Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday ~ American Idol's Top Ten & That T-Square

Dates of birth for American Idol's Top Ten finalists have surfaced. I can now take a look at some of the natal charts for signs of imminent triumph - or otherwise. Interestingly, a couple of the gals' charts are affected by the upcoming Cardinal T-square which will link Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in early degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Capricorn (with a hint of Jupiter thrown in, at times).

As mentioned in my previous Idol 2010 post in early March (here) bookmakers at that point had Andrew Garcia as favourite to win. Andrew's performances since then have proved to be somewhat inconsistent though; he isn't as well favored now. His place as male favourite has been taken by Michael Lynche.

From the gals, Crystal Bowersox remains a potential winner and has brought consistently good performances. A contestant who sneaked up from behind: Siobhan Magnus might prove troublesome to the favourite in time though.

Back left to right: Siobahn, Casey, Didi, Michael, Crystal, Tim. Front left to right: Katie, Andrew, Lee, Aaron.

Let's have a look at some charts, just those of contestants who I suspect will survive the next few rounds. All are set for 12 noon in the absence of birth times, so rising sign will not be accurate as shown. Click on images to enlarge.

Gals first:

Crystal Bowersox: Joplinesque and confident in her own talent - knows her niche and her strengths. Great voice, plays guitar and harmonica.
Sun and 2 personal planets in Leo - no surprise that a career on stage has always been her dream. If born before 7pm natal Moon would be in Pisces, later in the day she'd have Aries Moon. Either way, transiting Uranus will be hanging around the Pisces/Aries cusp for quite a while, and Uranus relates to changes and unexpected events. During much the same period transiting Saturn will be opposite Uranus, and therefore opposing Crystal's natal Moon, as Saturn relates to work and career, perhaps here is an indication of upcoming big changes for her in this area. Could the heavy T-square configuration manifest for Crystal in life changes and the realization of her dreams, but bringing with it some problems and stringent demands to this young single Mom?

Siobhan Magnus: Young, quirky, big voice, a vocalist who could likely sing absolutely anything and make you listen. Interesting gal! She's a combination of Pisces/Aquarius/Capricorn with Moon almost certainly in Scorpio. Significant here is that she'll have transiting Jupiter (benign, and often thought lucky, planet) close to her natal Sun during the rest of the competition. Also, transiting Uranus is joining her Sun, so she will be linked, though more loosely, into that T-square which could affect Crystal. Interesting!

Didi Benami : Good-looking gal, nice voice, not sure of her genre though, probably something along British singer Duffy's style. (Scorpio Sun with Leo or Cancer Moon).

Katie Stevens: Youngest gal still in the competition. Good voice but will struggle to stay in much longer. She needs time for her style to "gel".
(Sagittarius Sun with Moon in Taurus or Gemini).


Michael Lynche: Big, big fellow (fitness trainer) with, I'd guess, a big heart to match. He seems such a nice guy. He's versatile in style, great voice, confident and best of all - very likeable. Sun/Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter/Uranus in Sagittarius with Moon in either late Capricorn or early Aquarius.
Hmmm. I don't see any significant transits for him, he has no planets in early cardinal signs where the T-square will form. Maybe this is a good thing though -to be free of any looming potential surprise or problem? I'll be watching his progress, or lack of it, with interest, bearing that T-square in mind.

Casey James: I've liked him from the start. He has the confidence in his skills honed from years of singing in small venues. Nice looking without appearing conceited. Style can vary from rocker to country to balladeer - good on guitar too. Casey's another contestant without clear linkage to the upcoming Cardinal T-square. He's a mix of Capricorn and Aquarius with Leo Moon, whatever time of birth. As with Michael, perhaps a lack of significant transits at this time will be a boon. We shall see.

Andrew Garcia: Suffers from bad song choices, but could pull back to the lead with better judgement in that department. Good judgement in choosing songs to suit the voice and importantly to please the audience, is essential, and something often absent in less experienced contestants. Andrew is experienced though - he had a big YouTube following before Idol, so this is puzzling in his case.
(Sun in mid-Libra, Moon in Cancer or Leo).

Lee DeWyse: Nice gravelly voice (Joe Cocker-ish ?) Lee lacks experience and confidence though, but is improving fast. (Sun 12* Aries, Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius).

Aaron Kelly : Youngest contestant in the Top Ten, amazingly mature sounding. Tweens will love his cute looks. Aaron is another who, though good already, could use a few more years to "gel" his talent into an individual style. Could go country, or straight pop, I guess. Huge potential. (Sun 12* Aries - same as Lee, Moon definitely in Leo).

Tim Urban: Another one for the Tweenies, difficult to know where he fits genre-wise though. I doubt he'll go much farther in the competition unless he comes up with something really special soon. (Sun in Taurus).


Claydough said...

thanks for bringing us up to speed on the astrology of idol! it is fun trying to forecast winners based on their charts and it is a lot trickier than i ever imagined, but it is a great way to learn how astrology works in real life. maybe what we should do is cast a chart for the time that we expect the winner to be announced and see how that chart stacks up against the horoscopes of the top 4 contestants as you illustrated.
of course it is even harder to be accurate when we have to work from noon charts, as we don't know the degrees of their moons and angles.

Twilight said...

Claydough ~~ Yes, agreed on all points!

After a few more weeks, when we're sure of the date and time of the finale I'll try posting a chart for that and see how it connects to the 2 or 3 finalists.

I doubt we'll ever know the exact times of birth for the contestants, which is frustrating.
Last year Adam Lambert eventually told his, because he's interested in astrology himself. Unless we have an astrology buff among this year's crop, times will be difficult to ascertain I guess.

Candela said...

I did this with another contest a couple of months ago. Basicly, the person with the most spectacular transits, a Sun Sagittarius, didn't win. She came a bit surpricig 3rd, though. The interesting thing is that the winner and the runner-up were not only born the exact day, but in the same hospital! And I also recently (actually yesterday) discovered that the winner is a Sagittarius rising, so she may have had significant transits too, possibly Saturn conjunct Moon on MC.

Twilight said...

Candela ~~ Hmmm thanks for that input - interesting!

It's hard to know, too, whether actually winning is the best outcome for any particular contestant. I'm thinking again of Adam Lambert last year. He came second and most would say that his being runner-up was a far better deal for him. He had Jupiter in Aquarius helping him for much of the time.

There's a lot to consider - but it'll be fascinating to follow the stories of these artists going forward. :-)