Thursday, November 18, 2010


When I wrote the post quoted below, in November 2006, I'd been astro-blogging for only a couple of months, still trying to find an existing framework for my own views on astrology. During the intervening years I've come to the conclusion that there isn't one. My particular view of astrology doesn't fit exactly with that of anybody else. I feel as outside of the mainstream in astrology as I do in regard to USA politics.

I'm still convinced that "something" about astrology is right, but not nearly as much as some other astrology fans and astrologers in general seem to believe.

What has kept me interested for more years than I care to count is that I can see, and sense, that "something is happening". What is "causing" it to happen? What is it that we can see sometimes -though not always? If we could pinpoint the source, the root, the reason, the "cause" of the patterns we see arising, then that would represent a massive step forward for science, philosophy, and our general understanding of the nature of existence.

It's not going to happen though.

The frustration I felt in 2006 still bugs me. Here's what I wrote then:

I feel an astrological grumble coming on !
I really should stop reading astrology in books, articles, and on the internet. I can't. Perhaps I'm addicted. A lot of the time I just know I'm going to feel frustrated and annoyed about what I read, but I continue to do it. Maybe I'm searching for THE book or THE article which will make me feel "Yes! This is it!" I'm like the gambler who carries on betting, against the odds, because "THIS time it'll be different".

Astrology has been mashed, chipped, fried, baked, boiled, broiled, shedded, overdone, underdone, tossed, sweetened, stirred and shaken. I suppose it's understandable, there's a lot to work with. What I don't understand is why, after every method imaginable has been tried, there is no consensus among professional astrologers about anything at all.

If all, some, or any of those methods are valid, why isn't there agreement and acceptance by all? Why has astrology split into separate camps - Tropical, Sidereal, Traditional, Modern, Uranian, Cosmobiology, Harmonics to mention a few? Even within each camp there is no full consensus as far as I can see. Astrology has followed the pattern of politics, and organised religion - not good!

I have probably already discarded more astrological doctrine than is good for me in order to satisfy my own personal view. There's plenty left, but among all the options still out there, I cannot find someone or something which says exactly what I want to hear. Am I wrong? I suppose I must be wrong.

I sometimes wish I could ignore astrology, but I can't, it carries on chattering to me from the corners of my mind.

So on we go.....


Astrology Unboxed said...


Your post hit a nerve! Not on the understanding of why astrology works but on the "responding from a different drum" part.
Before I became a professional astrologer, I was a client for many years. So I knew astrology worked. I was never really interested in the why. Maybe too much water and not enough earth in my chart to bother for a scientific rational explanation.
On the other hand, what interests me in astrology is not what the majority of my fellow astrologers are interested in. Maybe that's the reason I love your blog, it's different from the rest.
I n astrology, I am always looking for the practical, the how can I apply this concretely in my life, not for the more esoteric part of astrology.
This view of astrology has led me to concentrate on the aspects of astrology that can relate and be applied to creativity and multiculturalism. I have not yet unraveled all the connections, but it makes for an interesting study of astrology. However, it is not your everyday astrology and I have suffered from mixed feelings about it.
I guess I am following your example as I keep going on my astrological journey.

@Gian Paul
Good to see you back! I know you are all squared away now with Google mail, but have you considered Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox?

Gian Paul said...

As in my comment yesterday, only personal observation ultimately is of any help (or consolation).

Me too, after dabbling (often very seriously) for over 30 years with astrology, even telling people it was all true and more (!), have at times my doubts.

The conclusion I arrived at is in brief the following:

1) Some people (predestined) get involved in finding out (and then believing) about a link between the planets' movements and one's destiny.

2) It usually needs some exageration or abuse of astrological knowledge to learn "one's lesson". As with so many other things, destiny tends to play with us humans, allways testing and hoping for some intelligent reaction, i.e. taking pleasure if the subject "is finally learning his lesson". If not, some punishement as a norm is rapidly dished out. Even to the point where one hears that "is a happy person the one who receives punishment while still alive on this earth..."

3)Besides people, individuals, souls etc, there are world events which also often depend on planetary factors. Some rapid examples: Why would GM retire the Pontiac brand (happened the other day) after 84 years, the time Uranus needs to go around the Sun?

Or Why did the Crash of October, 1929 happen when Uranus exactly transited MC of Wall Street's natal map and Pluto was square Moon of that same map? (The horoscope in question is for N.Y. May 17, 1792 at 08:52 when the first registered trade took place).

PS. In you post, Twilight, you say, as it behoves for not being "in full light", that with astrology it's all a bit hazy, that you can see that something is happening, but it's not obvious why etc. I can say, from my experience at least, that it's better to get used to that - as with other occult and even official sciences (just to mention climatology or Darwinism etc.)

Gian Paul said...

To Fabienne, thanks for the suggestion re Firefox. I had them, but eliminated it as there was a conflict with one of my financial programs - or was it my computer - illiteracy?

I am not really gifted with computers. It's better with astrology. I had suspected that my communicating abilities might come back when Venus was going direct again - and see!

Twilight said...

Astrology Unboxed (Fabienne) ~~

I suppose that we all see astrology through the perspective of what's in our own natal charts, so it follows that no two people will think exactly alike on the topic.

Like you, I have mixed feelings. I am uncomfortable at certain levels of the doctrine, which although I understand (ish), I cannot fully accept. I've tried to adjust my approach accordingly. :-)

I still think, though, that more proper research COULD be done, but nobody seems interested in doing it. Probably there's no money in it, or none available to begin doing it. Same old story - it's the $$$$$$$$$.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ thanks for your input.

If we didn't have doubts we'd be well on the way to a form of "fundamentalism" as seen in some/all organised religions. Not good at all!

Yes, there's something going on, both in the way our personalities have a broad reflection in the way the planets were configured at our birth, and in the way world and national events seem to link into celestial cycles, as in your examples.

I suspect that what is going on is not quite as complicated/detailed as astrological doctrine defines - but it's still "something", and astrological doctrine is the only "key" we have available. I find that the deeper one gets, the more unstable the doctrine seems to be - but that's just my opinion.
The basics, for me, always seem the most consistently reliable.

As you say, we have to accept that we'll probably never have a definite answer as to what that "something" is - but it doesn't stop a menace like me wanting an answer. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh we are stardust for sure, T, and the planets and stars bear hugely on our beings. That is my belief anyway.
Astrology is not the be all and end all but it is not to be trifled with.
Lovely new word on the captcha: Fartured.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ LOL! Fartured !! good one!

Yep - we are made from the same stuff as everything else in our galaxy - because there ain't nuttin' else ! So it follows that we will respond, even in minor ways, to other things made of the same stuff. :-)

R J Adams said...

"Astrology has followed the pattern of politics, and organised religion - not good!"

Everything does - which is why its important to go with what feels right for you, rather than being swayed by a prime minister, or archbishop, or astrology buff.

God knows, I've swung through all points of the pendulum when it comes to the metaphysical, but what matters to me is what feels right in my head, even if that changes from time to time, not the rantings of a so-called 'expert'.

"Take what you want and leave the rest" is a great maxim.

anthonynorth said...

Well, you know my opinion. But at the end of the day, you're right - there IS something to it, a mystery, and mysteries are at the centre of our being. To ignore it is to deny a road to understanding ourselves.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ Thanks for that, RJ.
You're right, and that's an excellent maxim.

If we become too lazy or complacent to not question things, in any sphere, we're as good as lost.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ Yes, I know you're part sceptic/part open mind and that's probably the wisest way to be. I think we're in the same astro ballpark, though I'm considerably more on the plus side than the minus side, while you're more on the minus side ;-)