant because his rising sign's ruler is involved. His Sun/Mercury/Mars cover the last degrees of Taurus and first few of Gemini. These three conjoined planets reflect rather aggressive tendencies(Mars) aligned with a need to communicate them.

Moon in sentimental Cancer, with Saturn in gentle Pisces in sextile to his Taurus planets, indicate a strong underlying compassionate streak, which could well be the basis of his call to rebel against the banks.

Revolution calls for a fighting spirit, but there has also to be compassion for those most affected by societal wrongs.

His words: Sometimes you get submerged by emotion. I think it's very important to express it - which doesn't necessarily mean hitting someone.
Eric Cantona

How wise, or effective Cantona's call will be in reality isn't clear, but I have to admire his fighting spirit, and his ability to inspire. If there is ever to be any change in the status quo in Europe or the USA, it'll take many more well-known raised voices, such as Cantona's, to drum up response from a largely complacent populace.


Rossa said...

Ah yes the call to withdraw money from the banks on 7th December.

Only problem with that will be getting their hands on actual cash. With only 5% of the money in the world in existence there may be a problem with this. After all just being given a piece of paper i.e. banker's draft which you then pay in to another bank is just moving one figure in the computer system to another part of the same system.

Mind you, £11bn has been withdrawn from Irish banks since February which is one of the reasons for the bailout in Ireland this week. If that was multiplied across the EU, then there would be more than a bit of trouble.

What a fun Xmas this may be!

Wisewebwoman said...

there's something about the guy not taking it anymore and shouting out to his fellow citizens, isn't there?

What the hell are we going to do, T? the only conversion possible is to precious metal or minerals if the paper is useless, right?

The coming collapse ain't gonna be pretty for any of us (apart from the ones who stole all the global wealth, that is.)


Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ The intricacies of the finance world are too complex for any normal mortal to fully comprehend. Whether Cantona's advice is wise I dare not guess.
What I do like about it is that it is waking up a different section of people, who will, I hope, remain awake now to what's been going on right under their noses.

Likewise with the current outcry about TSA scanning and excessive pat-downs at airports. That is waking up the more comfortably-off flying public to take notice.

The poor and hungry, and those sick and without adequate funds for proper healthcare in the USA have voices too weak to be heard. Let's see how loudly the better-off will shout.


Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes - that's right!

I don't know what's best to do.
We don't have enough spare savings to be overly worried, but what we do have is too precious to lose.

I think for the time being our local bank is safe - not one of the biggies. I have a bit still left in the UK which I ought to get around to moving though....I think.....but then again....
(she bites her nails...)